The ATF Is Crossing Into INAPPROPRIATE Territory With This Campaign


There are a number of reasons why legal gun owners in America have issues with the Biden administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives under Biden. We can start with Biden and the ATF’s lack of understanding (probably willfully) of the Second Amendment. Of course, even with our disagreements with those anti-2A people, we (or, at least, I) didn’t think that the anti-2A zealots would cross into inappropriate territory.

Clearly, we are wrong.

Now, when I say inappropriate territory, you may wonder what I mean. It’s a fair question. What I mean is that Biden’s ATF is crossing into personal territory and meddling in individual citizens’ personal relationships. A writer going by AnnieOakley (I like her, already) writes,


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms social media team thought it would be hilarious to send out this tweet soliciting people to turn in their exes on Valentine’s for illegal gun activity.

Okay, it’s trying to be cute but ends up psychotic. It’s manipulative and plays on people’s vindictiveness and cruelty.

You can see the ATF’s tweet below.

Federal agencies which can raid you violently for suspecting that you may have broken the law trying to be cutesy and fun is exactly what I want. How about you?

Seriously, though, getting into people’s personal romantic relationships? That’s not where I want the ATF. Ever.

The first question is: How many times is this going to be abused by an ex who has a chip on their shoulder? I would guess nearly every call to the ATF for this is from someone trying to get revenge on an ex.

Way to go ATF.

But, as AnnieOakley points out, of just as much concern is why Joe Biden’s ATF is wanting people to call the ATF for revenge when they can look into people near to them right now to go after for getting around existing gun control laws. As AnnieOakley put it:

Biden gifted, like, 80 billion in weapons to the Taliban. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t go through a background check first.

Or this:

Hunter Biden was being investigated by ATF for throwing a gun in a dumpster and the Secret Service stepped in to stop the investigation.

Of course, there are many, many more options of people to prosecute for violating gun control laws, and, surprisingly (not!), those people seem to primarily be politicians who vote for more gun control laws.

I’d say that’s a great place for the ATF to actually start.



  1. I would love to know why? If you don’t have to give up your car when others drive drunk with theirs… then why do they want us to give up our guns because others commit crimes with theirs? Think about it!

  2. No how could this ever end bad when you have people turning in Ex-loved ones. Like we forgot that Ruby Ridge , fast & furious ever happened! Dumb idea “AFT” as Biden likes to call you!

  3. Again the Commiecrats of the Arizona legislature are at it again. No private sales 3 day waiting period to buy a gun .what gets me do they think Gangs in Tucson and Phoenix are going to obey these laws and Katie Hobbs is running for Governor for one reason to push for Socialist gun laws like my home State of California

  4. I think we all should call that number and report every Democrat you know and every Democrat member of Congress that you even do not know and say you used to date them even years ago and tell them that they own illegal guns and assorted munitions. Flood that hotline!!!!

  5. The politicians since 1934 That are anti-gun have a willful lack of understanding or a down right dislike of the Constitution …
    What else could explain their misunderstanding “” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, “” and “” shall not be infringed. “” Of course a 2 of the words have to be defined by common use in the late 1700’s because they aren’t used that way anymore …

    • Not hard to imagine. Those Pols have nothing but contempt for our Constitution and want dictatorial powers over all of us. As in the old USSR, Nazi Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia and Communist China. And they will settle for nothing less.

  6. What the Spend-a-crats actually hate, is citizen taxpayer has a right to CHOOSE.
    I mean a right to make a choice on ANYthing that directly effects you. Not to mention any individual smarter than they are, how dare you think about rights and freedom!

    • They love the right to choose, ie abortion. woman can choose that and Democrats are great with it ! Since their ok with death why do guns really bother them. Hmm how many dead babies to abortion every year the number is staggering

  7. “A well regulated militia being necessary to maintain a free state”
    “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”
    “inalienable rights”
    Definition of inalienable
    incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred inalienable rights. You can’t even give them away, even if you wanted too.
    “Rights” Has many definitions, but this one is correct for our purposes.
    Something to which one has a just claim: such as
    The power or privilege to which one is justly entitled
    So if under our Constitution we have “Inalienable rights” how can the government take them away or abridge them in some way and get away with it ?
    There is a distinct difference between the “Militia” & “The right of the People”
    The same as, there is a distinct difference between the POTUS being the commander in chief of the armed forces, and the governments’ ability to maintain a military, the responsibilities are separated, the ability to declare war in also separated, only congress can not the POTUS.
    Look at how the 1st. Amendment is worded the same as all Amendment`s, but is interpreted differently by all the left wing libtards, rhinos & academics including the court system judges.
    The answer to all this is that after the war between the northern and southern states over high taxation on the southern states in excess of 40%, and they produced 70% of all tax revenue, not a civil war as the entire country’s population was not involved, and not about abolition of slavery either, was changed because Lincoln bankrupted the country, so he had to borrow money from the UK bankers that`s when we became a corporation, but it was and still is illegal as the prescribed constitutional process was not involved the way it should have been, and every other Amendment and law enacted since that time in fact is not legal, they are null and void, but we are still required to abide by them. The wording of the constitution was changed from “Of” to “For” ** or visa-versa I don’t remember exactly** the original was not is all caps – upper case but mixed case as in proper English, after it was in all caps – upper case the way all incorporation documents are issued. Look at your birth certificate, it is in all caps – uppercase, so we were all incorporated when we were born, we are all a corporation, did the government ever tell you that ? If we are incorporated, then a certain amount of non-par value stock must be issued, did the government ever tell you that ?
    Some Amendment`s were also changed. You can do your own research about this online, it is all out there you just need to look for it, and it can all be documented by public record. The 2 separate constitutions were confirmed by an ex congressman several years ago, the original was on public display in a seldom visited area in the Capitol building but was removed shortly after it became public knowledge where it went nobody knows. The Jewish lobby has been behind gun control for the past 100 years, and they are now and have been behind it and far more than that.
    Do your own research and reach your own conclusions.

    • Why the Jewish lobby is behind it is baffling. German with a bad mustache was able to kill millions because they had No Guns to fight back. I guess they think it can’t ever happens again

  8. Biden,Harris,Pelosi,and don’t forget dumbass liz Chaney ,all of them should be exiled from our country. Send all of them to Ukraine.

  9. WHAT ? And Commit Sn Act Of WAR Against UKRAINE ? 😁
    I say: “Send Them Back To Hell Where They Escaped From !!!”

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