Another Supreme Court Justice Weighs In On The Second Amendment


Maybe you’ve heard that former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for the repeal of the Second Amendment. It’s true. He wrote it in a New York Times oped piece. It’s just proof that just because someone has an education, that doesn’t mean that they have any common sense or use their intelligence.

Fortunately, another Supreme Court Justice weighed in on the Second Amendment, and this Justice has his head screwed on straight. Which Justice? Clarence Thomas (hat tip to here for the lead). John Bowden writes,

Kyle Kashuv, a high school student from Parkland, Fla., who has made waves in conservative circles since the February shooting at his school, says Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas assured him that the Second Amendment “won’t be touched” amid a renewed debate on gun control.

Kashuv tweeted a picture of himself with the conservative Supreme Court judge on Thursday night, saying that Thomas “told me about some of the cases he dissented on and how #2A won’t be touched.”

Frankly, I love the fact that Thomas, an African-American, gets it completely right on this issue when the Democratic Party, which considers African-Americans to be a given part of their support base, is completely wrong about guns. Thomas, unlike the DNC, understands how important the Second Amendment is to allow Americans the ability to defend themselves against criminals and also against an overbearing, controlling government if, God forbid, that should ever become necessary.


Yes, unlike the DNC, Justice Thomas has both read his history and understands Constitutional law.

Fortunately for us, unlike Justice Stevens who retired in 2010, Justice Thomas is still serving on the Supreme Court giving pro-gun and liberty-loving people a voice there to protect our rights.

Now, what needs to be done is that we need to be vigilant to put pressure on the President and on Congress to ensure that Constitutionalists are the only justices put into place when it comes time to nominate another Supreme Court Justice. In that way, we can work to protect the Second Amendment both for ourselves and our children.



  1. these children from the florida high school, parkland, are a perfect example of how the
    education system in this country is failing our young people. they apparently dont teach anything about government anymore. these children have not the faintest idea of how government works.

    • SAY WHAT!!!!! What planet did you come from? Afraid of the Democrats. Stupidest thing I”ve ever heard.

      • I think your all wrong it’s not that the GOP is afraid of Dimwits it because more then half of the Republicans are rhinos who run and act like there Republicans but there liberials who vote on the liberial agenda, like all liberials there corrupt and they have bullshitted the American people into thinking there Republicans to get elected as one .
        We need to really find out who your voting for because we need to vote in only true Republicans not one that acts like one to get elected then flip on the party John McCain comes to mind and many more like him .
        Vote then out and all the liberials yo save America!!

  2. Oudrey wilson, what GOP is scared of democommies? Is it they are the nutjobs that do all the mass shootings? Or because the GOP that are in congress aren’t conservatives and scared they will be caught up in another idiot democommie mass shooting at GOP? Because as it is the conservatives are the ones who own most of the guns, and some are waiting to see if the dem want another civil war? We damn sure sent scared of the democommies, I a sure You that!

    • Some, but definitely the minority, of the GOP, holding elected offices, are RINO’s. Like the traitor John McCain. The bigger question is WHO are these week brained supposed Republicans that continually elect these Democrats in Republican clothing? And WHAT can be done to get them out.

  3. It’s not all conservative that own guns. There are many liberals who enjoy hunting and skeet shooting and target shooting that will not be willing to give up their guns. They may be liberal in
    Most of their ways but when hIt comes to their guns they have as much intensive care for them as anyone else. People don’t understand, a gun to a gun lover is like part of his or her family, they
    Don’t understand that to threaten to take their guns away is like tearing some of their own lives away. And mark this, there are many women who now own guns, liberals and conservative
    alike. So, our guns are safe through our constitutional rights or war, either one, it’s their choice.

    • I would never want to be one ordered to confiscate guns. It would be a ‘death order’ for anyone dumb enough to follow it.

  4. Meathead: You are absolutely correct. Can you imagine a black suited Jack booted Fed. Agent with a gold badge stomping up on someones porch and announcing”I am from the government and I am here to take your guns”. Do you think there would be less violence or more violence?

    • Sarah Brady’s campaign always tried to use the remark that “if gun control just saves one life, it’s worth it”. Now let them answer “if gun control COSTS just one life, is it worth it?”

      • John, you must have paid attention to the class that teaches logical thinking or you might have been born with it. Really great. Are you an honest lawyer? We need you!

  5. I have a strong feeling that a real blood bath would ensue if the powers to be ever made a serious attempt to ‘Infringe’ upon America’s 2nd Amendment Right…And the first people to fall would be those that violated their oath of office, to protect and uphold the US Constitution…I don’t know that it would last too long, but there would be a noticeable receding of the swamp, and political correctness would be pushed aside for only awhile, until the next time.

    • That’s why they will use foreign or UN troops. Google up on “UN Hardware in US and on Trains”. These people are ready to role. And never forget the hints Solzhenitsyn gave us, about what to do when they come in the middle of the night. Have a hot poker ready to shove up their arse, or stab them in the eye with. When the first wave doesn’t go home safe and sound, the rest will tremble and punk out.

  6. If there ever is a concentrated effort to confiscate privatly owned firearms, how many men will have to be hired and trained in order to carry out the orders of a rogue state ? And how many deaths will be caused by this order ? People that I know will not go easily.

    • You got it and I am NOT “one of them” that will just “hand over” the ONLY protection against TYRANNICAL TRAITORS “masquerading” as “governors” or “mayors”. (I live in COMMUNIST N.Y. and we have Treasonous Traitors as “governor” (who thinks he is a KING and a crooked NYC “mayor” who thinks the same way) If they want MY GUNS they can have them, BULLETS FIRST. They MAY “get” me, but I will take a few with me before I succumb.

    • I agree with most all of you however do not forget that we had a congressman on TV several months ago who says America should be afraid as all the agencies in this country have been well alarmed by Congress, and Obama bought them 2 billion rounds of hollowpoint bullets that or illegal to be used against citizens by the military. Well they created their own military from within it’s called the agencies that are corrupt to the core and I have gotten by with Layton murder since Bill Clinton.

  7. Most Republican leadership are a bunch of wimps and weenies and allow the naive liberal democrat idiots to walk all over them! Are there any Republicans with backbone and real leadership who will stand up to and defeat these liberal and progressive “enemies within” that are trying to destroy all that has made America great?! If they don’t come forward soon and replace such people as senator McConnell then the country will become a socialist state and peoples’ freedoms and liberties will be further eroded! We can’t let that happen!

  8. Whoa, people, WHOA!!!! “Another Supreme Court Justice”? Not at all–This is a FORMER Justice. He’s totally irrelevant, and should be either ignored, or humored, patted on the head, and sent back to his chair in the sunroom. Let him say what he wants, (he still can enjoy his First Amendment rights) but these are the ravings of a senile lunatic, whose brain has turned to mush. Something like a banana that’s been out on the kitchen counter for a month. He is no danger, unlike Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is not only senile, but has been insane for years, and is a leftover from the Comintern days.

    Interesting, isn’t it? Here’s a kid, still in high school, probably had the wits scared out if him by the shooting he witnessed, yet he understands the why and how of the Constitution, AND DEFENDS IT, when so many are falling for the hysteria foisted upon us by subversives.

    • Pretty sure you are referring to Stephens as senile not Clarence Thomas. Stephens was a Liberal idiot when he still sat on the Supreme Court. He has not gotten any wiser with age. Stephens, go back to the home now and take Ginsberg and Sotomayer with you.

      • You are correct. The “another” Justice is Clarence Thomas, a true Constitutionist. On the positive side, former Justice Stephens recognizes the meaning of the Second Amendment by his call to repeal it! He realizes guns cannot be taken from citizens while it remains in effect.

        • Even if the commies repeal it ( by rigged votes) no one is going to comply except for some senile old women whose husbands died and left behind a weapon the old lady hadn’t a clue about. That’s what happened in NY and Connecticut. Hardly no one complied with their illegal, unconstitutional laws. Those laws don’t have to be followed or enforced. What has to be done soon is to charge with treason these TRAITORS who are making these laws for the distinct purpose of subverting the 2A which they took an oath to uphold and defend. After a few televised hangings of convicted dirt bags, the rest will crawl back in their holes or go live in some sh*thole country.

  9. At least 99.9% of the law enforcement officers throughout our fine nation are “Promise Keepers” have sworn to uphold and embrace the Constitution and Bill of Rights and are in lockstep with almost all Americans in supporting and protecting those principles that our founding fathers so wisely placed in trust to us and future generations. It is the responsibility of all red blooded Americans to uphold, protect and support that exceptional heritage we are so fortunate to have bestowed on us!

  10. Only outlaws will have guns just like the majority of leftists voters their to delacate ears & fragile minds can’t take stress or controversy ie need safe space!

  11. I don’t understand why Black people mainly support the Democrates, Don’t they know the reason that they are not slaves today is because of the Republicans, That is a good part of what the civil war was about.
    And you might say the Democrat’s still have them in chains.
    They would advance more thru Republicans and jobs rather then Democrat’s and hand outs and poverty.

  12. I love Clarence Thomas, but let’s stop using the jargon of the Left and call him a black man; this African American stuff is untrue and divisive!

  13. There are some schools that are oping to train and arm teachers to combat threats to the so called “gun free zones”, read that safe free fire zones for cowardly idiots, while other schools claim that armed teachers would only add another gun to the problem. These stupid people sat that an armed teacher might, and I repeat, might inadvertently hit s student. Better that one student be hit than dozens hit shot my a maniac if it stops the carnage. I have heard that guns are a danger. I must have the laziest guns is the whole word. My guns are kept loaded, and unloaded gun is a very poor weapon, they are not built to throw, and my guns have never shot anyone. Not to say one won”t if My family or I are threatened. Own a gun, and practice with it and you have a much better chance of surviving an armed attack that if you don’y. It is your choice, live a productive live, or give it up to a scum bag that will continue to prey on innocent people. I choose to fight.

  14. If they want to take our guns and think that they will be freely surrendered, they are mistaken… Their argument that guns are dangerous is illogical. The people holding the weapon are the dangerous component in that equation… and since the “bad” guys will ignore the law and find ways to obtain weapons, then so too should the “good” guys go rougue and join the “bad boy” club to meet them on their level. Even in the military, it is acceptable and correct to refuse to follow an illegal order (which includes immoral, unethical, and insane)

  15. Any supreme Court Justice that goes against the 2nd amendment is a liar and is committing treason. They swear in under an oath to uphold the Constitution of these United States! Don’t do it, then you are a lying worthless piece of treasonous trash. Just the way it is.

  16. The Demoncrats are Constitution trashing freedom haters! They want to take firearms from decent honest citizens! At the same time they put criminals back on the streets before they serve their sentence. Result? The decent, honest citizens will be defenseless but the criminals will still have guns.

  17. Well I think it’s time we take our country back get rid of Soros polocy McCain and those that are doing no good for our great country they seem to forget they work for us not themselves look at the home they live in how on the salaries they are to be making it’s time to take them away from the cook jar put those right people in office

  18. What people are afraid of, is that ignorance gets air time. The GOP and DNC are full of ignorant people who live in there own dimension, they don’t have a clue of what makes the world go round, and believe the sun rises in the north and sets in the south!
    People are there own demise, not guns, knifes, dynimite, C-4, vehicles etc..
    nothing that goes against Gods teachings can save anyone, only people who are ignorant, mentally imbalanced,
    greedy, and obsessed with power and believe they are better than the rest of humanity, are it’s undoing! Unfortunately laws are necessary because we were born into SIN not ABSOLUTION. What we are experiencing will continue to escalate, and get worse! Buckle up, be alert, don’t assume anything, do your due dillagance and never let your guard down! What is interesting to me, is when people say they aren’t going to let what is happening change how they go about there daily lives. If you aren’t smart, that may not be to much longer. If you believe in your government, military and police to save and protect you, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass good by. Man is not the savior, GOD IS!!!

  19. Editor
    I take offense at your assertion that we need to put pressure on our great President regarding the second amendment. You must be another typical fair weather conservative. As for me I am All IN all day and everyday. No caveats,no equivocation.

  20. I will say it again. Liberals are calling for “common sense” laws for gun control, but who gets to decide what “common sense” is. What is common sense in NYC is foolish in Boise Idaho. Equally, what is “common sense” in Alaska, is utter madness in Connecticut. We are a very diverse nation and a one size fits all gun control law is not possible. The 2nd Amendment is a vital part of the U.S. Constitution. I think it should be universal, but I would not have a big problem for certain locations to have restrictions to the 2nd Amendment. What I don’t want, is for someone who lives 2000 miles from me, decide what is right for me. We fought one civil war over states rights and we should have learned a lesson from that. And, we probably would have if the liberals allowed us to teach history in high school. Liberals want to pass laws for the nation, based on their ideals. News Flash! Not everyone in the country thinks the way you do. The 2nd Amendment provides rights to every American. Gay marriage is not provided by the U.S. Constitution. Abortion rights are not provided for in the Constitution. States should have the right to decide for themselves what is allowed in their individual States, if it is not provided for in the U.S. Constitution. What really pisses me off is when someone moves to my town and says, “well, in Ohio we do things this way!”. My answer is, “you are not in Ohio now and if you like Ohio that much, go back there and stay”. You are not allowed to move to another State and try to change the way the people who have lived there all of their lives do things. There are 50 States in our nation and everyone should be able to find a State that meets their individual requirements, and if you can’t you are too demanding. In that case, maybe you are the problem, not the Nation.

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