Is This The Best Budget Pistol Available?


Let’s face it, in this day and age of craziness, it doesn’t seem likely that the demand for more guns for people to buy is very likely to go down anytime soon. Especially if this year’s (2022) mid-term election has any of the “mostly peaceful protests” that 2020 had with their attempts to influence the political climate in our country.

So, people are going to keep buying more and more guns. But that doesn’t mean that people are necessarily looking for the most expensive firearm that they can buy. No, many people are looking to have several budget guns on hand so that they have an emergency backup or so that multiple people in the family are able to carry at the same time (which isn’t so easy for some folks when all you have are guns starting at $1,500 a pop).

With that in mind, there is a pistol out there that one reviewer called “one of the best concealed carry pistols for the price” (emphasis in the original). That reviewer is William Taylor, and the pistol that Taylor is talking about is the Taurus G2c. Yes, really.


Taylor doesn’t shy away from addressing Taurus’s reputation around qualify, but was pleasantly surprised with the G2c. Taylor writes,

You aren’t likely to have many issues with ammo selection, which has been a failing in past Taurus pistols. Many avid shooters will tell you that cheap pistols generally require specific ammunition.

This is because you often have to supplement the slop in your pistol with better quality ammunition. Cheap ammo in a cheap gun often leads to jamming and all sorts of issues.

But amazingly, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the G2C…

From what we have seen in testing, you can feed the G2C some of the cheapest ammunition available. And it will fire round after round without issue – a surprising but delightful discovery.

We were also pleasantly surprised to find an adjustable rear sight on the G2C. The three dot white sight design is rather standard and nothing to write home about. Yet, the adjustability of the rear sight is unexpected at this piece point.

Taylor also said that he isn’t a fan of the trigger on the G2c, but that could just be a personal preference, so, you would want to get a feel for it yourself.

So, inexpensive, reliable, and only slightly bigger than a P365. If you’re looking for a budget gun (MSRP for all but the stainless steel models is under $300, so, street price will be less than that) that looks like it can handle whatever you feed through it, the Taurus G2c may be worth considering.



  1. I agree with this article. I myself own a G2C and it’s flawless. I’ve yet to have a single malfunction. Yes Taurus has had problems and anyone can get a “lemon” on any firearm or anything else that’s “manmade”. Even the large name expensive firearms can have problems although not likely BUT it can happen. Hence lifetime warranties. I’d bet my life on my G2C and would recommend it to anyone.

  2. Nothing wrong with Taurus …unlike what the fan boys will say . Have the G2 and G3 and the Hellcat for deeper conceal carry.
    As Kevin said ANY man made built can have problems.
    9mm vs 40cal vs 45 cal are all from armchair experts. Ask the E.R Dr. Ask the Medical Examiner ,THEY ARE THE EXPERTS. I have seen someone shot couple rounds with 45cal—man was he pissed off.
    For the record , I have few 9’s–a 40–couple 45’s and a 10mm all of these I am comfortable with using.
    Unlike rifles may take a few rounds to stop the threat.

  3. I don’t own one, but I have friends and range buddies who do, so I’ve been able to handle and fire the gun on more than one occasion. I’m impressed by the Taurus. It’s well designed and well executed. It handled everything we’ve put through it, including handloads.
    I would agree that it’s an exceptional buy for the price. If I was looking for another pistol in 9mm, it would be at the top of my list (buying any more guns would lead to marriage counseling, she’s caught on to the “I’ve bought it for you, cause I want you to be safe Dear” ploy LOL).

    Taurus had some problems a few years ago, but I believe they’ve worked those out, because everything I’m seeing right now from their factory is working just fine.

    So if you’re on a tight budget, I would encourage anyone to give the Taurus G series (all of them) a try.

  4. My first semi auto is a G2c, followed by a G3. They are dependable and shoot anything I feed them. Taurus has come a long way in the past few years.

  5. My preferred handgun is 9mm Glock. I have an assortment of them. However, when considering a handgun with a lot of bang for your buck, the Taurus G3C is an outstanding option. That is exactly why I have 1. IMHO – The trigger reset on the G3C is exceptional. Along with the option to swap out the factory sites, which I personally didn’t care for, with a spare set of extra Glock sites I had and adding the 17 round factory mags. Behind my G43X it’s currently my 2nd choice for EDC particularly if carrying with a thumb safety is desired. Own a PSA Dagger which for a little more money should be considered herein as well. Build quality of that handgun is truly remarkable for $300.

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