Should This Convicted Felon Be Legally Able To Own A Gun?


If you’ve been in gun owner circles or around people who actually study and care about the Constitution for any amount of time, then you’re likely already aware that convicted felons have had their right to bear arms stripped from them because of that felony conviction.

Strict Constitutionalists will likely argue that no one should be banned from owning a firearm for any reason. Other folks support the current situation possibly under the assumption that felons are likely to be repeat offenders and, maybe, under the assumption that felons are going to be more likely to be violent. But is that true?

A lady in Utah argues that these assumptions about felons aren’t correct, and she is the exception to those assumptions. Also, she wants her legal right to carry a gun to be reinstated. McKenzie Stauffer writes,


[Mindy] Vincent was convicted of a non-violent felony in 2008 for writing a fraudulent check in 2007, according to the suit.

She has reportedly not used drugs since 2007, completed two years of federal probation, and graduated from felony drug court. She’s been off probation for 10 years. The suit states Vincent also went back to school and attained a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees.

The lawsuit argues Vincent should be able to own a gun for her protection.

Vincent argues that the Constitution guarantees her right to bear arms and that she paid her debt to society years ago.

Now, I can’t know the viewpoints of everyone who reads this, but I think that it’s going to be hard to argue that Vincent did anything which would indicate that she should not be allowed to own a firearm. Her convictions were non-violent (bad checks), and she has done what many folks in this society would say makes her a responsible member of society (stayed off drugs and obtained multiple college degrees). Is there any logical or reasonable reason to keep her from owning a gun?

In my opinion, no. Then, again, I’m a Constitutionalist.

Still, even those who aren’t strict Constitutionalists like I am really should have a valid reason to keep this woman from being legally able to bear arms, and, based on the information that we have about her situation, there isn’t any good reason. We hope that she wins her case easily.



  1. Karens. Anyone who criminalizes whatever offends them. Gun controllers, drug warriors, anti-porn & proposition… These Karens never have understood alcohol prohibition 101 or realize the black markets they create end up fostering more danger than they end – the behaviors don’t.

    The 4th & 5th Amendment’s codify the pinnacle of human progress:

    If you don’t have evidence that someone has committed a life, liberty, or property crime, you should piss off.

    Every excuse under the sun had been used to justify Karen’s criminalization of what offends them. Health, the children, etc.

    Yet, is it possible that owning *any* weapon by a private citizen becomes a felony in the future? What? You don’t think you should have your gun rights back after that?

    Freedom and liberty are little more than talking points for far too many people – many gun rights activists included.

  2. If you think about it, everyone has the right to protect there Love one’s or themselves. I’m all for the 2nd Amendment. If you did everything that was ask of you. Payed up all your fines, Have at it.

  3. If that’s the case, then why are so many violent felons caught with guns released back to the street?! The revolving door policy for violent felons is a travesty of American “justice” If one is a released violent felon illegally in possession of a firearm, one should be imprisoned for a minimum of ten years, and if a crime was committed with said firearm, life!

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  5. What’s on so shocking about a felon owning a gun, they or most of them have guns as they don’t care about gunlaws or cops or law abiding citizens. And they surely don’t buy guns as they are expensive so instead they will break in to someones home and hope that their guns are not ina safe and steal them. Worrying about one that is trying to protect herself from other criminals and them trying to rape her well let her have her gun a d if she commits a gun crime and gets caught she will be charged with a gun crime and go to jail. Worry about yourself and your family and the rest will take care of it self.

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