Yet Another Reason That Gun Control Laws Are Unenforceable


Some anti-gunners, maybe even most anti-gunners, probably have noble intentions behind their calls to disarm the U.S. populace. Of course, you know which road is paved with good intentions. That certainly is the case, historically speaking, whenever gun control has been implemented.

But beyond the horrible “side-effects” of gun control, there are difficulties even enforcing it, making it impossible to fully implement in any society (in other words, it only disarms those who choose to obey gun control laws).

For those who question my claim that gun control laws are unenforceable, we have a new story coming out of the gun control holy land of New Zealand which gives us another real life example of a failure in implementing, much less enforcing, gun control laws. Ben Strang writes,


Police are urging licensed firearms owners to provide contact details, and say their request by email is not a scam.

Emails and text messages have been sent to firearms licence holders over the past month, seeking residential and gun storage addresses, as well as contact phone numbers.

But many think it is a scam – a bid to target firearms owners and steal their weapons.

The email starts saying, “Dear FIREARMS LICENCE HOLDER”, before asking to clarify a licence holder’s current address and contact details.

It asks for the firearms licence number, home address, firearms storage address if different from the home address, and a phone contact.

It then says the email is being sent in bulk, which is why there is no personal identification included in the messaging.

Aside from the problems of spam filters sending who knows how many of these emails immediately to the spam box before being read by anyone, you have to wonder what boneheaded bureaucrat thought that sending legal notifications by emails that looked like spam were going to be taken seriously.

And anti-gunners wonder why people who are otherwise law-abiding citizens of New Zealand aren’t replying to emails from their government.

But, let’s be frank here, government bureaucrats aren’t known for doing things in the most efficient or effective manner, as this email farce shows, so why would anyone think that those same bureaucrats can effectively run a government gun control program?

The answer, of course, is that they can’t, and that is yet another reason why gun control fails.



  1. If I do not recognize the incoming telephone call number I let it go to voicemail and check it later. If I get a suspicious email from someone I don’t know, I delete it unread. Emails are good platforms for sending or sharing information but a lousy way to communicate with someone.

    • Ironically, the e-database the NZ police are seeking to upgrade is far less secure than the old paper system. And, as with any e-database, the information can be transmitted between bureaucratic agencies, where it will become even more subject to unlawful disclosure and hacking. This E-database can be sent around the world “legitimately” by the NZ police (can you say Interpol and the UN) in less than one second, and sold by hackers on the Dark Web.
      Best solution? Replace the PM with someone who has some sense between their ears, someone who will move to return to the Kiwis their native right to keep and bear arms for any lawful purpose the citizen sees fit. Beginning with the public witness of the complete and utter destruction of the database.
      Seems to me this article (and the article in the NZ paper) also indicates and demonstrates how various forms of gun control are being experimented with around the world. Few know, for example, that the U.S. Department of State has several shops in operation working to disarm various nations and regions around the world, called, “Office of International Disarmament”.
      When these disarmament experts combine their expertise (they have, no doubt, been meeting on a regular basis for decades) and arrive at a common workable system, then there will be some serious trouble. Most likely, it will come in the form of various national governments working with the UN demanding the surrender of all firearms, followed by the local police and the national armed forces working together under the specious guise of a “national emergency” ginned up to justify the cause, after which there will be the busting down of doors in the wee hours before dawn, the terrorizing and separation of families, and imprisonment of the suspects without a warrant or a trial, followed by incarceration who-knows-the-hell where and for who-the-hell-knows how long.
      And it will no doubt come unexpectedly, like the tiger who has been stalking its prey very silently, waiting almost within arm’s reach to strike. When the strike comes, it will be overwhelming for its sudden shock. Resistance will be sporadic and futile.
      IMHO, the tiger is very, very close.

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