Here Is A Real World Example Of Why We Need Constitutional Carry


Gun licensing has become a common thing in America, and, frankly, in many ways it’s a problem.

Why, you may ask? It’s a fair question.

Let’s start with the premise of background checks and gun licensing. Supposedly, these “safeguards” are to keep firearms out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. Of course, we see every day that criminals can get their hands on firearms easily at any time. Obviously, background checks and licensing don’t work.


But to make the situation worse, when a law-abiding person really needs to get their hands on a firearm for self-protection, background checks and licensing can prevent that person from being able to protect themselves.

Think that I’m overstating the delay? Then read what Paul Drewes writes:

Gun sales surge around the state [of Hawaii], but some counties struggle to keep up with the growing number of firearms permits and registrations.

Guns have been flying off the shelf at the 808 Gun Club, that is – if they even reach the shelf in the first place.

“Island wide, everyone is low on inventory. For us, some guns are sold before they even arrive in the store,” said Timothy Tenney, owner of 808 Gun Club.

Sales at his shop have doubled.

Tenney said sales have increased before other elections, but this time the surge is because of the uncertain times created during the COVID crisis.

“Most of the customers in recent months have said their concern is home defense and protecting their families,” added Tenney.

“The main reason I got a gun is safety and security,” said Honolulu resident Jesse Hanson.

Hanson is a first-time gun buyer. He started the permitting process in February.

He is still without a firearm, and will be into 2021.

“Add three months to get appointment, two weeks for background check, then 3 months for appointment to register it once i get it,” stated Hanson.

Think about that. Over a year to legally get a firearm for “safety and security.” How safe and secure would you feel if your government prevented you from being able to protect your family for a year?

This is a perfect example of why we need constitutional carry in this country. You shouldn’t have to wait a year or more in order to have the means to protect your family, and, frankly, these “safety measures” that were put in place in Hawaii by anti-gunners are putting people living there in danger.