Biden, Clueless About Constitution, Compares Gun Ownership To Owning Cannons


Ready for your idiocy of the week? Well, this week (like many weeks, it seems) the foolishness comes from presumed Democratic candidate for President, Joe Biden. Yes, the man who can barely string a whole sentence together coherently.

So, Biden, as you likely know, says that he is pro-gun but consistently spouts anti-gun rhetoric and supports extreme anti-gun policy positions. It’s pathetic to see. And Biden’s obvious lack of knowledge, much less understanding, of the Constitution and history says volumes about his lack of fitness to be President.

Still, you might get a chuckle out of this. Jared Harris writes,


The shocking wave of authoritarianism unleashed during the current crisis only seems to have reinforced former Vice President Joe Biden’s view of constitutional amendments.

Speaking to Wired in an interview published Thursday, Biden said that no amendment is “absolute,” thus suggesting that even something as precious as the freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights are not set in stone.

Responding to a public curiosity about his gun control platform, Biden explained not only what he felt about the Second Amendment, but all of the similarly vital constitutional amendments as well.

“From the very beginning you weren’t allowed to have certain weapons,” Biden said. “You weren’t allowed to own a cannon during the Revolutionary War as an individual.”

“Anybody think you should be able to go out and have a machine gun these days?” Biden asked.

“The answer is no, we have a rational policy. No amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”

While his statement is technically true, this should not be a fact that’s used to push an agenda.

Our rights to speak and worship freely, to defend ourselves with a firearm and even to have a trial by a jury of our peers all hinge on constitutional amendments that can be repealed by a difficult (but feasible) process.

Even the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, is fair game — at least if you take Biden’s reasoning to its logical end point.

This isn’t likely to win him any fans in the African-American community, especially after previous gaffes seemingly demeaning them.

Constitutional amendments — whether we’re talking about the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Sixth Amendment or 13th Amendment — are there for a reason, and it’s terrifying to think that liberal politicians like Biden are so enthusiastic about stripping away the rights guaranteed under the Constitution in order to push an agenda.

Now, Harris is right in agreeing with Biden that most people can’t own a machine gun in the U.S., but Biden is wrong about ownership of cannons in colonial times in America. A redditor going by Evan_Th writes,

Yes, private citizens were allowed to own cannons, and many did. It was very common for private merchant ships (for example) to be equipped with cannons. They were called “armed merchantmen” – so yes, “arms” definitely did include cannons.

This just goes to show that Biden has a (lack of) knowledge of U.S. history that you would expect from someone with his rabidly anti-gun political positions.

Sadly, though, this lack of knowledge and understanding doesn’t keep anti-gun zealots from trying to force gun control down the throats of everyday Americans who simply want to exercise their right to protect their family.



  1. Joe Biden, someone who has been in Congress for as long as he has you would think he would know the Constitution of this great nation. Once again he has proved he is ignorant of what the Constitution actually says. He needs to stop pandering to those he hopes will vote for him. If someone like Biden were to be elected as President, then this country would lose the freedoms that most Americans hold dear. At his age he needs to retire from politics. Why do these liberals think the deserve to hold the highest office in America. The politicians were elected to do the will of all the people not just some of them.

      • The USA Constitution is definitely an enemy to SCDs-Socialist Communists Demorats-crates. Biden’ s President didn’t believe was necessary and an obstacle to progression. The US Constitution is what makes the USA what it is. No matter how far this nation strays from the rule of law it always swings back to its roots and the Constitution of these United States. Freedom , which is another enemy of the SCDs; and is what they mouth but in actions always step on and crush it. The SCDs are now the enemy of the American people. They have shown this by siding with Iran; a destroyer of freedom in the world; and sustaining murder upon the USA people.

  2. ALL POLITICIANS say what the crowd they are speaking to wants to hear. If they speak to a pro gun group they talk about hunting as a kid with their dad’s. If it is as anti-gun group they talk about how people are responsible for crimes, it’s the fact that our country has liberal gun policies that cause high crime rates. Been this way since the beginning of time. Politicians plan to whatever crowd they are speaking to.

    • Actually our gun policies are not that liberal. I still remember that back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s there were far ***less*** gun crime than now. Every time another “Gun Control” (actually gun restriction) is passed then shootings go UP, not down and other crimes go UP as well. Why? Because there are more easy victims; more easy pickings. I am approaching 90 and I remember a lot.

  3. The privateers of old owned warships, the militias of old had cannons as well. There was even a full automatic of the time introduced 15 years before the 2nd amendment was penned. It was about if you could afford it you could own it and if need be help to fill in the ranks for Americas defense. It never said any thing about the right to bare rifle but it did state the right to bare arms (Arms is any thing under the sun that is a weapon when used as such which includes cannons, missiles, firearms, aircraft, warship and tanks as long as you can afford them). Granted full automatics are a waste of ammo as recoil prevents hitting your target 28 out of 30 rounds though an M16 (Note AR15 was not mentioned). Criminals are the reason that the law abiding citizens have been getting the shaft all these years and the gun grabbers think the criminals are going to follow the laws that they write to feel good that they did some thing. Granted they should look at the problem and address it (guns are not the problem but Criminals and the mentally inept are).

  4. Sigh – yet again some pundit Gets It Wrong – the rights are not ‘guaranteed’ by the Bill of Rights – those rights were in existence prior to being RECOGNIZED by the BoR.
    As to slow joe’s commentary about guns – of any kind – he is so far off basic knowledge that he can’t recognize reality. For example – there were privately owned cannons in the weapons stockpile that the redcoats were going to seize at Lexington & Concord. He might want to look into letters of marque as well.
    Machine guns CAN be legally owned – in most states – and if one is willing to jump thru all of the hoops needed to get the tax stamp – and has LOTS of money to afford one and the ammo for it. Once again he fails the wants (for whatever reason) versus ‘needs’ test.

    • Those rights, including the right to life, were THOUGHT OF before the Bill of Rights, but weren’t Govt-backed rights yet… before 1789 even religious terrorism murdering/mass murdering was legal… think Salem Witch Trials…

      There are still many rights we think we have but the Govt won’t back us up!

    • You are right. Decades ago, a judge in ID named Donald Martin pointed out that Constitutions only ***define*** people’s rights; ***guaranteeing*** them depends on how much force we can muster. Hence the true goal of anti-gun politicians.

  5. Not sure where you get your info about the 13th amendment, but we have a copy of the original 13th amendment and it has nothing to do with slavery..It does however state that no one holding title of nobility can hold any public office. The reason is they take an oath to a foreign entity which creates a conflict of interest..For example, no bar card holding attorney can be in congress, or the President, or any other public office, as they take an oath to the BAR..The 13th amendment was changed back in the 1800’s as was the constitution. Congress has never been granted authority to make any such changes nor have they ever had authority to incorporate and become a corporate democracy. The only power congress or any branch of government has is what is stated in the constitution of 1791 to date, period..

  6. The Bill of Rights is written in stone. They were never rights given to us by some political group or party or some man. They are given by GOD YHVH and as such. No flesh or even spirit man can repeal them. We all know that the Democrats believe they are above GOD. but this is only because they are led by Satan. Again this is positive proof that the younger generations that are educated in a system controlled by liberals are producing adults that have hardly any morals. The ignorant media show people talking about things that they have absolutely NO knowledge of. Yet they are portrayed as if they were all knowledgeable. I.E. As the King James Bible teaches. The people will be turning things, “UPSIDE DOWN”. Our legal system has been doing this for decades. It has veered away from GOD’s Law to man’s law (the law of precedent). Getting things upside down. Allowing same-sex marriage (homosexuality perversion). GOD teaches us that homosexuality is a perversion and is “LIKE BLOWING SOMKE UP HIS NOSE”. Why then are we, The Christian majority allowing this to go on? We have been weak. We have been, the silent majority. We can not let this be any longer. Christians “MUST” find and support good Christian men to run for election. We must also put good Christian men in positions like judges, prosecutors and defense attornies. We must also get rid of “ALL” liberal educators and “ALL” their lying books and false materials. We must put GOD back into schools and make the King James Bible a curriculum from grades 1 through 12 and in “ALL” Colleges and Universities. Remember this Nation is “ONE NATION UNDER GOD (YHVH), not Satan!
    I pray that FATHER YHVH will help us Christians to do our part in bringing this to pass. I thank you FATHER for giving us such a strong Christian President and Vice President. And also for Maliana Trump our First Lady who also is a very strong Christian. Thank you FATHER for blessing this Nation. I pray in Jesus name AMEN

    • Those rights, including the right to life, were THOUGHT OF before the Bill of Rights, but weren’t Govt-backed rights yet… before 1789 even religious terrorism murdering/mass murdering was legal… think Salem Witch Trials…

      There are still many rights we think we have but the Govt won’t back us up!

      No God(s)/Satan(s)/Jesus(s) ever existed… do you have a Ph.D in Stupidity? Lying?

  7. Thank you Virgil J. Boss. What you stated is true and should be part of the education of our children.

  8. Anthony Manzo
    I beg to differ with Uncle Shotgun Joe. I served in the field artillery during the Korean War. If I were so supposed and would like to have a 105 MM Howitzer on my front lawn WHY NOT. I surly am no going to take it to Rob a bank or kill someone. And further more they can be made inoperable. Why are they wasting time on such stupid things when the country is falling apart. VOTE ALL RED LETSGET THIS SHIP OF STATE BACK ON COURSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Did not the British march to Lexington and Concord to confiscate cannon and powder owned by the colonists?
    The modern American left has replaced the British, the difference is that they want to confiscate everything but your kitchen knives (they’ll get to them later).




    Joe hate to tell you this the colonist did own cannons and the founding fathers wanted the people armed as well as the army which was distrusted which does mean machine guns ….
    As far as ABSOLUTE how does SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED sound , that sounds ABSOLUTE to me ………

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