Emma Gonzalez Posts Hypocritical Tweets After Santa Fe Shooting


The anti-gun March For Our Lives media darlings have done it again. What, exactly, have they done again? They’ve said something completely stupid (in this case, hypocritical) while thinking the whole time that they are saying something profound and important (when it is neither).

While David Hogg may be the better known of the two, the other “Parkland shooting survivor” who keeps turning up in the news is Emma Gonzalez. She took to Twitter to post the following (hat tip to here for the source):

Santa fe high, you didn’t deserve this. You deserve peace all your lives, not just after a tombstone saying that is put over you. you deserve more than thoughts and prayers, and after supporting us by walking out we will be there to support you by raising up your voices.

Let’s analyze Gonzalez’s tweet for a moment, shall we? First of all, we all want peace, but it’s delusional to think that we will all have peace. There will always be strife somewhere in life. This is the fundamental basic problem with anti-gunners: they think that, somehow, though it has never happened in human history, limiting one weapon will bring peace. It won’t.


Then, Gonzalez goes on to criticize people offering thoughts and prayers to people having to deal with this tragedy in Santa Fe. Think about this. She criticizes people for offering thoughts and prayers, but what does she offer? Tweets? Oh, that’s much more effective. Even if you’re an atheist, you can’t honestly tell me that tweeting about this will change the world, and you can’t tell me that this tweet will make more of a difference than offering condolences, thoughts, and prayers.

But, hey, being the social justice warrior (SJW) that she is, Gonzalez is all about the virtue signalling. Take the last part of her tweet about raising up their voices. How, exactly is she doing that? Oh, yeah, by tweeting about it because that makes such a difference and by walking out of schools (where they didn’t want to be anyway). Yeah, those will make a difference, right?

Gonzalez, just like Hogg, and all of these other anti-gunner SJWs can’t seem to understand the difference between virtue signalling and making a difference in the world. SJWs virtue signal. Responsible gun owners protect people. One talks. The other does. That’s the difference.



  1. who is this character? some one else trying to get their 15 min. of fame. it would be nice if she would just shut up. prayers are better than the gibberish that she has to offer.

  2. SJW’S students,are liberal anti-gun talking head parrots.They have been told what to say by the anti-gun liberal leftists in congress.More stupid gun laws won’t work,because criminals don’t follow the law.Oh BTW Emma Gonzalez,our firearms rights are NOT up for debate.What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t you understand??

  3. The Socialist Justice Warriors (SJW) were in school (where they didn’t want to be); however, they were not involved in the shooting. To give Emma the title of “survivor” is akin to saying she is a “survivor” of the Kilauea eruption, just because she was on the earth.
    Being an Atheist, and SJW, Emma doesn’t believe in the power of prayer; because, she doesn’t believe in God. I “pray” that Emma and David procreate and have children EXACTLY like them!

    • Well since skinhead Emma is queer and I question whether little piglet (Hogg) has any balls that is unlikely to happen.

  4. you’re an ignorant idiot. Emily and David are leading a charge and they will prevail. Btw, stop sending me this crap

    • Santa Anna thought he would prevail he found out different at The Battle of San Jacinto when 186 Texan’s wooped hell out of 2,000 Mexicans with less than 20 Casualties and around 1,000 Mexicans KIA WIA or captured that Twink Hogg and his Dike Girlfriend need their diapers changed and put back in their play pens and leave the world to the ADULTS

    • You Louise are an ignorant bigoted ass and no my dear snowflake socialist/Communist they shall not prevail. If they desire my firearms let the ball less Hogg and Infiltrada a Cuba Gonzalez, come take that which I served my nation, worked to earn the money and paid for both monetarily and with blood away from me if they are able. Fat chance on either one doing something or anything that has redeeming value.

  5. The little terrorist’s want money from Publix now for some victims fund of a million dollars. Where i come from we call that extortion. The store should have called the police and had them arrested and removed as they were a fire hazard laying in the floor.

    • Publix should of had their employees start mopping the floor with very HOT Ammonia water and really slop it around the group they would have scattered like a Covey of Quail

  6. Typical lgbt SJW filled with all hate for men and government swallowed the communist pill because dad and mom didn’t care enough for her feelings.

  7. Its sad these misguided children dont know the reality of the world. Yet they are seen as a valid viewpoint. Really? They disrespect our nation and our flag. They disrespect the American citizen that believes in the constitution of the United States. I agree its terrible that young adolescents seem to feel the urge to kill and its even more terrible that a lot is lack of responsible parenting. Video games. And growing pains vented in the wrong way. Sorry young ones. You lost me at Fuck NRA

  8. Time to DEPORT this CUBAN LESBIAN LOSER as an enemy of STATE either send her to CUBA or to GITMO just get her out of the USA. We do not deserve this type of trash.

  9. If Hoglett and Skinner had a child, it would be a pablum puking nipple nabber that will never breathe because it will be smothered by its parents, because they would not “their child” to breathe the “tainted” air of this polluted world. I say “Job well done !”

  10. when are those snowflakes going to realize who is behind them and what the socialist left democrats want if nobody had guns they who will protect them from the commie politicians who will take everything they have and give nothing in return think Russia why don’t we put law enforcement people in every school now and stop all this talk and then the snowflakes like hogg will go and live with the rest of his socialist handlers Long LIve 2A

  11. While I agree with your distain with regard to this Emily person and that moronic David Hogg let them have their 15 minutes of ‘fame’ and move on, but never allow them to make us God loving, gun packing Americans fall victim to the lies, ignorance and hatred.

    In the three months following another crazed Millenial slaying of their own kind these two have proven nothing, offered nothing and gone on to prove that know nothing, the American people are smarter than these two would give us credit. Yes, perhaps deportation for treason is in order here, but be careful for what you wish for, one never knows what with the passing of time holds for each of us as well. History has shown us that time and the passing of time can be a cruel mistress.
    God bless and keep your powder dry. Signed a fellow Patriot.

  12. Lately I’ve been hearing the term “virtue signaling ” quite a bit. This term of course is reserved almost exclusively for the self righteous left. Recently it dawned on me that the old fashioned term for “virtue signaling ” would have been “holier than thou”. Courtesy of Isiaih, the Bible refers to this as a stench.in God’s nostrils! Not good. Who probably were the worst group of holier than thou people in history? The Pharisees of Jesus’s time. And we all know what they did! They were the Democratic party of the day!

  13. Our President is protected by the Secret Service. They carry guns. Our citizens are protected by the police. They carry guns. Even our famous movie actors are protected by armed body guards. Our kids in school are protected by signs that say “Gun Free Zone”. How’s that working out??

  14. Her father supposedly escaped Cuba to get to the U.S. for freedom. AppareNtly this ungrateful snowflake learned nothing from her father or she is just a rebellious brat trying to be in vogue with the rest of the skull full of mush programmed public education droids.

  15. I am 73 years old and a Viet Nam vet. I am also , I Guess a “Snowflake” because I’m a Democrat. Oh wait a minute, I also own guns which I plan to keep.
    Bad mouthing people for who they vote for is as UNAMERICAN as them suggesting were all waiting for our chance to gun down a bunch of people.
    We should use real facts when dealing with closed minded thinking.
    1. Chicago has very strong gun laws and still have a high gun murder rate.
    2. A crazy person who wants to kill as many people could use a car or truck (As was done in several countries)

  16. Thank God I was fortunate 2 b born n live in this great country of ours. Based on freedom 2 worship, freedom 2 bare arms, cos the outlaws don’t obuy laws. Take away the guns from law abiding citizens and what happens? The punks and creeps who don’t respect anything. I don’t even own a gun, but believe if u want 2 have a gun 4 hunting, protection, collection, then dang go 4 it. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people

  17. Yea she and her friend Hogg got a lot of publicity Oh wait I heard Hogg’s mommy worked for CNN

    Figures that’s how Yea isn’t it funny they cried they ask for prayers but when someone else says it they don’t want to hear it

    Yes our whole country needs prayers we all need to get back to what our founding fathers believed in GOD

    They also believed in our country and what it would take to rid themselves of a tyrant and then they put that into our CONSTITUTION thank God they were smart people then unlike what we have today

    We have a President now trying to make things better again but they won’t let him They criticize him for everything

    When he wants to pardon someone it’s a shame but we had Obama pardon a transgender Army soldier giving secrets to the Russians and he’s set free and everyone thought that was so wonderful

    Espionage used to be a capital offense but hey we are a kinder gentler nation now RIGHT!

    In my time they would have been in prison for life or executed for it but you know he was a special person he was like a hero he came out too we should worship him bulls**t

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