Should We Be HAPPY With Biden’s Court Nominee’s Answer To 1 Question?


By now, you most likely are familiar with Joe Biden’s nominee to replace current left-leaning justice Stephen Breyer when he retires later this year. That nominee is Ketanji Brown Jackson who Biden made no secret that her first qualifications for Supreme Court justice are her biological sex and ethnicity.

That’s not to say that she isn’t an intelligent or capable judge, but Biden made it clear that those factors were secondary to the fact that she is an African-American woman. Still, the fact that Biden nominated her at all doesn’t speak well of her thoughts on the Constitution and your rights (you can read more about her troubling support here).

Interestingly, though, Jackson gave a couple of surprising answers which may be encouraging to pro-2A people in America. Stephen Gutowski writes,


First, Senator Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) asked if she personally believed in “the individual right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right.” She responded not with her personal opinion but what she views the Supreme Court’s precedent to be in the landmark Heller v. DC decision.

“Senator, the Supreme Court has established that the individual right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right,” Jackson said.

When asked to explain the Court’s precedent in her own words by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R., Tenn.), she added one further detail by saying, “under the Second Amendment there is an individual, fundamental right to keep and bear arms in the home.” She followed up on the Heller precedent in an exchange with Senator John Cornyn (R., Texas). Jackson told Cornyn she would respect the Heller precedent just as she would other precedents of the Court.“

Is it equivalent in terms of its precedence to Roe v. Wade, or would you evaluate it differently?” Cornyn followed up.

“I’m not aware of any ranking or grading of precedents,” Jackson said. “All precedents of the Supreme Court are entitled to respect on an equal basis.

”If you’re a gun-rights advocate, these answers are among the best you could hope for from a Democratic nominee in a modern confirmation hearing.

Those are certainly encouraging answers for those of us who support the Second Amendment, but we would also be wise to realize that Biden wouldn’t have nominated her to the Supreme Court if he (or his handlers) didn’t think that Jackson would vote consistently in an anti-2A manner no matter how she answers during these confirmation hearings.

So, should you be optimistic based on Jackson’s answers? I would say, no. Too many Supreme Court justices have said the right things during their confirmation hearings and, then, betrayed the Constitution once on that bench. That’s exactly what I would expect to happen with a Biden nominee to the Supreme Court.



    • Tail gunner Joe was right , just started in the wrong place , should have been education system …

      • It’s “just another politician.” All the way around. When I see one that’s blatantly pro-White, I’ll be impressed.

  1. The more I understand who Ketanji Brown Jackson is and what her values are the more I believe that she dose not belong on the Supreme Court.

  2. I do not trust her as she is a democrat who will always lie to the public to obtain and maintain power and control of the simple minded.

  3. “In the Home” is not a critical point in Heller. As every citizen is considered part of the common militia, the right cannot be limited to their homes.

  4. What next German,Mexican,Polish Irish Chinese, after all they should be considered if a black female that has no qualifications other than those is considered and place on the Court what is next?

  5. She said it’s a fundamental right to keep guns in the home, quoting the heller decision thereby side stepping the question. She’s very adept at not answering questions so she is suspect on the issue of the 2nd amendment. She’s a 🐺 in sheeps clothing

  6. So a radical liberal was replaced by another radical liberal. The clowns that should be replace are the RINOs that voted for her. Especially, Mit Romney. I can’t believe I voted for that clown. However, the other option was Obama. I chose the lesser of two evils. I hope Utah has learned its lesson and vote that reprobate out. Thank GOD Trump got three judges confirmed to the Supreme Court. We still have to wait and see how they rule in the future. Hopefully, they won’t become another liberal in conservative clothing like our sitting Supreme Court Justice Roberts.

  7. In my opinion she is a lgt as letting all of the perverts off and let them go on doing what thy done in the past. HELL NO She does not rate that high of a level job.

  8. This lady ( scratch that word ), This woman will further deteriorate and divide this country apart ! After watching her being questioned on her values, there is NO F***ING WAY she belongs on our Supreme Court ! And as for saying she can NOT give you the definition of a (( woman ))) O.M.G. Just how stupid is she ??? Look out folks < !

  9. Anyone (The New Comunist Party) aka Democrats nominate or put into any position is just one more step closer to destroying America.

  10. As long as we have 3 “so called republicans” voting as democrats and two of the SCJ’s Trump got put on the court leaning toward the liberal side along with the new justice that will not answer questions, our country will continue on the road to socialism. Sorry for our grandchildren.

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