Jogger Legally Open Carries Pistol for Protection – But Cops Response Takes Him By Surprise


It’s 100% legal for a person to open carry a firearm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And anybody with half a brain walking through the rougher parts of the city wouldn’t be caught dead without a gun on them. That’s what you have to do when you’re forced to traverse risky territory, carry protection or risk the consequences.

So what would you do if you were forced to go through dangerous neighborhoods on your daily jogging route? Well, if you’re like this guy, you’d carry a gun to ward off potential threats.

This jogger was totally within his Constitutional and legal right as he jogged through Philly with this gun on his hip, and he was smart to have the forethought to carry it in the first place. But the police weren’t very happy with him.


Despite the fact that he’d done nothing wrong, he ended up in a confrontation with law enforcement where he was forced to prove his right to carry.

Watch the interaction unfold below:

Can you believe this? It’s unbelievable that a person would be questioned like this on the street while they go about their daily lives, minding their own business, and abiding by the law.

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  1. This person is within his rights, however he should have expected something like this and frankly to my mind he’s my confrontationly toward the cops then they are initally. He refuses to ID himself but then wants the cops to ID themselves. He was kind of looking for a confrentation. He could have handled it with much less confrentation.

  2. The jogger and police revealed a conundrum which has affected many law abiding gun carriers across the nation in episodes similar to this one. The police administration in this case should have made it abundantly clear how officers in the streets should react to law abiding citizens exercising their rights under the law. I believe that, in this case, the police were adding on to the law with little requirements that they perceived would not violate anyone’s rights and provide the nervous, scared and ignorant neighborhood with a sense that the police were protecting them. Whoever sees criminals jogging down the street with an open carry gun on their hips on the way to a robbery, etc., then stops to talk to the police who descend on him like flies to honey???????? The police in Philly owe this man a great big apology and the bosses need to examine how they “protect and serve” that community.

  3. Philly REALLY screwed up by letting Da Dindus in, in the first place, and then letting them into the police force and city government.
    Now it’s Killadelphia and Filthadelphia; BOTH at the same time.
    Another city despoiled by The Toxic Black Mold.

  4. This man needs to obtain a good Philly lawyer and sue for damages big time he was just carrying for protrction in the “know” crimnal neighborhood for protection from personal crime being inflicted o him.

  5. In a city with crime as bad as it is, instead of going through the “I’m not going to give you my name” and dragging the entire encounter out, give the officer your name let him clear you and you can both go on about your business.
    How does the officer know you’re legally carrying a firearm?
    Common sense would really go along way in 90% of these encounters.

  6. Its really pathetic that it was 6,6 cops there to ,I think to intimidate this man.I ‘m glad he walked away without getting shot. Police seems to think THEY are the ONLY authority . I believe this mans 4th Amendment right was VILOATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I have a problem with this article and it starts with you and your take on this incident. I saw the video before this one came out. First of all you said he was smart to be carrying a firearm with him in this dangerous area. The way you know that is because the confronting officer in a very nice way explained to him that there had be two homicides in that block in previous eight days. Don’t you think that it was highly obvious that this gentleman was looking for a confirmation with law enforcement. If he wasn’t why wouldn’t be have shown his carried concealed permit when ask to and why would any jogger have a camera with them while jogging and don’t tell me he was using his cell phone because he couldn’t have because the video showed both hands in front of him at the same time. He sure knew all the right statues to quote when he was ask in a very nice way if he had a carry conceal, he said he did but wouldn’t show it. I don’t know about you and where you live but in my state we not only have to notify a Police officer that we are carrying but we have too show our permit when ask by a Police officer. Really not a problem to pull your permit out and be done with the confirmation. Since he had a carry conceal permit why was he not carrying that way. Like I said he was looking for a confirmation. Makes the rest us conceal carry permit holders look like an idiot.
    Secondly you said he was carrying constitutionally. Yes the second amendment gives him that right but there laws on the state statue you have to follow. If you remember the nice female officer informed the subject that (by quoting state statues) that in Philadelphia it was unlawful to open carry due to them being a 1st class? City unless you had a have a conceal permit. He should have produced his permit that time but he still refused.
    There was nothing about this man’s demeanor that would justify you a writing an article like this. These officers were extremely courteous at all times and should have done more to establish his right to carry in that neighborhood. If they had just stood there and did nothing and he went another block and shot someone, guess what this would have been in every paper and television set in this nation condemning the officers. You should be congratulating these officers as to the way they handled the situation and not berating them for doing their job.
    To the officers I say job well done and to the so called victim you should been charged for not producing you permit when ask to. You were out looking for trouble and a shot at stardom on u tube. Congratulations you got it and had a willing participant to help tell your story.
    It is stories like this that will give the left enough to take our guns.
    You may have quest by now I am a retired a Police chief but what you may not have guest is that I am an NRA concealed carry instructor also. This comment is neither being written because I was an officer at one time or because I have taught firearms instruction for well over thirty years now but because it is coming from the heart. I have walk in both sets of shoes. Maybe someone should try it before they write another article like this one.

  8. What do you expect from a city with a Democratic administration? It’s all over the country. If you try to exercise your Constitutional rights, there’s somebody in a uniform, with a badge, carrying a hammer, to pound the miscreant back into his (ill)legally assigned place. This used to be a free country, but those days are sadly over! Can you say revolution? We’ll need another one to get our freedoms back. Unfortunately there are too many people willing to trade freedom for the illusion of security. If the Police succeed in disarming a citizen concerned for his rights, he’ll probably be killed by a scumbag criminal. If that happens, the criminal will probably be out of jail before his victim is buried. In today’s America, rich people,politicians, and criminals are the only ones with rights. The rest of us are here to shut up, do what you’re told, and pay taxes.

    • The Colonists had a saying leading up to and during the Revolutionary War KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY AND CLOSE!

  9. It really is disturbing that those officers agreed with what the man said, about all his rights, but then turned around and violated those rights. He should get himself a good lawyer and sue the city and especially those policemen. this was just another case of, “We have the power since we’re the police, so lets just do what we want, regardless of what was right and we’re above the law.” Sounds like certain political persons that are Scr**ing the people everyday, because they have same idea, that they are above the law, too.

    • Obviously that police department needs to drop that nutcake from its force.
      This comment is posted based on the above posted article being absolutely credible.

  10. I am a concealed licensed holder in FL.

    While this man is technically correct about the second and fourth amendment, he is procedurally naive. Open carry may be goal that he wants to promote or he just may be jogging in a questionable neighborhood and wants to let a bad guy know that he won’t be an easy mark.

    Whatever the reason, he has to know he will be stopped simply because this behavior is far from the norm.

    I would suggest that those of us who want to defend ourselves and THEN call the police are not helping ourselves with this tactic. I would have informed the officer that I am willingly identifying my self and letting him know that as more people open carry, he will not be stopping everyone unless there is reasonable cause.

  11. Sue the SOB. You can not have police read the law to suit their agenda.This mans civil rights were violated. If there were 2 murders I n the neighborhood that is all more the reason to carry. Open carry is a good way to avoid a problem.

  12. Watching this through both the view of a long time former police officer and as a current conceal and carry permit holder I was first amazed then embarrassed and finally irritated by… the’victim’. Having the right to do something never gives that person license to be an -ss about it and play sidewalk lawyer. If he had simply ID’d himself, showed his permit and shot the breeze for a couple of minutes with the officer the situation would not have escalated. In fact it would have been a great opportunity to strike up a good relationship with the local beat officers. Instead this fellow had obviously decided and prepared prior to the incident to be confrontational (politely of course). And of course making sure video recording was available would only enhance his ‘struggle’ for his second amendment rights. Sorry this time the gun owner misfired.

    • Best comment I’ve read so far. There were two homicides in the area, right or wrong I would have common sense to ID myself and proud to show my conceal carry license.

    • Best comment I’ve read so far. Common sense tells me since there were two murders in the area, anxiety will be higher, I would have ID’d myself and would have PROUDLY shown my conceal carry license.
      Someone pulled the “race” card in a prevuious comment, you can’t even go there in this case since it was African American approaching another African American. The victim in the video wanted to be confrontational. He could have cooperated and pressed his point of Second Amendment rights being violated later. He has the video to prove it.
      This was a good learning tool for me.

  13. This jogger is a complete dick… he could have somply given his 1st name, and not been so beligerent to an officer who clearly was attemptong to keep the peace in a dicey neighborhood. This is why we have these gun/carry issues, becauses asswipes like this give those who are not familiar with the laws a bad taste for legal carry proponents. Just my opinion…

  14. What you did was correct. What they did was “slick willy”.

    seek support in your further efforts. They will use our taxes
    to further their agenda. Written apology is not going to cut
    it when that many officers participated.

    You more than cooperated and articulated very well what
    the law was. No probable cause, What constituted an arrest.
    Private property forfeiture, personal threats. Only a lawyer
    can take this forward. Each officer could be open to civil
    charges. They will grind on you.
    Never give up that video. If the court does not allow it as
    They will hide your story.
    We will be watching for further events. What ever you do
    God grant you the strength of your convictions.
    Hold your family close.

  15. It appears Philly cops need some additional training, and also should get off the liberal Koolaid!

  16. I that were me, I would start by filing a formal complaint against those officers, 2nd, I would at least look into filing a huge law-suit against that police department for violation of my constitutional rights. I have filed formal complaints against police officers in my home town. One complaint ended up wit the officer being transferred to another division in another part of the state. The 2nd ended with the officer being fired and 86’d from law enforcement.

  17. I’m a Pennsylvania resident and wish Philadelphia would fall into the sea… but I digress….

    Here’s our law (which I disagree with):

    18 Pa.C.S. § 6108: Carrying firearms on public streets or public property in Philadelphia
    No person shall carry a firearm, rifle or shotgun at any time upon the public streets or upon any public property in a city of the first class unless:
    (1) such person is licensed to carry a firearm; or
    (2) such person is exempt from licensing under section 6106(b) of this title (relating to firearms not to be carried without a license).

    Philthy is a “city of the 1st degree” meaning no open carry (yes, ridiculous).

    For more reading:

    • It is also noted that he is liscensed to open carry on the aftermath. He stated that as they went through his effects, In Public view, that he had a liscense to carry, but chose to arrest him anyway. And threatened to have his liscens e revoked.

      Now in State Law, which in fact supersedes city or county law, this man was completely legal and within his constitutional rights to “Open Carry”.
      Not to mention the officers lacked the common sense to understand that “If there were 2 homicides in 8 weeks, don’t they think that;
      1. The gun used to commit those crimes are legal, and
      2. Would the CRIMINAL be carrying a firearm “LEGALLY and Openly”?
      It would seem that Common Sense Would have been the First Thought in ANY of those officers minds.

      That’s what happens when you give liberal idiots a badge!

  18. God bless you and America!!!
    Prior military here and that is what we fight for, the God given privileges that were made in the constitution. Each and Every one of those officers should be fired. Yes I think maybe you should have given your name, however you did not violate Any law nor was there any probable cause which means you are absolutely correct in not having to. They did detain you unlawfully and should answer to the fact that they broke the law. They had to call their detectives to figure out the law, and state does supersede town, just as country supersedes state. You go brother take your weapon as you jog and keep the fight for not just your constitutional rights, but everybody’s constitutional rights. If we were invaded you could take out several paratroopers protecting not just yourself, but this country as well. Then those jerks would want to give a medal. Keep the constitution alive and don’t be bullied. Know your rights and actively use them!! ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE. Meaning they shouldn’t be dividing you. I carry a large knife in the open always in stores, wherever. Nobody cares because it’s my right.

  19. SOME police assume that IF you have a gun, you will shoot somebody………… FEW will think a lawful person will carry open, and thugs carry concealed.

  20. Being a jerk while protecting your second amendment rights is dumb. Why could he not just answer the question. It was a high crime neighborhood and he looked unusual. That gives the officer the necessity to ask questions IMHO and I am a second amendment believer.

    If I have the right to keep and bear arms I don’t need a permit to conceal OR open carry but yet I am forced to. Why do you have a permit if you are so concerned about your rights? The GoPro? This was a set up. Someone out looking for trouble. That is no way to defend your rights. It just isn’t responsible and gives the whole second amendment crowd a bad name and makes them look like troublemakers.

    I have to say I was very very impressed with the officers and there politeness and patience. Most certainly wouldn’t have been. And THAT would have been a travesty.

  21. Do these cops really think that a gang member or illegal carry is going to open carry. Because if that’s the case apparently they have no clue who the bad guys are. And since when does a gang member jog?

  22. cops are criminals and these road pirates prove it again….cops have a god complex….they actually believe they are the good guys..when in fact they are just thugs with a badge,and most of them are cowards and pussy’s that like to harass people when they,the cops,are in packs,a mob mentality if you will…most of the time they create the problem[s] and they love to do just that,they think they are the only ones allowed to protect themselves and carry a gun……..they are criminals and they will kill you for nothing at all,ruin your life because they had a bad day,ruin an entire family’s lives because they can’t read or find the right person….they lazy and will just beat a confession out of an innocent man and call it a day so they don’t have to investigate the crime…cops don’t make money solving crimes….cops are corrupt,they willingly work for a corrupted system.

  23. These cops are idiots. they are using a lame excuse to hassle a citizen. Who really cares about what this cop knows about people jogging. the second cop just admitted to harassment. I hope he sues the city and gets the entire budget. the second cop is also a disrespectful fool. serve and protect indeed.

  24. He need to get in touch with the NRA or the GOA and have their lawyers help him, can anyone get this information to him?

  25. Really the officer should have realized that a person openly carrying a gun is not an immediate threat!
    It is evident that the man was jogging and not creating a disturbance. I, really hate to say this, the Police Officers’
    of today scare me, and I am very leery of them. They no longer have what we call “common sense”, and I should
    know–I am a retired cop!

  26. This is my thoughts.This entire episode could probably have gone without a hitch had the jogger simply went along and answered the officers questions.My reasoning is as a former police officer,I understand the nature of the work and the officer would be almost negligent if he did not check on this gentleman.I absolutely understand our rights and I am the most verbal person against these politicians trying to take away our rights as it is.I look at it this way though.We as practicing firearms carriers need to do as much as possible to help ourselves out and in these type circumstances, I think it is better to give a little and stay in the officers graces as best as we can.The more officers that show up,the bigger the scene and it does not help anyone.Now,the officer said that there had been two murders there near that street corner.Believe me when I say that this jogger could have just killed or held someone up and is attempting to portray himself as a jogger.Criminals will do anything and are usually not all that bright.This officer was not arrogant or anything and their job is hard enough as it is.Again,certainly,that does not give them the right to violate your rights but I see both sides.I am for our rights first but I would just rather cooperate and hope I can move along on my jog!

  27. You can carry open in the city WITH A LICENSE (every where else state wide is ok) but you will be harassed by those who do not fully understand the “first class city” designation term. The officer was within his authority to ask for that CCP license. What I did when working there was clip a photo copy to my holster. At least that stopped me from getting shot down as a MWAG.

  28. Terry v. Ohio states that, where open-carry of a firearm is legal, a policeman has no authority to detain you for carrying that weapon in a legal manner, without other mitigating factors. Time for a civil rights lawsuit.

  29. Why is this guy trying to make such a scene? The cops are being polite. What is so big a deal getting a license and telling polite cops your name? Do we really need to make a big confrontation? I have a license and am a giant supporter and member of the NRA. I carry but i am not going to support confrontation with of all people the police that are willing to give their lives to protect me and my family. Standing up for your rights is good but why make a fight with people sworn to protect us? These guys are not KGB or Gestapo agents. I do not support open carry on practicality. Why scare people? Also why tell your potential enemy you are armed? If you want to carry, get a license, and keep it to yourself.

  30. I have the right to carry concealed in PA as a non resident with a non resident license and recently through reciprocity…..Philadelphia to my knowledge has virtually never issued a non resident permit and I am frankly surprised this guy had a local permit since they are issued county by county.

    I carry when I ride my bicycle, when I run, ride my motorcycle and drive; but never do it openly since it simply limits my exposure to the DONUT NAZIES in the liberal meccas of the world. The country guys are usually OK and the stop turns into a gun discussion or they dismiss the gun as OH WELL what else is new. Don’t tempt the otherwise ignorants to become actively involved with your business, why tempt fate, these cops were looking for something to do and someone to hassle.

    • Permits in Pennsylvania are issued by the Sheriff, so yes county by county but we are a shall issue state and cannot be denied unless by some documented cause, criminal record, restraining orders etc. Susquehanna County was all but guaranteed you’d get an out-of-state issue but the department was getting so many requests, Sheriff Benedict stopped issuing them the last I knew.
      You pretty much summed up rural vs. urban. Urban centers are the cancer that are destroying every state of the Union. Even liberal New York suffers that. As horrible as the state is, it’s NYC that has caused more destruction than any other influence of the state. I teach in NY and hate every time I have to cross the border. NY is a may issue state to make it all that much worse and the patchwork of laws county by county is insanity personified.

  31. I’m not belittling anyone, but it seems there are a lot of people that want to have some confrontation with a police officer. Personally, I don’t see many people wearing a Gojo when they are jogging, although it might be good to do that. Also, I don’t know many people that know the codes other than their 2nd amendment rights.

    Since WhaleBlue wrote down the restrictions of Philly (though ridiculous), then the officer did have the right to detain him. But the police officer did not know why. Lack of training? And did they need 6 police officers there and also call a detective? No one trained?

    With that said, I would take the side of the jogger and not the police officer. The reason I would take his side is that the officer detained him without even knowing why. I’m afraid that if this would go to court, and with Philly having the law behind them, the police officers will when in this matter.

    Just food for thought: Are situations like this that are on YouTube (or whatever) doing more harm to our 2nd amendment than they are educating people?

    For the record, I totally support the 2nd amendment along with all the rest. These are our God given rights. And if some knucklehead gets elected as president, then we’ll probably start going like Germany under Hitler. I definitely don’t want that to happen.

  32. The reason I jog with a gopro and open carry firearm is because I have a right to do so…

  33. This guy is a champion of our liberties! What if he did expect a confrontation? It is an outrage that any law abiding citizen of this Nation should fear the police. Things are not going to get better unless we MAKE them get better – tyranny will not stop itself. Civil disobedience for the right reasons is not only our right but our Duty! When the law makes criminals out of law abiding citizens the law is unjust!

    Furthermore it is NOT the job of the police to protect us (and make us safe). The only way to do that is to control everything about each of our lives and keep us in cages! Liberty is inherently DANGEROUS! It requires Personal Responsibility! It is the job of the police to protect the LAW. It is their job to catch lawbreakers, build a case against them and send them to court to be found guilty. They CAN NOT protect us. We must do that ourselves – which is WHY we have the unalienable RIGHT to carry a gun!

  34. when the police officer asked the runner if that was running attire, he should have replied yes, because of the democrats destroying our country, this is a necessary addition to the attire.

  35. I can see an officer detaining or trying to detain someone who is brandishing a gun or being menacing with a gun, but if a person is jogging with a gun on his hip that is not threatening. After the initial conversation with the officer, I think the officer should have just sent him on his way. He was clearly not a “gangster” type; he knew his rights and his Constitution. Obviously, if the officer is telling him that there were 2 shootings in the vicinity, the officer should have been CLEARLY aware of why this 50 year old man might have been jogging with his gun on his hip. The jogger wasn’t the problem and he was exercising his citizens right not to be a victim.

    • He was right but could have been dead right. He could have shown his ID and made it clear he felt his rights were being violated and was showing his ID under protest. Common sense would have told the cop he was not a felon prohibited from carrying a weapon but showing his ID so a quick background check could be run would have been prudent. If he then wanted to pursue the issue he had the evidence of the violation of his civil rights on his Go Pro and could have contacted his attorney about a civil rights lawsuit. IMO he should not threaten the cops with a suit;they hear that all the time.

      Had he done as the officer asked, making it clear he felt his rights were being violated and he was showing his ID under protest, he would probably have been on his way and saved himself a lot of head aches.

  36. This guy may have been within his legal rights but I honestly don’t know why any state, county or city would not have a obligation or right to identify the person involved I am sure he would have been on his way much sooner had he just complied with the officers request to identify himself

  37. Thank you for standing up. The more of us that do it, the less this will happen. I am sorry you had to go through this, but I do commend you. God bless you and keep you safe tomorrow and in the future.

  38. I see many of these type of videos. I agree with the jogger, however, Since law enforcement is deemed to carry a firearm for law enforcement and personal defense, and ruling by SCOTUS not liable for your protection. Police, who I believe feel it’s open season on them after Ferguson and similar events, are paranoid with just cause. I’d have just carried concealed if it was an option. They would have probably given a white boy a beat down over that constitutional lesson. If not shot. God Bless!

  39. Yes there is a 2nd amendment, a 5th amendment , 1st amendment and several other amendments. However, there are also state statutes that apply to the carrying of a firearm. Some states don’t allow it and if a person fights against the statute with a “I have the 2nd amendment right to carry!” they will lose every time in court. Sorry, that is just the way it is.

    Some states (I believe the state in this video is one) have a “duty to inform” statute. Meaning that the person detained has an obligation to “INFORM” the “Law Enforcement Personnel” that he is carrying AND has a Right To Carry permit. Just failing to inform the LEO that he has a permit is a violation of the state statute.

    So, before anyone jumps up and screams, “…that person did nothing wrong!!!” REMEMBER, ignorance of the law is no excuse. If the state has enacted a law requiring you to inform the LEO that you have a permit, then claiming the “fifth” is NOT a defense in this case.

    ALSO!!!! Just being a bully and arguing for the sake of argument, makes a person look suspicious.

    Okay. You have a right to not talk.

    BUT. The Officer has the same right. He does NOT have to tell you what you are being detained for. He does’t even have to Identify himself to you. You do not have that right. The Officer can detain you for up to 48 hours without telling you ANYTHING!!!!!!

    Sorry. That is the right the Officer has for his own protection.

    So. Get over your self righteous, self important, arrogant attitude and just cooperate and answer the questions.

  40. Why didn’t he just show his license instead of provoking the incident? He apparently was looking for a confrontation….and got one!

    I am a retired LE officer and I currently work in the firearms department for a large hunting, fishing, and camping chain. We are located in a state that does not require a concealed carry license and we regularly have both men and women come into the store with open carry and concealed firearms. Our state does not require any training for either method of carry.

    I have discovered that most open carriers are idiots that want other people to look at them in awe when in fact, it’s usually in disgust. There are a few that secure training and have a perceived need to carry but many are cop baiters that read or interpret just enough of the applicable law to be dangerous, usually to themselves.

    Why open yourself to scrutiny, skepticism, and criticism, not to mention the attention of the police, when all it takes is a light jacket or a good holster choice (and some brains) to cover the source. These idiots prefer the wide berth and shocked looks and scream (on the inside) “Look at ME, I have a gun!” Buy a Ferrari and hang out at the beach! Or take some pills that they sell online that takes care of their other inadequacy.

    If you are standing in line at your local 7-11 with a bag of Doritos in one hand and your big gulp in the other and your .45 Hi-Point in your $14.95 nylon holster bulging on your hip for everyone to see, who is the robber that comes in the door behind you going to shoot first?

  41. This is just one of millions of incidents which have taken place over the years, that have given rise to, not just black folks, but a lot of citizens taking a dim view of the police or starting movements like “black lives matter” which is a despicable group of commie agitators. The anti-gun lobby has done an excellent job of instilling a paranoia among our citizens, which in turn has police harassing a citizens for exercising their gun rights. I was listening and what those cops were actually saying was…”sure, you’ve got the right to open carry, but we’re going to harass you all day long when you do.” My state has had open carry since 1848 but no body exercised it to any noticeable degree until recently when we passed “conceal carry” and the accidental covering of your weapon didn’t become a crime just because the wind blew a garment over the weapon. It’s clearly stated in the statutes that you cannot be arrested for disorderly conduct for open carry. This isn’t just about guns…it’s about these cops illegally detaining this man for no other reason than they were going to show him that his rights be damned and they were going prevail over his rights because they got the badge and he’s got nothing. I so wanted him to say…”Charge me with a crime and place me under arrest or let me go, those are your choices.”(the secret here is, they have to write down what the actual offence is if they arrest him or it’s false arrest). Let me put it this way…if he were an attorney, what would have happened? The attorney would have owned them. He should have stuck to his guns (oh no, did I say that?) and kept saying…am I under arrest? am I being detained? am I free to go? what is your probable cause? until he wore them out. Notice it took no less than six cops to brow beat a 50 year old jogger into submitting to their unwarranted demands…”we need to see your papers.” This is police state BS and no different than a polite German Gestapo. Cops are trained to cleverly get you to waive your constitutional rights and if you don’t know them and invoke them, they’ll walk all over them, to the point that over many years of getting away with it, they don’t think they have to respect your rights even when you do invoke them. This is not going to turn out well in the future as citizens start invoking their rights and cops try to bully them. I love my cops and have worked in programs to train them in hostage situations but the citizens are getting fed up out here.

  42. I was in a similar situation. I was on my own property and shot my gun in my woods. The lot line for the city is adjacent to my property. A city cop was on the street in front of the driveway and quickly pulled in after hearing gun shots. He asked if I am the one that shot. I said yes. He asked me for id. I showed him my id, and he checked to make sure there was no warrants with me. This took about 5 mins. and he said have a nice day. My 90 + year old parents live there. I thanked him for being concerned and keeping track of my parents and property. If you need id to open carry, there should be no problem with showing it and going on about your business instead of wasteing over a half hour argueing about it. Plus if there was shooting in the past on that street, that is the probable cause to ask for id! The officer was doing his job to serve and protect, don’t make a big production over it. Even though I can open carry, I choose to licencse and carry concealed. If a robber was going to attack you with an open carry, he will shoot first, then grab your gun and valuables.

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