VA Anti-Gun Democrat Doubles Down On His Insulting Attitude Towards The Law Abiding


Remember, the anti-gun State Senator from Virginia who was caught on a hot mic criticizing pro-gun people as childish (If not, you can read about it here)?

A number of people took him to task for his arrogance, and, so, a D.C. local-area radio show gave him the opportunity to reply and clarify his position. Jeff Hulbert writes,

Virginia State Senator David Marsden wants you know he is filled with regret after his most recent “listening session” with Second Amendment activists.

Marsden was caught on an open microphone at a hearing this past week disparaging gun rights supporters as childish, and even mentally ill.

Sen. Marsden has now gone public to talk of his deep sorrow, and to offer a heartfelt apology.

He wants to tell you how sorry he is for not voicing his smears LOUDER and EARLIER, before his comments were picked up on a hot mic.

Wait, what?

Yes, Sen. Marsden says that rather than have gun rights supporters overhear what he calls “a private conversation” while chatting with now Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, Marsden says if he had to do it all over again he should have just told off folks right to their faces that day.

Hulbert continues,


Asked in a follow-up if the Senator regretted using disparaging language—not only earlier in the week—but again right there on the radio, Marsden doubled down.

“In retrospect”, Marsden told the WMAL audience, “what I should have done at some point was just to address the group about their poor, childish behavior at this event. I regret that you get picked up on a mic. I should have said it to them directly”.

Sen. Marsden also refused to back away from recent written comments to some constituents suggesting that he regards agitated Second Amendment supporters as being mentally unbalanced or mentally unstable.

Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Michael Bloomberg is one of the biggest donors to Marsden’s campaign funds.

Look, it’s pretty apparent that this guy is a arrogant walking sack of… crap (we’re a family friendly website, after all). If Marsden is the best that anti-gunners can put forward for their cause in the Virginia legislature, that really makes anti-gunners look like sorry pieces of… work, too.

Sad, pathetic, and disgusting. This guy has no business representing anyone else with his arrogant backwards attitude, and Virginians need to impeach this guy, too. It’s people like this that caused the #VAGunRightsRebellion to rise up in the first place.



  1. I believe that’s called SLANDER and all the gun rights people attending should SUE HIM.

  2. Yes, we Deplorables are quite unstable for believing in the Constitution and the Bible in an exegetical rather than eisegetical manner.

    Jefferson was right, we have to bind the federal AND the local governments with the chains of the Constitution, AND quickly.

    • What does the bible have to do with it? You know there are plenty of non christian gun owners too right? Statements like that make the entire community of gun owners look like a bunch of fanatical religious zealots which gives the antigunners even more ammunition(pun somewhat intended) to use against us. This country was founded on the principle of separation of church and state you should probably stay true to that. The truth is that most uninformed people think gun owners are just racist white christian extremists who want to shoot a muslim good reason. Although some do fit that description that for the most part is a lie and a poorly thought out stereotype. I do agree though. The state and federal government should abide by the constitution at all times. When people permit the government to violate the constitution it wont stop at just the 2nd ammendment.

  3. Perhaps you should publish the antigun communist democrats contact information so people that U.S. gun owners can express their displeasure any way they wish to insane communist ass ***** like the fruitcake mentioned in this article. I’m sure there must be some spec ops veterans out there that would love to teach that BOY a few manners.

  4. My first thought now when I see replies such as the one above is, go back to moscow and tell your master Putin that your attempt to further divide this already divided country has been in vain.
    And that true Americans aren’t dumb enough to fall for your tactics.

    At least I pray that that is true.

  5. I post comments and replies = where are they?
    None are vulgar etc most are CONSTITUTIONAL in nature to help clarify…

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