Senior Citizen Does This HORRIBLE Thing, Shows Exactly What Their City Needs


There’s an argument out there that says that you shouldn’t mess with senior citizens. Why? Because they’ve lived long enough to know how to survive more things than you.

That certainly seems to be the case with a senior citizen who lives in our favorite gun control zone: Chicago, Illinois.

See, this unfortunate retiree was minding their own business when a criminal tried to steal from them. AWR Hawkins writes,


A 77-year-old concealed carry permit holder shot and killed an alleged robber in Chicago around 12:20 p.m. Saturday.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the 77-year-old was in his garage when a vehicle pulled up and the alleged robber exited and “demanded his belongings.”

The 77-year-old, a concealed carry permit holder, drew his gun and opened fire, striking the alleged robber in the head and chest.

The Sun-Times Wire also noted the following about the same incident:

About 12:20 p.m., the man was in an open garage in the 500 block of East 89th Street when a vehicle pulled up in the alley and an armed male exited and demanded his belongings, Chicago police said.

The Sun-Times Wire continued:

The [concealed-carry license holder] was not injured and did have a valid concealed-carry license, according to police.

So, what we have here is the case of an elderly guy with a valid concealed-carry license (a rarity in Chicago) who had his firearm on him when he was attacked. The man had to shoot someone (something that none of us want to have to do) in order to successfully able to defend himself (which is good).

The lesson that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot should be taking from this story is that legal, law-abiding firearms owners are able to better protect themselves from criminals and, therefore, actually allowing law-abiding citizens to easily get concealed-carry licenses could go a long way towards changing Chicago from a war zone every weekend into an overwhelmingly peaceful city.

But that’s so logical and makes so much sense that I’m not holding my breath thinking that Lightfoot and anti-gunners will reach that logical conclusion. Or, maybe, they don’t actually want a peaceful city.



  1. The government wants to take everyone’s guns for the simple reason of: Taking our guns will make it easier for them to take total control of our lives. They have the silly assumption that the Military will have a easier time subdueing us if we have no guns.They really do not understand that the military is more of the private sector than their army. Nearly all the military has family out there and they are going to protect their own people before before they protect the government. The American people are not going to give up their guns and let the government take total control of what they can and cannot do It is our right to keep and bare arms.

  2. If this had happened in the cesspool. Calif/Mexico.
    He would be in jail for defending himself. And get sued by the
    thug’s family.

  3. They never learn , bad people are always bad and can always get weapons …
    By taking the right of every one to be armed puts the good people at a disadvantage …

  4. Gun control is purely about shifting power from the people to the government. The people who say the people stand no chance against gunships and tanks should reference the countless guerilla wars fought just in the last century and ending with Afghanistan. The worlds former greatest superpower lost to a bunch of peasants with AK-47’s waging an insurgency. This country’s founders knew what they were talking about when we had our rights validated in writing in the 2nd Amendment. It is particularly important as large, well organized marxist groups have burned down so much, assaulted so many, and threatened every one of us. So NOW they expect us to disarm? Do not give up a single bullet – not a single firearm.

    • Just look at what the Australian Government is doing to their Citizens right now, with their Vaccine mandates, and card registrations, and now arresting people, and putting them in Camps, like what is done in China, or the former Soviet Union. All this is happening because the Autralian Government banned guns in that Country, after one shooting. They took every Citizens guns away because of one shooting. Politicians never go after the Criminals with their Illegal guns, because that is their Voting base; the Criminals, and their families. The Taxpaying Citizen can go shove off, as always. An interview with a News Magazine and Criminals in Australia asked these Felons if the Government Ban had any affect on them getting guns, One Criminal said, “It’s a Crock. The Ban means nothing because you can get any gun that you want on the street. It had no affect on me at all.” So, that’s it. Disarm the Public, while the Governmant, and Criminals remain armed. This is why the Australian Army fought in two World Wars, and Korea, to make their Country safe for a home grown Dictatorship.

  5. hmm – let me see if I got this tale correct – the gentleman was in HIS garage on HIS own property when he was accosted by the ‘victim’ and yet it seems that he was STILL ‘required’ to have a mother may I permission slip? Since it was in that particular state I have to presume that he also had his FOID card AND that the firearm he used to protect himself was duly registered with the local ‘authorities’ 0 am I right? Yikes, sounds like a ‘wonderful’ place to live………………..

  6. I am so sick of the cruds of all types being referred to as “alleged”. I realize that the lousy media uses the term but the honest media is forced to because of lawsuits by the asshole fringe.

  7. As I say every time: A GOOD MAN, ( or WOMAN), well trained in the dealings of fire arms will be the winner of most confrontations.
    A bad dumb stupid imbecile with a gun IS A GOOD TARGET!

  8. How many shots were fired? If only one the homeowner is an expert pistol owner. He deserves to be awarded by the municipality. GO BRANDON!

    • At least 2, 1 to the chest and 1 to the head of the article is right. No court cost no lawyers fees no jail time for the robber.if all Americans of good mental capacity had guns of some sort then there be less crime the criminals would have second thoughts of doing their dirty deeds if they did not know if that victim has a gun or not

    • At least 2 shots it does not say what caliber the gun was or the make or if it was a revolver or a semi automatic and he might of did a double tap being I’m sure a little surprised by the robber.

  9. They want our guns so they can usher in the New World Order, just as you can see happening right now in Australia, Germany, Austria and many other countries, even Ireland. I believe with all my heart and on everything I hold dear that if we give up our guns, it’s going to get bad really quick. Then all those “conspiracy theory” situations, like FEMA Camps, and others that were considered paranoid delusions until overnight they weren’t. There is an actual communist coup happening in our country, and they need our guns….because an armed society won’t load themselves into cattle cars!

  10. I live in a small town in Wyoming. Wyoming is an open carry state. I carry open but wear a vest most of them. I have my concealed carry card to travel with. It used to make me self contentious to open carry, but one day I walked in to one of our stores and one of the ladies told me ” I am very glad when you walk in because you are armed and we know you have spent a lot of money on training. This has happened in three of the stores here. I practice all of the time. I live 10 miles out of town and have my own rifle and pistol range. My wife shoots also.

  11. And then lightfart tells everybody THEY are not don’t enough to prevent the crimes from being committed, what a jerk!!

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