Will These Lawsuits Be The End Of The NRA?


Anti-gunners hate the National Rifle Association. Whether accurate or not, anti-gunners in the media, anti-gunner politicians, and anti-gunners in the general populace think that the NRA is the source of all of their “problems” in not being able to shove gun control down our collective throats.

So, the (anti-gun) Attorney General of the State of New York has decided to sue the NRA in an attempt to dissolve the organization. Dave Workman writes,

New York Attorney General Letitia James on Thursday filed a civil lawsuit in New York Supreme Court, seeking to dissolve the National Rifle Association.

The move comes at a time when NRA is fully involved in the 2020 election process and will be interpreted by many as an effort to cripple the organization and reduce its political influence at a critical moment.

At the same time, the District of Columbia filed a separate lawsuit, naming the NRA and the NRA Foundation as defendants. This action was filed by Karl A. Racine, attorney general for the District of Columbia.

Fox News reported the NRA immediately responded with a countersuit against James, insisting the organization is following New York’s not-for-profit law. The NRA lawsuit asserts James is “targeting the organization for its political positions, violating its free speech rights,” Fox News said.

It’s a mess.


Also, the New York State lawsuit also names specific NRA officers in the suit. Workman continues,

The 169-page New York lawsuit alleges that longtime NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre “has exploited the organization for his financial benefit, and the benefit of a close circle of NRA staff, board members, and vendors.” NRA is incorporated in the State of New York.

In addition to LaPierre and the NRA, the lawsuit names former NRA Treasurer Wilson “Woody” Phillips, Chief of Staff and the Executive Vice President of Operations Joshua Powell and General Counsel John Frazer as defendants.

Of course, it comes as no surprise that these lawsuits are happening in an election year as we’re gearing up for the campaigns leading to the November election. Frankly, it’s obvious that these lawsuits are weaponizing state attorney general’s offices for political purposes.

It’s rotten to the core, but we’ll have to see if the NRA survives this fight on top of the infighting that they’ve experienced over the past couple of years.



  1. As a member of the NRA, I would like to know if there is a basis for the lawsuit. Are the Executive Staff, cheating us on the expense accounts.
    I work too hard to pay my dues…..

    • Hello Jerry, do NOT be swayed mentally, emotionally and/or psychologically by this political assassination tactic by these undoubtedly politically motivated States Attorney’s General. This is nothing new coming from the leftists which Letitia James is a stalwart member of. Look at the political leanings of the AG’s and you’ll find that they are all hardcore Democratic Leftists. Their motivation is TRULY NOT legalistic pursuits, but are all encompassing movements to make a political statement like, “Look at us, we’re going after the NRA which is the root cause for all our gun violence problems…” If you are a NRA member than stay strong in your support of them because remember, they ARE the premier organization out there fighting for YOUR constitutional rights to “Keep and bear arms…”. If we ever lose the NRA any/all firearms owners are doomed. We’ll be hunted down and lose all our rights connected to firearms possession and self preservation. Now, take notice how this lawsuit was conjured up now, what? just about a month or two ago? Why now? Oh Yeah, it’s election year time! Also, keep in mind (1) the NRA is a strongly regulated organization as are all organizations of their kind, AND! keeping with the fact that in being incorporated in any/every state they do business in, that they have to follow strict guidelines in order to conduct such business. (2) These lawsuits are the very typical mind-set AND twisted minded tactic of Attorney’s General and many other people/organization(s) of this type to try to force organizations/companies into bankruptcy and disolvency by filing continuous, multiple lawsuits that will hopefully(in the twisted minds of the complainants) cause said organizations/companies to close up shop. I am and have been a Life Member for many years AND I have NO reason whatsoever to believe that Letitia James and/or ANY of her pathetic, despicable kind have my, your best interests at heart. Stay strong my friend, this isn’t just an election for the presidency, this IS an election for the protection of OUR OWN constitutional rights.

  2. I think there is definitely funny business going on. However, the remedy the suit is seeking is basically impossible to attain. As I understand, James is going to civil court because there isn’t enough evidence (yet) to file in criminal court. This is, among other things, a fishing expedition to find more dirt for criminal proceedings.

    Even if she convinces a jury, the organization is unlikely to be dissolved. Restructured with government oversight, sure. Dissolved so that it disappears, not likely.

  3. I am a life benifactor member of the NRA and have been all but 9 of my 82 years . I will support the NRA until the day I pass. The dictatorial democrats have tried everything they can think of to take away our constitutional and God given rights. That is not an opinion , that is a fact. They must be stopped and punished totally. If Wayne Lapierre is guilty of anythings its giving the communist democrats a lot of heartburn over the years and for that I will forever applaud him

  4. Dont know about you but I trust our NRA leaders to run the organization more than racist instigating/gun violence instigating journalist wanna be DAs from left-leaning states/districts like NY and DC trying to probe our organization they despise to find something to use to damage or weaken it politically. Especially at a time when when the organization is exerting its full power in an election process to do something they do not like politically, as we pay it to do. And have been paying them to do for 149 years, over 5,000,000 us now.

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