ABSURD Proposed Law Would Make Every Little Boy A Criminal


What would you do if police officers arrested your child and put them into hand cuffs? Would you be outraged? Of course. Would you put up with is by saying, “Oh, well, he broke the law, no matter how stupid it is, so, he has to pay his debt to society?” No, of course not.

Well, those questions are exactly what parents in the State of Illinois will have to face if a proposed law is put into place (hat tip to here for the lead).

Why? Because this new law criminalizes the sale or use of anything that remotely could look like a gun, including toy guys.


I’m not kidding, and I’m not exaggerating in the least. The bill includes the following language:

Sec. 24-3.10. Unlawful sale or use of an imitation firearm; unlawful advertisement for sale of an imitation firearm.

(a) Definition. In this Section, "imitation firearm" means a toy that is identical in appearance to an original firearm that was manufactured, designed, and produced after 1898,including:

(1) an airsoft, BB, or pellet gun firing metallic,    plastic, or rubber projectiles;

(2) a paintball gun;

(3) a replica nongun or toy gun; or

(4) a water gun.

Think about that. It would be illegal for your child to play with water guns. Or Nerf-type guns (because they shoot plastic projectiles).

This bill would make children criminals for just being kids and playing.

If you haven’t already wondered what is wrong with our world so that it makes sense to take away even simple toys from our children, now, is the time to start asking.

Our children deserve better. Our children deserve to grow up in a world where the inmates aren’t running the asylum. Sadly, for the people in Illinois, it’s clear that some of the people running that state have lost their grip on reality.



  1. This is what happens when politicians ride the short bus to the Capitol to get to work everyday.

    • Once again the totalitarian communist Democrat party wants to criminalize guns and not criminals! Absurd is actually not descriptive enough to describe the insanity of such a law. Soon they will want to criminalize kitchen knives, baseball bats, fists and cars as they all kill more people every year than rifles. What they should be enforcing is laws that are already on the books! For example, it is illegal to sell dangerous drugs. So with the dangerous drugs that are being forced on citizens as Covid vaccines even though they do not prevent an individual from getting or spreading the virus and have already been proven to have killed over 70,000 people and caused approximately 1,000,000 individuals to have long term and possibly lifelong disabilities. These dangerous and near useless drugs should have been taken away months ago as soon as the first deaths were attributed to it. While I have no figures to back up the fact that toy guns have killed or harmed many fewer people than these so called Vaccines have, I am relatively sure that that is the case.

  2. Aren’t there more important crimes to be investigated rather than penalizing kids for being kids. We all had them as kids, you guys too. Seriously, can’t have a water gun. Stop the harassment. They’re only kids once. It’s all how they’re raised.

  3. In Chiran it’s not guns that are the biggest problem it’s the fact the thugs doped up thugs and losers can get them on the street. Guns don’t go hunting for those to kill the the damned people having them. Go after the thugs not kids or toy guns it’s the damned loony people thay should be the target

  4. Rather than punish REAL criminals (who seem to be sent right back out onto the street if they are even arrested in the first place), the Leftist idiots who run Illinois want to criminalize little boys being little boys and punish them instead.

  5. The tree of Liberty has to be watered with blood every now and then. If you are not willing to stand up for your rights, then be a slave.
    If it was not your right,,,,,,they would not be talking about it.
    Besides, what about illegal drugs, playing with the big boys. What about illegal immigration, playing with the big boys.
    Our Politicians need to grow up and play with the big boy’s that will hurt them

  6. Better to jail people without possibility of bail or minimal time who use a gun in a criminal activity. The current systems of justice do nothing to persuade persons to avoid crime.

  7. Insanity has escaped now running around without its brains.
    Demencrats muzzle yourself the constant barking it tiring and annoying . in plain word SHUT UP!

  8. I am a Retired Chief of Police, a Retired Special Agent aslo and Retired from the U.S. Army too. I have never seen any laws like this proposed one in my entire life. I think that because there are so many illegial aliens in the United States and more coming by the thousands that the politicials are catering to people that will not assimulate into an American and our way of life, but instead are trying to change America into the country that they left or they would not be flying the flag of the country that they left. So you better prepare for worst to come. I have even seen politicians discussing a law that would make it illegal to be white or a Christian. I can’t mention the party or I will be banned here too. Politicians go into office poor and come out a millionaire. They do what they want to do and never help us most of the time. They should be limited to two terms max so we can always get rid of the bad ones.

      • O yes this is exactly wts going on ! We the people need to take our country back for our constatution says we can do this without being labled a terrerest!

  9. What has to be done to fix this problem? Using force to remove these people, putting them in jail/cage to keep them safe, or just shipping them to California

  10. I will always call Chicago home. Lived there for 20 years. I’m so glad I live in Florida now.

  11. About arresting people for having a fake gun this is idiocy this is a direct violation of our constitution for myself I think that the people of this great country need to uphold the law and draw these people out if they are found guilty these communist areas need to suffer the maximum penalty Allowed by the law without compassion without Mercy they’re showing us none why should we show them any

    • yea the Mafia State where only Criminals can have guns. we need to move that state into Commiefornia and fence them off.

  12. Sorry, but I seem to be reading this differently than most. This proposed law seems to be referring ONLY to “toy guns” that are so realistic as to be “Identical in in appearance” to a real gun. It seems to me to be aimed at preventing kids from getting shot by LEOs for having what looks like a REAL firearm in their hand. The term “IDENTICAL” would exempt pretty much all kid’s toys from this law. However, the super-realistic BB, pellet, and airsoft guns that look identical to the real thing would be outlawed.
    So unless I am misreading it, the most ridiculous thing in this article is that the proposed law is being misconstrued to say that it would make a criminal of “every little boy”. The only way this applies to ANY little boys is if their parents are giving them toy guns with the orange barrel tip removed or painted over, or giving them BB guns that can’t be legally sold to anyone under 18. If parents are doing something that stupid and their kid gets shot because a cop mistakes the toy gun for a real gun, then what? A lot of people would say “it isn’t the cop’s fault – how could the cop know?” But then they’ll throw a fit when someone proposes a law to reduce the likelyhood of it happening by saying toys that look IDENTICAL to the real thing can’t be sold?

    • REREAD the article…. The “Definition”, and following paragraphs SPECIFICALLY list : 1) airsoft, 2) paintball, 3) a replica non-gun or TOY GUN, and 4) water guns. Beyond ridiculous. Fmorons.

    • Further, quoting:” …. any imitation firearm that 23substantially duplicates or can reasonably be perceived to be an actual firearm unless:2(1)(i) the entire exterior surface of the toy or 3imitation firearm is colored white, bright red, bright 4orange, bright yellow, bright green, bright blue, bright 5pink, or bright purple, either singly or as the 6predominant color in combination with other colors in any 7pattern….”

      An LEO does not have time to ponder whether or not the black gun pointed at him is real or not, even if held by a 10yo kid …… so get a real gun and paint it “bright yellow” or “bright pink”, thus giving the criminal time to aim and shoot first while the LEO think it is a “fake” toy gun. So still Fmorons.

  13. Here is a Better Law, It is ILLEGAL to elect anyone who is a LIBERAL. Anyone VOTING for a Democrap should be stripped of their Citizenship and given 10 years hard labor for each vote cast for Democraps in an Election.

  14. With somewhere around 15 terrorist camps the FBI claim to be watching in our Country that train children to kill as we speak has anyone even kinda wondered why they shut down the Boy Scouts, then start the Gay movement, and every other thing they can come up with to emasculate the young boys & men in America since Obama was in? Maybe the reason is even worse than we already think! Maybe they don’t want the next generation even knowing how to point or aim anything that has a projectile so they can’t pick up a dead Muslim terrorist, Russian, UN, or Chinese soldier’s weapon and have a clue how to operate it! Now they won’t be able to use it on the ones who have taken away our freedoms!

  15. Question- When will they (the people that oppose All things they cannot control now) try to stop people from breathing, because it may pollute the air they might breath?

  16. OK but the moron residents of the state keep electing these idiots??? Go figure????

  17. Pritzkers from Lakeshore Drive in Chitcago, and similar, are what’s wrong with Illinois.
    Penny Pritzker found and groomed Obongo, then smeared the Commie cokehead freak on this afflicted nation.
    Lumpy Pritzker is the current governor, thanks to Chitcago critters and Israel Firsters.
    There should be NO Pritzkers, or similar…at all.

  18. The only way OUR COUNTRY will ever return to normal is if WE THE PEOPLE lock the real criminals up, and their all in D.C. wearing $10,000 suits, while we struggle to put gas in our cars, food on the table, and keep a roof over our families heads, all by design. Effn Crooks, FJB!

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