Attention: Ladies! Here’s How You Get Comfortable With Your New Gun


Women are a rapidly growing segment of the firearm owning populace in America, and that is a good thing. But many women grew up without a firearm in their home, and they are, naturally, nervous around them. So, even though they have purchased one (typically for self-protection), that doesn’t mean that they don’t have anxiety about having the firearm.

Fortunately, there are several things that a lady can do to get comfortable with their new firearm, and a a lady name Rebecca Platt was kind enough to share those things. Platt’s points, with our commentary, are as follows:

  1. “Take a Gun Safety Course.” One of things that will help you become most comfortable with your firearm is to know how to handle it safety so that you control it and are not at the mercy of it. We cannot emphasize this one enough: take a gun safety course.
  2. “Be Prepared.” At the risk of sounding like a Boy Scout, this advice is true with anything. If you are prepared for how to handle your firearm in a confrontation, then you are less fearful of a confrontation happening. Also, being prepared means making sure that you have ammunition and that your firearm has been maintained and is ready for use if you need it.
  3. “Go On Dates… with your gun.” What Platt means by this is “get to know your gun like you get to know potential mates. Become intimately acquainted with everything your gun can do.” Solid advice. If you know your gun, you’ll find it less intimidating and be able to use it more effectively because you’ll be comfortable with it.
  4. “It’s The Perfect Accessory For Every Outfit.” Now, this one may be more applicable to the fashion conscious, but the fact is that the more that you carry your concealed carry weapon, the more that you’ll get used to carrying it, and the more comfortable that you’ll get with it.

Really, it comes down to spending time with your firearm. Learn about it, carry it, use it at the range. Spend time with the weapon, and know your weapon. And that’s good advice no matter your gender.