Just In: Major City’s Mayor Proposes The Stupidest ‘Anti-Gun Violence’ Proposal Ever


It’s not often that you come across a truly new, a truly novel way to fight gun violence. After all, as Solomon wrote, there is nothing new under the sun.

But, occasionally, you come across an idea that is new, at least to you. Sadly, though, like every other program to reduce gun violence put forth by anti-gunners, that doesn’t mean that the idea isn’t stupid.

And, believe me, this new idea is downright stupid. Wait until you see this one (hat tip to here for the lead). Frank Main and Fran Spielman write,


Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Friday the city of Chicago will start suing gang members to “take their assets” — a strategy that’s been used in the suburbs for more than 20 years with mixed results.

In suburban counties, state’s attorneys have used the Illinois Street Gang Prevention Act to sue gang members, seeking monetary damages and court orders barring gang members from associating with each other and possessing guns.

Lightfoot said she’ll propose an ordinance Monday to allow the city’s lawyers to file such lawsuits.

She said her proposed anti-gang ordinance isn’t her way of bypassing Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. The mayor has publicly disagreed with Foxx’s handling of gun cases, carjackings and other crimes.

“We can’t wait for anybody else,” Lightfoot said. “We have an opportunity to bring these violent street gangs into civil court, out of the shadows, expose them for what they are — and, if we’re successful, and I think we will be, take their assets and the profit motive for killing our babies.

“We have to put a marker down that we are using every tool in our toolkit to push back against these violent gangs that are leaving a trail of blood and death and misery in their wake.”

Oh, yeah, that’s going to work because, you know, all of those young guys who joined gangs because they were poor and, now, flagrantly disregard the law are going to show up in court when they are sued and are going to have assets that the city can locate to be able to take from these guys.


You’re probably laughing at Lori Lightfoot just as hard as the gang members that she is trying to threaten with this move because this is, quite literally, the stupidest plan to reduce gun violence that I’ve ever heard.



  1. It figures leave it to mayor BEETLE JUICE! Dumbest person in history if you ask me.. its all her fault in first place.

  2. Let’s think about what the suing of these gangs will net, 500 pairs of Lil Nasty sneakers, some more stolen guns, and …some stolen funds. Yep, get those lawyers some money from Chicago citizens swelling in their pockets.

  3. lori HEAVYTREAD is just as STUPID as her “senile Stupid in Chief”!
    The more those imbeciles are allowed to become the despots, the more those despots will demonstrate their STUPIDITY! They will show their ignorance of everything that makes this country the best in the world!
    And the leaders of the left side of the politics are showing the exact same problem!
    TYRANNY is a very heavy burden to enact. And the people in the Blue States will slowly show their HATE of the new regime!
    HEY< IMBECILES, soon you will disappear from the political arena! Keep up the WORSE JOB you have been doing! So more democrats will abandon the DEMON RATS ranks!
    Only a few millions unbelievably stupid morons will stay your course.

  4. It’s well known – at least with those of us with double digit IQ’s – that you cant fix stupid. But in Chicago you can get elected to high office. I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet a lot of money she’s a democrat!!!

  5. This is proof that common sense, and the 23000 plus gun laws on the books don’t always make things come out like the fairy tale we were told it would be. C’mon Ms Lightfoot, get real and start using that head you have on ya shoulders. Make them serve the extreme end of the sentences that they deserve

  6. This ranks right up there with the mayor of San Francisco offering gang members $300 not to shoot anyone.
    My wife and I are planning to put on our ‘gang’ colors and ask for our money. ;o)

  7. Regardless of anything else, I’m betting it would have to be a state law rather than a city ordinance.

  8. At least the poor gal is trying to come up with an idea even though it won’t work. Because they won’t show up for court as they’d have to be held in jail in order to be appearing.
    We know that they have the highest failure rate for successful prosecution. Unless they happen to be held in a cell.
    Confiscating their weapons at the point of contact is the only way to get them out of their hands, they shouldn’t have them in their hands at all because they aren’t buying them legitimately somebody’s home is missing them.
    My solution would be to round up EVERY gang member and put them in the Rose Bowl and put a lid on it let them all fight it out to “prove” who’s the biggest and the baddest gang member and whoever walks out arrest him or her and put them in prison for life.
    I know there are a lot of them so just stuff that place full. Cram them in and use a crowbar if you have to get the last one through the doors. You might even have to do it a few times If need be for each “winn” throw them back in for a final round. Heck, even televise it. The biggest and the baddest Showdown. They can go down in infamy as long as they’re not on the streets.
    No more gang members.
    Our children will finally be safe and no other child will ever want to be one of them.

  9. Let’s break this down. First off, there is no mention of gun confiscation in regards to the general public. I find that surprising and also very good. Secondly, it’s not unlike what they did in the Era of Al Capone and they would have to do the same by setting unobtainable bail amounts to insure they stay in custody until trial. Third, anyone who doesn’t think these gangs don’t have assets is clueless about gangs. I can’t speak for Chicago but I can for LA. My brother in law is retired from an Anti Gang division and I’ve several friends who are still working. Believe me these gangs have the high end cars, nice homes and plenty of cash. Having plenty of cash is one of the biggest draws to gangs. Once again not unlike the days of Capone. My final comment, I suggest that the writer write out of research, not reaction.

  10. Capote wasn’t brought down finally by sueing him. He got brought down on income tax evasion. You do your research.

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