New Gun Control Effort Is Class Warfare Against The Poor


All gun control efforts are an effort to steal our rights and to make Americans defenseless. But some gun control efforts are more offensive than others (they’re all offensive). Some gun control efforts target those who most need to be able to protect themselves and are the least likely to be able to work within that gun control rule.

This story out of San Jose, California, is one of those especially offensive stories. Matt Manda writes,

Gun control cheerleaders and their media allies are heralding a new “innovative” achievement as a shining example city officials in San Jose, Calif., believe is needed to offset the costs of criminal violence. That focus is entirely misplaced. They just want to impose a new “gun ownership” tax and require already law-abiding gun owners to purchase liability insurance just to exercise their Constitutionally-protected Second Amendment right. The plan has nothing to do with stopping criminals that commit crimes.

CNN commentators latched on to the idea once they heard the proposal had passed. Reciting San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s words, CNN’s John Avlon said, “Skeptics will say that criminals won’t comply. They’re right. Yet that’s an important feature of these proposals.” He added, “It’s always good to see innovative public policy proposals.”

The Golden State already imposes among the strictest gun control in the country. San Jose City Council one-upped it, unanimously passing an annual gun ownership tax and requiring all gun owners to acquire gun owner liability insurance. The tax proposal passed even though the tax amount hasn’t been decided.

San Jose residents bristled. “I strongly oppose more taxation on legal gun owners,” Sasha Sherman told the council. Another speaker added, “It [the proposal] puts a financial burden on a constitutional right, which is the right to bear arms.”

You may ask why CNN’s commentators said that criminals not abiding by this rule is a “feature.” It’s a valid question. Lindsay Kornick quotes CNN host John Avlon:


“These ordinances create a legal mandate that provides police with a lawful means for seizing guns from non-law abiding dangerous people.”

“So [Democrat Mayor Sam Liccardo is] saying basically, bring it on,” Avlon remarked.

Funny, I thought that police already had a legal mandate in California to seize guns from people who had firearms illegally. This ordinance doesn’t do that. This ordinance gives that city the power to take guns from people who have acquired their firearm legally.

This ordinance is simply about making the poor defenseless against criminals. There is nothing “progressive” about this ordinance. It’s a scam and an unconstitutional racket.



  1. Radical leftist democrats are allowed to run amok and unchecked. The law abiding citizens of this nation need to unite and vote these hypocrites out of office. They are destroying the very fabric of our country. Conservative values which made this country great and the mega power it once was is slowly decaying like a rotted tooth in the mouth.

    • take out anyone that comes to take your guns . everyone would be a complete idiot give them up at a time like we are facing. with a communist in our WHITEHOUSE and ignorance everywhere !!! do not listen to any communist law made by this ignorance in our whitehouse this RETARD is not a president. he is a FRAUDULENT pushed in puppet . with ignorance like peelousi. obamass. Hillary. to help with all of that DAMOCRAP PARTY. we have the right to protect ourselves from a OPPRESSIVE government so do not allow the lies and ignorance that come from the mouths of communist affect your ability to defend your self . and the law officials better take note AMERICANS will defend them selves from any order these communist try to put out. if they are on the people’s side they better ignore their commie laws as well. if they enforce them they are no better. than the commies’s them selves . We have revolution coming and you better be ready . WTSHTF. AND IT IS ABOUT TO.!!!

      • You so stupid with that statement let’s set the record straight. President Biden is a true American thru and thru the last President that the real American People voted out is a communist. We the people have one great strength we think and talk for ourselves and can’t be manipulated as others would like. Evil underestimated the soul and spirit of the American People we can’t be beat! So to you that made this stupid statement I say this to you stop trying to play the minds of real Americans Democrats and Republicans alike! You be better to go play with yourself.

  2. They can afford body guards & security, some at tax payer cost. My opinion, like Hitler want to control the people.

  3. Every Communist country must first disarm it’s citizens to enslave the indefensible!
    Every Communist country murders millions of their citizens to gain total control!

  4. that right Drumma, and we have the right to stand against a OPPRESSIVE government and that time is coming fast . do not give you guns to anyone defend yourself !!! YOU DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO!!! A REVOLUTION IS ABOUT READY TO HAPPEN.!!-

  5. Here we have the second amendment under attack it clearly says right to bear arms. Why? when oppressive government taxes you for that right. Also, this amendment doesn’t say you can only own muskets. The founding father idea about arms is they knew that advancements in arms would occur for the people to have the newer arms.
    Now let’s say the first amendment should only be paper mailings and newspapers because that’s all they had back then, like the muskets so we should have no TV media to tell any political views no Internet is allowed to spread political lies viewed from either side. This sounds fair to me!
    But the left would never agree with that, how else can they spread division you must divide the people through TV internet media to amass their group to go out and burn and loot. Then claim it’s the rights fault.
    Then they Antifa, BLM dress up as proud boys and trump supporters to riot and loot you’ll see again Trump is bad, Dementia JOE is good.

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