If These Polite People Won’t Comply With Gun Control, What Do They Think Will Happen Here?


People from different countries and different cultures have different cultural norms. Still, even with that being the case, you’ll find that people from every culture and ethnicity are, when it comes down to it, fundamentally the same. They want to live a happy, reasonably prosperous life, keeping their family safe and healthy.

So, with that in mind, it can be interesting to see how one country, say one with a reputation for having an incredibly “nice” and “polite” culture, responds to their government when their government tries to confiscate their guns.

If you hadn’t already guessed, we’re looking at Canada, and the response of the very nice and polite Canadian people to their government’s attempt to confiscate firearms should be a warning sign to anti-2A politicians who are trying to do the same thing in the less-tolerant United States. Amanda Prestigiacomo writes,


Since a ban on numerous firearms took effect in May 2020, Canadians have only turned in 160 to the government  — a stunningly tiny number, considering the original government estimation of there to be some 90,000 to 105,000 outlawed firearms in Canada.

“Only 160 firearms that the Liberal government prohibited more than a year and a half ago have been deactivated or surrendered, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP),” iPolitics reported Friday.

Prestigiacomo continues:

The RCMP seemed to suggest Canadians are merely waiting for a long-promised gun buyback to be created by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau before complying.

That’s a nice spin on the part of Canadian law enforcement, but maybe the reality is that those nice and polite Canadians don’t trust their government to protect them and, therefore, aren’t willing to turn in their firearms.

Whether my read on this is right or not, I can tell you that there are a lot of Americans who are very vocal about their unwillingness to surrender their firearms to any government because they realize that governments can’t protect them.

Anti-2A politicians would be wise to pay attention if they want to have a prayer of remaining in office.



  1. I guess that what I don’t understand about Canadians and Australians is why they are electing those to office that are continually trampling on their natural human rights to exert control over their daily lives and well being? There must be a large liberal contingent in those countries that believe that it is OK for the dictatorship that they are experiencing because like the Democrat strongholds in the United States, they continue to elect those despots to the offices that have that kind of influence over their lives and like sheep, they follow in line like good little minions. Too bad, and I think that New Zealand is also in that list of what was formerly a really nice country to visit and perhaps to live, not anymore!

    • My guess is that these countries suffer from the NY and California problem. Most of the people live in a few large cities and are conditioned to dependence. That includes drinking a lot in spite of high alcohol taxes and also laissez faire drug policies. Dictatorships and elites love when the proles are mellow.

  2. I “believe” in Canada all firearms have to be registered and still people are not turning them in. In the US most firearms in most states do not have to be registered (thankfully) so few if any would be turned in.

    • I’ve seen photos of many of those so called guns turned in during the Buy Backs, most are just JUNK and parts only guns.

  3. I will surrender my guns one Bullet at a time and for me Gun Control is hitting your target with Each and every shot.

  4. Do we still have a 2nd amendment RIGHT? It is missing from the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. To avoid any question about it I suggest the US should exit the UN.

  5. This plandemic attack on our rights, 2nd Amendment, is necessary to destroy all resistance to the destruction of the USA as a free nation. It is a distraction to estimate how the population accepts being controlled. And it is apparently working. 70% plus are vaxxed. The vaxs contain many mysterious compounds, particles, nan-chips, etc., to control you, disable you and eventually murder you when you become useless. Kings and dictators are the same form of government. The world was under this tyranny since creation. Once trained to be a slave you will continue to be a slave and train your children to be slaves. It is your choice to be a slave or be free. And time is running out for all of us.


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