Here’s One Way That Biden’s Gun Control Efforts Could Be Enforced


In any discussion of gun control between a pro-gun person and an anti-gunner, there’s a good chance that the pro-gunner is going to bring up how difficult enforcing gun control in America would be. Because, as much as I hate to say that anti-gunners are right about anything, the one thing that they are right about is that America has a big, ingrained gun culture.

So, how would you enforce gun control on millions of people with that many guns and ammunition?

There wasn’t really any kind of realistic and convincing answer that an anti-gunner could give, but in our hyper-connected world, there, sadly, may be a way that anti-gunners may try to enforce their lunacy. Matt Bracken writes,


But in the modern digital era, I believe that Team Tyranny won’t have to do much door-to-door gun confiscation. I think that a few show-piece gun confiscation raids using overwhelming force at 4AM (that are designed for network TV audiences) will be sufficient. Instead, they’ll just send citizens a notice by text, email and registered snail-mail that they already know what newly-illegal guns they possess. This list will be based on AI programs scraping and data-mining your social media history, credit card purchases, and all past FFL sales records, which surely will be collected as part of the new law.

All of this information will be knitted together much the way that the IRS does business. I borrowed this paradigm from “Old Curmudgeon” on a Free Republic thread:
“Have you noticed how the IRS manages to enforce the tax laws? Every taxable transaction is documented by multiple parties so that one party’s failure to report will be revealed by the another party’s paperwork. Then the person who violated the tax law is made an example of, a horrible example, causing reasonable people to be very afraid of the IRS. They will use a similar method to end gun ownership.”

And don’t think for a minute that they won’t get all the gun sales records, once they pass their “Emergency Measures To Prevent Domestic Terrorism Act.”

So how will they plan to separate you from your now-illegal guns? You’ll be notified that next Thursday at 9AM is your designated time to appear at a certain address, perhaps your local police station, or perhaps a big-box store parking lot, with said newly-illegal firearms and ammo magazines. Current Covid vaccine distribution gives them a model for this new system. Instead of going to get a Covid shot, you’ll be going to turn in the newly banned guns on the list.

Many people will refuse to do so. A week later, they will be totally disappeared from social media. Digitally disappeared. This makes it hard to complain about your treatment.

Bracken has a point: in this day and age, especially with so many people working from home and never seeing another human being that they know beyond a cursory acquaintance, social media is the only way to know if a person is alive in many cases. And social media is an easy way for bureaucrats to figure out who to arrest.

Now, is this a definite situation? No, not at this point, and with many people abandoning Facebook and Twitter, it will be harder for those tech giants in bed with the Biden administration to be able to “out” you as a gun owner to the anti-gunners in D.C.

But that’s not to say that it couldn’t happen.

It may be too late to erase anything online that would make you a target of anti-gun bureaucrats, but you may want to be careful what you post going forward.



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