Should This Be Your Home Defense Shotgun?

Screen capture from YouTube video.

There are so many types of firearms to consider when you think about firearms for self-protection. The two biggest groups for most people, though, tend to be EDC (everyday carry) firearms, which are nearly universally around small pistols or revolvers, and home defense firearms. Home defense, unlike EDC, has people looking at many more options than pistols or revolvers (though, those are included for many people). With home defense, carbines and shotguns are also very popular choices, and for good reason.

Now, if you’ve narrowed down your home defense decision to shotguns, you, then, have to decide what shotgun that you want, what gauge, semi-auto versus pump action… You get the idea. If you’re looking for a pump action shotgun, one writer, Matt Foster, recommends one model in particular. Foster writes,

For those who feel more comfortable with the manual control of a pump action shotgun, the 12-gauge Mossberg 590A1 – 9 Shot is an easy choice. It is a grab-and-go setup from the factory. The 20-inch barrel has a fixed, cylinder bore choke—the most common constriction to use when shooting tactical shotshells. Speaking of shotshells, the 590A1 holds a bunch; it has a full-length magazine tube giving it an 8+1 shot capacity.

One thing I really like about this model of the 590 is the sights, the option of easily mounting a red dot, and the M-LOK real estate for mounting a light. An XS Ghost Ring sight set comes standard, with the rear sight being integrated into a Picatinny rail mounted on the receiver. If you want to run a red dot, simply mount it on top and you’re ready to go. M-LOK slots on the fore-end provide the option of adding a Picatinny rail section, then a light, or a just use a light that mounts directly to M-LOK. Either way, it is very simple to add what you want or need, or just use it as it is.

An ambidextrous top-tang safety, synthetic rear butt stock that holds a couple shells on each side and sling swivel studs round out the package. It may not be the latest technological wonder, but you can’t go wrong with this shotgun. MSRP is $812.

You can see the shotgun in action in the video below.


Now, Foster does mention that he was specifically looking for firearms that had a reputation for reliability, that could “withstand long periods of benign neglect” and be ready for use in an instant, and were a good value from his personal experience. So, while the 590A1 may not be the cheapest pump shotgun in the neighborhood, it may still be the best overall bang for your buck in that category.

So, if you’re in the market for a pump action shotgun, the Mossberg 590A1 may be one to consider.



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