NRA Willing To Betray VA Gun Owners


The NRA has been going through some difficult times recently. Of course, there have been the recent power struggles. And maybe that is why they were so late in going to bat for Virginia gun owners when Democrats stepped up the anti-gun rhetoric and made it clear that they planned to make Virginia about as gun free for legal gun owners (and therefore as unsafe) as downtown Chicago.

But now the NRA may have done something which is the last straw when it comes to their support from gun owners: They have signaled a willingness to betray Virginia gun owners by compromising with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and his anti-gunner nutcase friends in the Virginia legislature (hat tip to here for the lead). A recent article by an unnamed writer at 2nd Amendment Daily gives the details:

NRA official Daniel J. Spiker made the repulsive comments [that the NRA is willing to compromise with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and his anti-gun Democrat friends] in an article posted earlier today:

“Anti-gun billionaires who invested millions in the 2019 Virginia elections expect a return on that investment,” said NRA official D. J. Spiker.  “The NRA is fully prepared to work to defeat Governor Northam’s gun grab – but also work to find compromise.”

After that knife in the back, here’s twist of the hilt for you:  Daniel J. Spiker is NRA-ILA’s Virginia State Director!  He was listed as one of the speakers for the pro-gun crowd!

Frustratingly, this doesn’t seem to be an exception to the NRA playbook. At one time, people who actually are involved with guns may have thought that the NRA was in the business of protecting gun rights, but statements like this and similar actions seem to indicate that the NRA is there to preserve themselves and not to protect gun owners. Sadly, this means one less advocate for our Constitutional right to bear arms


This is yet another reason why the #VAGunRightsRebellion started and is continuing.



  1. I was planing to join the N R A , but have different thought’s now that seems there being bought by rich anti gunner’s , and I do not want to be part of that sinister act . After reading the article on this page , I will not be joining the NRA . There’s enough Back Stabber’s in our system already ! This is Disgraceful to our Patriots !

  2. I’m a life endowment member. But I haven’t given any money too them for at least 2 years. They’ve become greedy for themselves politicians. I support Gun owners of America (GOA). The NRA does not speak nor represent me anymore. Until they clean house of the snake in the grass Wayne etc, I’m done with them.

  3. I am a member of the NRA. I thought that when I joined they would show their true colors. Well, I guess they did , it seems to be green my friends and not red white and blue. I will not be renewing my membership when it runs out. And one more thing, Virginia we’re behind you all the way!

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