Should You Get A Carry Permit Even In THESE States?


Concealed carry permits are a controversial issue in many states in the U.S. While some states have moved to Constitutional carry (which I’m of the opinion the Second Amendment clearly establishes nationwide), other states are still trying to prevent anyone from legally carrying a firearm to be able to protect their families.

It’s as if anti-gunners actually want law-abiding citizens to be robbed, assaulted, and shot by criminals.

A different permutation of this issue comes up, though, in those states that have made open carry legal.


Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the difference, concealed carry is just that: carrying a firearm but keeping it concealed. Open carry is carrying a firearm where everyone can see that you have it.

We’ve detailed our thoughts here on whether you should carry concealed or open carry when you have both options.

What you may not have considered, though, is why you may want to get a concealed carry permit even in an open carry state. Dan Zimmerman gives three reasons why he says that you should get a concealed carry permit even in open carry states. Zimmerman’s three reasons are:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. NICS Background Checks
  3. Reality

Let’s consider these.

First, reciprocity. Not every state offers open carry, so if you obtain a concealed carry permit in your state and visit a state that doesn’t allow open carry but has concealed carry permit reciprocity with your state, then you’ll still be able to carry concealed in that state with your permit. Your concealed carry permit gives you options and the opportunity to carry your firearm in many other states.

Second, NICS Background Checks. What Zimmerman is talking about here is the speed with which you can purchase a firearm if you already have a concealed carry permit when you walk into a firearms retailer. In my state, for example, without a concealed carry permit, the background check can take anywhere from 45 minutes to six months depending on the situation (Yes, really, six months). And if there is a mix up of information in the system so that they confuse you with someone else, you may be denied from being able to buy a firearm until you can get that whole mess straightened out. But if you have a concealed carry permit in my state, you can walk into a firearms retailer, provide your permit and your payment method, and walk right out of there with a new firearm in hand. Quick and easy. Many states give this convenience to concealed carry permit holders.

Third, Reality. Zimmerman notes that many states require training before issuing a concealed carry permit which could help give you the benefit of the doubt that you acted within the limits of the law should you need to go before a jury to defend yourself in court for defending yourself with a firearm.

All of these reasons are worth considering, even if your state offers open carry.

So, should you get a concealed carry permit in your state? That’s a personal choice, but it’s worth considering for the advantages.



  1. I demonstrated for Open Carry and for Constitutional Carry and have a Concealed Carry Permit. I will continue to maintain my Concealed Carry Permit in order to carry in states that still require a permit to carry. It’s just common sense, Folks, to have every point in your favor IF you ever have to defend yourself with a firearm.

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