It’s For The Kids: Chicago Gun Control Laws Not Even Preventing 10 Year Olds From Using Guns To Carjack


Gun control advocates keep telling us that they want gun control to protect the children.

Don’t believe it.

If they really wanted to protect kids, they would find ways to keep kids out of trouble so that using guns for aggressive uses wouldn’t even come up.


But that’s not what they do. Anti-gunners keep restricting guns. And criminals, like ten year old kids in Chicago, keep using guns to commit crimes. No, that’s not a typo. Tyler Durden writes,

The chaos unfolding in Chicago is a perfect example of social disintegration. After years of worsening murder rates – earning the city the nickname ‘Chiraq’, there’s now an armed gang of children carjacking folks at gunpoint. 

Chicago police say the children, ages 10-17, have been on a carjacking spree across Chicago’s South Side, which started in late June. 

The group of kids, in two incidents, have discharged weapons in broad daylight as they approached their victims.

People in the community are terrified about these armed kids:

“I’m scared to use my garage. I don’t feel safe in my neighborhood,” carjacking victim and school teacher Alyssa Blanchard told Fox 5.

Blanchard said her BMW was stolen and used by the kids to carjack a woman at Trinity Hospital. 

“I don’t want to have to tell my kid about how some young woman was killed or shot with kids using my vehicle. It was traumatizing,” she said.

Blanchard said she was carjacked on July 14 by the children.

“It was so instantaneous … I was just scared for my life. I thought, ‘this is it,'” she said.

Blanchard said she was horrified to see young children involved in this type of violent crime.

Maybe it’s time for local government administrators to stop ignoring the social-economic collapse of American cities uner their watch and cease the farce of ‘defunding the police’ – how is that going to make the scared people above feel any safer?

So, apparently gun control is working really well in the city of Chicago, isn’t it? It’s protecting children from gun violence, right? Gun control is doing exactly what gun control advocates want it to do, isn’t it?

Yet, another gun control fail.

It’s time for anti-gunners to admit the truth that gun control simply doesn’t work.



  1. This is a very serious problem, but at the same time those of us that want to get a permit for concealed carry to protect ourselves have a very big problem. Police departments are no longer offering the fingerprint service needed to get a permit. Their reasoning.. the virus.

    This leaves anyone wanting to protect themselves with a problem, carry the gun hidden and run the risk of being charged with a crime, or carry it openly and frighten others, or be a victim.

    • Where in the constitution does it say you have to ask the police dept if you can own a gun, what part of “The right to KEEP and BEAR arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.” is so hard to understand?

  2. What does that tell you about your gun control? It doesn’t work. Get your heads out of your behinds and wake up. Everywhere carry conceal is put into practice crime goes down. Why is that? Because they do not want to get shot so nobody knows who’s carrying they become afraid and leave people alone. Paper and stupid ideas do not stop bullets.

  3. For more than half a century now children have been mentored in the “virtue” of selfishness by Leftist educators in public schools. Self-esteem anyone? A large number of these children will believe just what they are taught even in contravention to what parents teach them at home. The result is what is described in the article above. If you are a parent with a whit of common sense you will remove your children from these schools immediately and educate them yourself if necessary but at all cost keep them from the clutches of Leftist teachers, mentors, and school administrators.

  4. My concealed “equalizers” carry permit is THE SECOND AMMENDMENT !!!

    Any heathen or leo goon that wants to seriously argue my rights is gonna git bad hurt too.

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