Should Teachers Be Armed? 1 Columbine Survivor Has This Surprising Answer


Keeping kids safe at school is likely always going to be a hot topic in our culture. School shootings keep occurring, and the media, therefore, keeps these shootings at the forefront of the public’s awareness.

One shooting, though, probably because it was the first publicized by the media far and wide, always stands out as synonymous with the idea of active shooters: Columbine.

As you know, Columbine was (possibly) the first active shooter incident in the U.S. on school grounds, and besides bringing the idea of active shooters and school shootings to the front of public consciousness, this shooting changed things in America.


For example, in a recent conversation that I had with a police officer, he mentioned that Columbine changed law enforcement’s methodology for handling shooting situations from checking each room for survivors and kidnapping victims to focusing on stopping the shooter first before doing anything else.

That’s what active shooter situations did to law enforcement, but parents, also, began to be fearful for their children’s safety on school grounds. And it’s understandable. If your child isn’t safe on school grounds, then where, in our culture, can they be safe.

So, because of this concern, some are advocating for armed teachers on site at schools which, of course, freaks out anti-2A people who think that the very presence of a gun on campus makes a shooting more likely to happen (completely ignoring the fact that guns, as mechanical devices, don’t go off on their own).

But most people have never experienced an active shooter situation, much less a school shooting situation, first hand. Should we look for perspective from someone who has been through it who has had a chance to grow up and live in the real world (which is why we’re ignoring you, here, David Hogg)? If you’ve been wondering, Columbine shooting survivor Sarah Gillings (now Sarah Noble) has some thoughts about what to do (hat tip to here for the lead). Ben Tierney writes,

When asked how she now feels about training staff and students for active shooter situations, Noble didn’t hesitate.

“Absolutely, it’s necessary. As much as it breaks my heart, my children, who are now 13 and 10, have had that training,” said Noble. “I also have a sometimes unpopular opinion. I believe if a teacher or administrator has a concealed carry license and is properly trained, they should be able to carry within the school.”

Imagine that. A survivor of a school shooting is actually interested in real world, effective ways to prevent or, at least, minimize the injuries and deaths from school shootings.

Now, if only those people who vote anti-2A would pay attention to the truth instead of the nonsense being spouted by the mainstream media.



    That is the REAL problem PROPERLY TRAINED PEOPLE except for law enforcement are not allowed to have a gun in a NO GUN ZONE …

  2. Being an ex-LEO with a child in school I agree 100% that Teachers should be trained and allowed to carry a concealed weapon in Schools.

    • No, some teachers are ditzy and will never get it. Its an occupation filled with all personalities, just as a police force, some Sherriff’s run away.
      The correct training would be for the teacher to join the State National Guard and pass all training as Military Police or as Military Intelligence. Then the teacher will be registered at the Local Police Jurisdiction as a contact inside the school. The Police will only be calling after it has started to go down, sadly enough.
      Inside every classroom needs to be an emergency glass break device, radio relay direct to the Precinct.
      If you can not figure this one out you are in the way, and cannot be considered.

  3. When evil raises its head, I truly hope all the anti gunners get baptized in their own blood. Any survivor of a school yard beat down begins to learn how to defend oneself.
    If the anti gunners would give us options that work I would be on their side because of the sensitive nature of a school environment with innocent children. so do they die watching and waiting in torment then their life is over. Or do we have a few Angels within the school to let the children see the torment ended and they stay alive. I choose life for the children, even if they have to watch us kill a monster.

  4. The 1979 Cleveland Elementary School Shooting is generally considered the first, although Ibsubscribe to the view,, that the 1966 Texas Tower Shooting was probably the first random shooting. So Columbine is further down the list. Note: Columbine occurred right in the middle of the Assault Weapon Ban, proving once again, the ban was worthless in lowering crime.

    But I agree that the best way to handle these incidents quickly and with the least loss of life, is to train and arm school staff.

  5. Why should this surprise anyone? There were many Jews in the Nazi prison camps who survived , that will tell you that if you ALLOW a bully to get into power , then you have the perfect storm for another Hitler , Hugo Chavez ,Fidel Castro , Benito Mussolini , Papa “Doc” Duvalier , Kim il Jung , and so many others. Look to Australia , aren’t they now a communist state? And Joe Biden ,Obama ,Pelosi , Lori Lightfoot , and so many others are trying it HERE ! Firearms STOP terrorism , Looters , thieves , tyrants , and politicians from COMMITTING crimes . Small town in Georgia. A law was passed that required everyone to have a firearm in the house ,open carry , and crime went to next to zero . Look at Chicago with their Over zealous anti-2nd amendment .

    • I am proud of you and your writing. The Nazi Americans tying to hold us back will ultimately lose again.

      Georgia is a great example.

  6. One solution would be to require ALL teachers to carry! If they have a personal or religious animus to carrying arms, they would carry a realistic (size, weight) replica. Would-be gunmen/women would NOT know whether a teacher was actually ‘toting’! Only the MOST INSANE would then attempt to assault in a school, and most do not, else they would also attack police stations and gun stores, right?

    This could be a possible solution for all adult CITIZENS, too! It might stop some armed holdups, as well as assaults, with the thugs not knowing whether their ‘prey’ could fight back!

    The law needs to be ENFORCED, as well, with SEVERE penalties MANDATORY (NO PLEA BARGAINING!) for felonies and assaults using a gun OR a replica!

    • I like the idea and truly wish this would work. But, just like home defense, the only thing a fake or unloaded weapon gets you is DEAD. I suggest a security team of armed teachers (ALL VOLUNTEER) with police academy training in a shooting environment. Additional pay for their service and quarterly training exercises to keep them on target with abilities and expectations. This should be a crew of no more than 8 or 10 people who will recognize each other at a glance and have the children’s safety as their first priority, essentially an education military force for defense of school.

  7. Glad I am not alone! A class on gun safety and the proper handling should be taught. You will see a big drop in gun accidents with children.

  8. I’m not as much for Teachers carrying guns in schools as I am for
    Installing metal Detectors at all entry an exit doors with two Policemen to monitor and control
    This is a much better deterant, and
    all schools can afford it.

  9. Something else needs to be pointed out. Here in FL two high school students plotted to “Do another Columbine” and were making preparations to do so. They were 13 and 14 y.o. so they were too young to buy a gun – like the Columbine students; so who supplied them? Some outsider did. Who? Also, it was Obama who turned schools into “shooting galleries” by making them “gun free” so that nobody would be able to stop the shootings. And don’t forget Parkland. That kidhad told his classmates that he wanted to be a “Professional School Shooter” and the police had been called on him many times. He had been a “Special Needs” student and that was taken away so he was forced to maneuver around like an ordinary student which he was not. He – invariably – went to a gun dealer and bought – invariably – an AR-15 – and his purchase was – invariably – approved by the Feds. ALL mass shootings are planned ahead of time. Remember? Actually, Never Forget!

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