You Can Make 500 Yard Shots With This Muzzleloader

Image courtesy Gunwerks.

I don’t know about you, but if you’re like most people, (if they know American history at all) then you probably think of muskets from the American Revolution when you hear the term “muzzleloader.” And it’s true that all muskets are muzzleloaders. But not all muzzleloaders are muskets.

In case you aren’t familiar with the difference, a musket is usually smooth bore (though some muskets have been made with rifling, sometimes called musket rifles), and non-musket muzzleloaders often have rifling which tends to increase accuracy.

But maybe you want a muzzleloader that you can use for hunting from a distance or sharpshooting target practice, a combination of nostalgia and modern accuracy. If so, Gunwerks has a muzzleloader for your consideration with their Muzzleloader Rifle System. Steven Paul Barlow gives us details:


So, how can you outfit your Gunwerks muzzleloader? You start with the caliber. Gunwerks has developed its Powerbel ELR .45-caliber sabotless bullet. It allows for higher velocity and better gas sealing with excellent ballistic coefficients for down range performance.

Are you anticipating lots of walking or climbing during your hunt? You can opt for a titanium action (right- or left-handed) instead of stainless steel to keep things light. You can choose their top trigger too with pulls ranging from 1 to 3.5 pounds.

The barrel will be 26 inches long. In keeping with the lightweight philosophy, you can choose the Gunwerks carbon-fiber-wrapped barrel.

Because this muzzleloader will use a sabotless round, you can add a muzzle brake. Gunwerks’ directional muzzle brake kicks up less dust and provides better recoil reduction when compared to most radial-style muzzle brakes.

The Gunwerks Magnus carbon fiber stock is available in your choice of camo color patterns. One option includes an adjustable recoil pad. You are able to choose the length of pull when ordering your muzzleloader too.

Other features include a two-piece ramrod and a storage compartment under the stock’s floorplate.

Barlow also mentions that you can mount a scope on this muzzleloader and that Gunwerks has their own adjustable scope as “the ultimate adjustable sight solution for extending your range […] without a magnified sight system.”

In other words, with this firearm, you have options.

But be aware that options come with a price. You can easily pay over $9,000 if you max out the customizations on this firearm.

Still, if you want something a little different and have the spare funds in the budget, then the Gunwerks Muzzleloader Rifle System may be one to consider.



  1. You might want to check what makes a firearm a musket( ( two groves and lands or less = musket. More thanTwo groves and lands = rifle.)
    Please be sure of you definitions in the future, before spreading false information. Thank you.
    John A. Rayburn

  2. I entered my comment. Where did it go? Don’t like being corrected. Then live in ignorance and continue to spread misinformation.

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