FINALLY: A ‘Mini 1911’ Micro Compact Pistol


If you’ve been paying attention in the gun world (or reading this site for any amount of time), then, you know all about the popularity of micro compact pistols. And for good reason. The category of pistol is small enough to be very concealable but, at the same time, tends to carry as much or more in the their magazines than many larger pistols.

For many people, that combination is everything that they want in a pistol.

But not everyone feels that way as evidenced by the continuing popularity of 1911s. Many people still prefer a hammer fired pistol over a striker fired pistol, which micro compacts have universally been. Until now, that is.


Smith & Wesson, who excited many people in the micro compact market with their Shield Plus pistol line, has released a micro compact pistol with many of the features that advocates of 1911s love. Friedrich Seiltgen writes,

New for 2022 is the Smith & Wesson CSX 9mm Micro Compact for everyday carry.  About the same size and capacity as the 9mm Shield plus, but with a big difference.  It has an aluminum alloy frame and it’s hammer fired!

The CSX has an aluminum frame. Don’t get me wrong, I like polymer frame guns, but it’s nice to see some metal once in a while.  Smith & Wesson designed the CSX with an 18-degree grip angle for natural point of aim. The flat faced trigger with integrated safety gives the shooter consistent trigger finger placement.  It also has a textured front strap and interchangeable polymer backstraps including small and extra small, which allow the shooter better ergonomic fit and concealment.  Other features include the ambidextrous 1911 style blade safety, elongated slide releases, and dual magazine releases for left- or right-handed shooters.

It’s worth noting that the CSX is single action only, is chambered in 9mm, and has an ambidextrous manual safety, along with a flat-faced trigger. The magazine capacity is 10 or 12 in a double stack magazine.

So, if you’re one of those folks who have been holding out for a smaller version of a 1911 that was more easily concealable for you (or if you just prefer a hammer fired pistol and/or aluminum frame over polymer), the Smith & Wesson CSX may be a firearm to put on your list to check out.



  1. In the early 80’s I purchased a STAR BK 9mm. At that time, it was the only readily available “mini 1911” size 9mm pistol. In the 80’s this was a Spanish Navy – NATO standard type issued 9mm load pistol, and was accurate. It is so nice to see that others are beginning to see the value of a “mini 1911” 9mm. Only issue with the STAR is that they are no longer made.

  2. The new S&W 1911 micro pistol sounds interesting, especially if it is near as good as the Springfield Armory 911. The higher capacity is a plus, but the 911 is an excellent and reliable 1911.

  3. My “mini-1911” in 9mm is the Springfield EMP. It is a true shrunken 1911 action, and is a real pleasure to shoot.

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