Anti-Gun Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Died. What’s Next?


You’ve probably heard that leftist poster child for judicial activism, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, passed away on Friday, September 18, 2020, just 45 days before the Presidential election.

Predictably, leftists on issues such as gun rights an abortion freaked out. Some folks freaked out as much as many leftists did when Trump was elected. Here’s just one example for your amusement (warning: language may be bleeped out, but you know that she was swearing. A lot.):

Now that Ginsburg has passed away, what happens now?


Well, other than laughing at leftists freaking out about Ginsburg’s passing (you’d think that their world is shattered now, that their life has no meaning), we need to get around to filling that Supreme Court vacancy, preferably with a Constitutionalist who will protect the Second Amendment without ridiculous compromises.

A writer going by F Riehl let us know that among the twenty people on Trump’s Supreme Court list of potential nominees released on September 9, 2020, are, of course, a variety of judges, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri, and U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Christopher Landau.

But Haley Victory Smith reports that Trump is narrowing down that list. Smith writes,

“It will be a woman,” he proclaimed. “A very talented, very brilliant woman. We haven’t chosen yet, but we have numerous women on the list.

Speculation has already reached a fever pitch, and there have been reports suggesting that Amy Coney Barrett, a federal appellate court judge, is the front-runner. “She’s very highly respected. I can say that,” Trump said about her to reporters on Saturday.

Based on what we know about Barrett, she could be a good, Second Amendment-supporting choice (hat tip to here for the lead). Michael Tarm and Michael Biesecker write,

A front-runner to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a federal appellate judge who has established herself as a reliable conservative on hot-button legal issues from abortion to gun control.

Tarm and Biesecker note that Barrett “has long expressed sympathy” with originalist interpretations of Constitutional law. Translation: she supports the Constitution and opposes legislating from the bench. This is exactly what gun rights advocates want.

Regardless of what happens, the next few months, with both the election and the battle over this Supreme Court seat, are going to be interesting.



  1. What’s next? Well, I guess they preheat to three hundred and fifty million degrees and roast her eternally until well done… not that you could tell. I guess I should be more sympathetic, but when someone is partially at least, at fault for more deaths of Innocents than Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime during their entire time in power, I don’t feel anything but relief. When she finished her last breath, the sky turned s little bit blurry, birds sang a bit sweeter, and he’ll burned hotter. I sincerely believe that to be true.
    As far as Harris is concerned, we’re not supposed to notice her hypocrisy because, after all, she has the power of her dark protector and believes herself to be immune to any rules she imposes on the peasantry. If she were able to take all the privately owned AR style guns, you can bet a month’s pay that her crew would still be carrying them. See, she doesn’t give a Dat’s ass if she is loved. In fact, I don’t believe she even cares if her own party likes her or even if they hate her! All she cares about is if she’s given supreme power over all she would oppress.

  2. I love watching the Libtards implode over RBG’s demise. All the threats and histrionics over President Trump’s chance to fill a third SC seat with a judge that believes and is guided by the Constitution. Call the Waaambulance ’cause the Lefties are soiling themselves over it.
    You want to know whose to blame for our President’s third pick? How about Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself. The ol’ bat could have retired in 2013, when the Dems controlled both houses of Congress AND the WH, but Nooo, the ol’ biddy wanted to hang on to her POWER longer.
    Heck, I believed for years that those evil geniuses at Disney had already replaced the old besom with an animatronics robot, and I was shocked when she actually kicked the bucket
    As for her “dying wish,” I call BS on that. It wouldn’t matter if it was her dying wish, because I’ve never read about a Judicial Dying Wish Clause in our Constitution.
    So suck it up Dems, ya bunch of pansies!

    • Minor correction: She could have retired any time after Obama was sworn (2009) in till the swearing in of the new Congress after the 2014 mid-term elections. Control of the House of Representatives doesn’t play any part in judicial nominations/confirmations. But she thought she could hold on until Hillary was elected.

      • Just goes to show you even a Supreme Court justice can make an incorrect decision, even one that is detrimental to her own cause…. I sure hope Ms. Coney-Barrett is approved as nominated, I believe she will interpret the law as the forefathers intended(all of which were more intelligent than the creatures inhabiting the Swamp at the current time).

  3. Very true Aaron.

    What has happened to our country? Now we have so many nuts whose only desire is to allow the government to strip us of all our constitutional rights and turn us into a communist controlled country

  4. Still waiting for the libs to say that an impeached president can’t nominate a SC justice.
    OOPS! Ginsburg was nominated in 1998 by… wait for it… Bill Clinton.
    As to the timing, Jimmy Carter nominated Breyer after he lost his re-election bid in 1980
    OOPS! again

    • Heard on a news cast that Democrats are floating a bill to a) limit the number of nominations to the Supreme Court that any one President may make and b) to limit how long the Justices may serve. Almost guaranteed to pass in the communist controlled House of Representatives but DOA in the current Senate. Only problem with the bill is that it would actually take a Constitutional amendment to make the changes. Of course the Democrats don’t care about the Constitution so it wouldn’t surprise me to see the bill actually get a vote.

  5. There’s another old ‘liberal’ codger on the Supreme Court who might retire or kick off any time. If so, we might get still another conservative originalist on the Court. That would make the split 6-3 (Roberts is a ‘liberal’, not a conservative). 6-3 gives some good cushion, but, later, 7-2 would be better and very called for. Why not? In the fairly recent past it was at least 7-2 liberal, maybe even wider, under the Warren court.

    I won’t say that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. That applies when we are all on common ground. But now, we are NOT on common ground. It is two sides on mutually exclusive grounds. This time, civilization must obliterate the invading barbarian hordes, by FORCE when needed, since the barbarians operate by force up front, despite their pseudo-intellectual arguments. At the bottom of their ‘arguments’ is force, not persuasion. We must be willing, when needed, to meet them in kind, from superior strength. What’s good for humanity leaves the barbarians withering and dying on the ground, not even on a vine.

    We need not repeat history.

  6. So RBG Died. A moment of silence for America’s oldest Activist masquerading as a Justice.
    OK, a moment’s all I have the attention span for. Respect is earned and the ol’ bat never did anything I’ve any respect for.
    Honestly, I thought those evil geniuses at Disney replaced the real RBG with an animatronic version years ago. Writing a program that robot RBG says “NO” to any Conservative law was a breeze for programmers.
    OK, the moment’s passed. Mr. President, Fill That Seat!

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