If BLM Really Believes That Black Lives Matter, Then They Must Take Anti-Gunners To Task For This


So, we’re being told that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization was created for the purpose of encouraging people to value the lives of African-Americans. On the surface, there would seem to be nothing controversial about that.

But you have to ask, if black lives matter to the BLM organization, then shouldn’t the organization be focused on helping African-Americans to live longer, to survive more confrontations, to have more equal outcomes in conflicts? That would make sense, wouldn’t it? Yet, the BLM organization, like many organizations on the political left, continue to ignore the best way for many people (yes, including black folks) to survive a violent conflict: private firearm ownership.

Add to that gun control’s racist roots, and BLM, if they really care about black lives, should be taking anti-gunners to task. T.S. Furey writes,


For decades, gun-control advocates promoted greater police power as well as known practices of institutional racism within police firearms-licensing divisions. Now that there are calls to “defund the police,” many leaders of the gun-control lobby, who are mostly white, should rightly fear that their history of siding with the police and promoting policies now deemed racist by progressives may make them the next casualty of cancel culture.

Gun control in the U.S. has historically been rooted in racism of the blatant “no blacks allowed” variety. Fundamentally, it is difficult to subjugate a group if it’s armed. This is why restrictions on minority gun ownership pre-date not only the institution of slavery in the U.S. but the Founding itself. The modern gun-control movement has supported a more insidious method of using police discretion and biased background checks to suppress firearms-license issuance.

Furey continues,

If the Black Lives Matter movement is going to rid America of every vestige of racism, it must hold America’s gun-control lobby to the same standard and demand the resignation of its leadership. As the movement’s slogan goes: Their silence is violence.

Furey gets it. Gun control is and always has been a tool of repression against the people in a country. Of course, that tool of repression was and is used by racists. Why wouldn’t they continue to use the power of government to repress the people that they hate?

And maybe that explains why leftists are anti-gun: they oppose people exercising their personal freedom apart from the control of leftists.

So, if BLM really supports valuing black lives, they must oppose gun control.