PA Governor Vetoes Bills That Would Allow Citizens To Better Protect Themselves During Emergency Situations


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has shown himself to be a “good” little leftist, following all of the prescribed “woke” ideas of what a government should impose on its citizens. Of course, that includes pushing gun control and other measures to make the people who voted him into office less safe and secure.

For example, Wolf just vetoed two bills that would have allowed Pennsylvania residents the ability to better protect themselves when they most need to be able to do so. Liz George writes,

Democrat Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf vetoed two gun bills on Wednesday that sought to prevent firearm businesses and gun-carrying rights from being shut down or limited during emergency declarations.

The bills, designed to limit the governor’s shut-down power for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, passed the General Assembly with primarily Republican support and Democrat opposition, The Associated Press reported.

Wolf, who previously advocated for more gun control measures and strongly opposed the bills limiting his power, has vetoed over a half-dozen similar bills.

Of course, Wolf vetoing these bills isn’t a surprise. During any kind of emergency situation, whether weather-related or pandemic-related, sometimes very real concerns about violence and looting come to the front of people’s minds. We remember the news stories of the violence and looting after hurricanes in New Orleans, and we’ve seen the news stories about the “mostly peaceful” rioters in a number of cities in the U.S.


But Wolf doesn’t have to worry about any of that violence. He has law enforcement officers with firearms there to protect him wherever he chooses to go during an emergency situation.

It’s simply another case of “guns for me but not for thee” which is standard pro-gun control politician thinking.

This kind of arrogance on Wolf’s part is infuriating, and the people of Pennsylvania deserve better. The next gubernatorial election, the people of Pennsylvania would be wise to rise up and elect a governor who actually cares about the rights of the people.



  1. DemonRats HATE guns in the hands of Citizens they are harder to control when they can fight back.
    I’ve got a nice Bumper sticker,
    ( Politicians Prefer
    Unarmed Peasants )

  2. Wolf need to get rip of his law enforcement protect! Taxpayers should demand them from being pay by the Taxpayers! Wolf doesn’t care just like the Supreme Court in Pa. Doesn’t care about the State or the Truth! Wolf better hope in not in the sight of a good sniper rifle! His leftist idea is going to bring him down!

  3. Demon-rat Governors ,Mayors an their fellow political Hacks R destroying their Demon-rat party from with in .
    Americans of all political persuasion R damned tired of these lowlif scumbags do as I say an not as I do policies.

  4. His veto doesn’t really matter as it violates the second amendment. He’s just another power-hungry despot who’ll end up dying at the end of the up and coming revolution. It’s too bad that so many will have to be culled from the citizenry, but the odds are good that they will just continue to stain the next generations if they are allowed to stay among us. This is the land of the Free and the home of the Brave, not the land of slavery and cowards.

  5. It’s a shame to think that we have leaders that are so dumb to think that guns kill. I spent 20 years ion the military and I never saw a gun stand up and shoot some one. Leaders with this type of thinking should be removed and replaced with a person with brains.

  6. Unfortunately, with all of the corruption seen in the current election, it’s hard to imagine a pro gun candidate being elected next time.

  7. Next election Wolf has to go. We need someone once elected that remembers
    Who put him and who he works for.

  8. Hope those that voted him in are getting what they voted for. And are choking on it. Tired of this crap quite honestly.

  9. I’m going to sit back here in my Ohio home and watch when the crime rate rises and they look for “help”. After they call a cop, but the operator says that it is a non-working number. Then they will seek protection from a “former: pro-2A” neighbor……!

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