No Surprise Here: 2020 Saw Spike In U.S. Murder Rates Especially In Cities. Guess Why.


From the “Wow, I didn’t see that coming” file: the data is in, and it looks like murder rates in America jumped in 2020, especially in cities.

Yeah, I know that you’re not surprised. After all, 2020 was the year of riots “mostly peaceful protests” in multiple cities across the U.S., and, in many of those same cities, demands to defund the police were heeded. This means that in cities where the police were defunded, the legal gun owners were drastically reduced in number.

What do I mean? Well, in the cities that defunded their police departments, the legal gun owners were overwhelmingly law enforcement officers because those cities were already strict gun control zones. Thus, decreasing the number of police officers decreased the number of legal guns owners in that city. The results were exactly what you would expect from criminals if you aren’t under the delusion that guns are the problem instead of realizing that criminals who feel completely safe while committing crimes are actually the problem.


Zachary Stieber gives us the details of the statistics:

Cities with a population of 1 million or more saw a roughly 32 percent increase in homicides, according to figures released by the FBI that are drawn from local sources. While every area, including rural counties, saw jumps in homicides, the biggest increases were in cities, especially in cities with 100,000 residents or more.

The data confirms a report released last month showing homicide rates in a sample of 34 cities were 30 percent higher in 2020 than in 2019.

Researchers said the sample suggested the national murder rate increase was likely to exceed the previous largest single-year increase of 13 percent in 1968.

Now, while anti-gunners and their political friends are sitting around twiddling their thumbs wondering what in the world caused murders rates to jump so much in one year, you and I are here shaking our heads and wondering what it’s going to take for anti-gunners to realize that more legal gun ownership instead of less legal gun ownership is what would cause criminals to be less violent.

But I’m not holding my breath that they’ll get that clue in my lifetime.



  1. I would like to know how many anti-gun people who have been victims of robbery or other crimes, remained anti-gun after their experience. If the number is very low, we now have the answer to help the anti-gun people to learn what we pro-gun people have known for a long time. The more honest, law-abiding, and properly trained gun owners we have, the fewer incidents of crime that will occur.

  2. The gun argument and 2A have little to do with practical effectiveness, with gun crime that is not politically, read “journalistically” helpful, or with statistics like this, each, individually, a testimony to tragic sociopathology and a victim’s life lost or shattered. It has everything to do with politics.

    The matter, just out of the cattle chute, is transformed into the Political. The political leadership, the Leftist movement, and the body politic could care less. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of Pro-gun 2A voters vote Red, and the vast majority of anti-gun voters – be they vehement or passive — vote Blue. As a parallel, do you really believe that if 70% to 80% of illegal immigrants were predisposed to vote Red, the Left would hold the position they do on virtual open boarders and sanctuary cities? Hardly. They would be passionately, unabashedly on the opposite side. So too goes the Pro-gun/Anti-gun pseudo-debate.

    While responsible gun owners tout statistics such as 1.6 million to 3.2 million lives were saved by guns in 2018, most by Personal Defenders, that LTCF permit holders as a group are the least likely to commit a crime, less so than LEOs. That the average national law enforcement response time is 17 minutes. That a citizen is 19 times more likely to be stabbed with a knife than shot with a gun. And so on, proposes the rational argument from the Right. The Left engages with the thinnest of retorts, usually emotive and bromidic, if only to appear engaged. Their loyal following, with utterly no intellectual curiosity, parrots the verbiage du jour. What could be the rationale? The Left really, sincerely, does not care about the argument or the condition; if they truly did myriad spotlights, figuratively, would shine on our major cities with harsh regard for gun crime and violent thuggery. Why is no one aware that 89% of violent convicted felons, if they vote, will vote Blue. And, yes, in most states felony disenfranchisement is restored, after incarceration, or after a period of time.

    The political Left cares about the political outcome by increments. That have always been satisfied with gradualism and incrementalism, and more gratified when they possess plenary power with mighty leaps forward in their political agenda when those opportunities present themselves, like now. They can, by all apparent calculation, rely on their most ardent allies, the media, Hollywood, celebrities, talk show cons, comedians and musicians, Big Tech and a few others, in other words those at the levers of information and social culture; and of course they can trust the unwavering irrational loyalty of the Leftist body politic. Gun control and “shall not be infringed” has little to do with guns or gun violence or mass shootings or media contagion or inner city violent crime, or officer involved shootings — it has everything to do with Politics and political power.

  3. David your education is showing. Does that mean you are for or against gun control?

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