Busted: AOC’s ‘Squad’ Shows Their Hypocrisy About This Issue


One of the more absurd things that we see play out from anti-gun politicians over and over is their hypocrisy. It’s both amazing and appalling. Amazing because the amount of hypocrisy from them is huge. Appalling because it’s so blatant.

Typically, the hypocrisy from anti-gun politicians is that they don’t want individual Americans to have firearms for any reason (though, they usually say that it’s because they want to save lives), but they are perfectly okay with both law enforcement and for bodyguards that they hire to own guns.

In other words, in their minds, what is good for them is not good for the rest of us, and we have another example of that hypocrisy in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Squad. Beth Baumann writes,


Over the last few years, “The Squad” – comprised of Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), and Cori Bush (D-MO) – have worked to “defund the police.” Although they continually say stupid things, like they want to “reimagining” what policing in the United States looks like, the reality is simple: they want to do away with law enforcement agencies across the country.

Americans across the country rely on two things to keep themselves and their families safe: law enforcement and/or their Second Amendment rights. When an emergency takes place, most people call 911 and know at least one law enforcement officer will be there to help them in their time of need.

What’s amazing – although not surprising – is “The Squad” wants to do away with emergency services for you and me. But that decision wouldn’t impact them. In fact, the five women have spent a large sum of money on local law enforcement officers for private security. That’s right. Our lives aren’t worth protecting but theirs are.

But the real kicker? They spent more than any other House members on private security.

Yep, what’s good for them isn’t what they want for us. What hypocrites. Their constituents deserve better.



  1. Four fool! And they are all from another country. Why not send them back to their own country? They are here to destroy the only free country in the world! None of them would be in their position if it wasn’t for dumb people!

    • The sheer stupidity of no Police combined with their desire to disarm America’s citizenry shows their ignorance regarding America’s security.
      Russian Premier stated” ” America could never be invaded because there would be a rifle or gun behind every tree, rock and bush.”
      We are an armed society. Many with the same firearms as our invaders have. THAT is good.
      Just recently Communist China’s official warned us: “Soon we will be at your doorstep.”
      This was no idle threat. They are building up their Army, Air Force, and Naval Forces. The only thing now preventing them from invading us with Biden in charge IS the fact we are an armed society that would fight a Communist Chinese invading force. I believe that if Biden were successful in taking civilians firearms, especially ones similar to the invading force that’s awaiting such stupidity to occur, then we would be at great risk of invasion.

  2. Not to sound crazy but, we should take the squad, all demonrats, including rinos, soetoro-biden and anyone else who lives in the U S A and who is anti- America, should ALL be deported or executed!! Just my sick radical opinion! But most serious!!!!!! If you don’t like it, get the hell out!!

  3. We need only to remember what going on with Australia right now to see what the future will hold for us if we listen to these idiot’s. Thank you for sharing your article 😁 namaste ❤️

  4. Seems to me that the ‘squat’ is hypocritical about nearly every ‘issue’ about which they offer (at every opportunity) their ‘opinion’ – from glow bull warming to gun control. I could list more things they are flat out wrong about but I probably don’t really need to…………..

  5. These types are criminals themselves, that’s why they support the criminal element more than the normal law-abiding citizen. These libtards are both mentally ill & subserves, agents for a foreign power.
    The real problem is the Zionist Marxist community around the world & the leaders they have bought off, threatened, intimidated, blackmailed and in some cases killed.
    The ADL & B’nai B’rith are just 2 of these groups, Israel is the other problem as it all traces back to them, it is the deep states military arm along with the USA.
    Look up the information about all 3 and see what you find.
    ADL has long been the architect of gun control going back over 100 years.
    Zionist Marxists are also responsible for the global immigration – invader problem, but will not do the same with their own country. Look at global leaders who support Israels policies more than the well-being of their own people, look at how they have destroyed every country they get a foot hold in. They don’t integrate, they subvert and take over,

  6. The worst part is if they do away with our police force, the military will take over law enforcement and our country will become a military state!

  7. Thomas Jefferson was certainly right when he forecast we would require a revolution at least every 100 yrs. Gov’t will always acquire its own entity, and pursue the complete takeover of your life and your bank account. Allowing Politics to become a career with such lucrative benefits has become the means of the erosion of our freedoms. Trump tried to reverse this, but the Swamp is deep and treacherous. AOC and the Squad are just a product of their times. Power doesn’t corrupt, but it’s a powerful magnet to the corruptible. Term limits are the only solution. We have to keep the pressure on for this to happen, or our precious freedoms will be eroded slowly, but surely.

  8. AOC and the Squads including Biden,his stupid wife Saint Dr.Jill Biden.Harris Nancy and Chuckie are nothing but Sh-t-heads.Everything that comes out of their 👄 is full of Sh-t

  9. AOC and the Squads and Biden his wife Jill Harris.Nancy,Chuckie Boy are nothing but Sh-t heads and that everything that comes out of their mouth is full of Sh-t

  10. The tree of Liberty occasionally needs to be watered with the blood of Patriots – I believe is the saying. Perhaps a better one would be the tree of liberty must occasionally be watered with the blood of its enemies. Some one go get out the hose.

  11. We need the convention of states it’s in the constitution. It gives the states power to make laws the same as congress term limits, balanced budget closed borders

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