They Want To Blame Guns, But Here Is The Real Reason For This Tragedy


There is a famous quote, often attributed to Nazi propaganda chief, Joseph Goebbels, that says, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” It’s obvious that anti-2A politicians and the anti-2A media believe that Goebbels is right.

To be fair to them, there are many Americans, almost none of whom have ever been near, much less held, a gun, who absolutely believe that guns are the cause of all gun violence, so, those anti-gun “Nazis” have been successful with at least a portion of the population.

To give one example: when learning about the sharp increase in gun violence in 2020, anti-2A people immediately have a knee-jerk reaction and blame guns for that spike, but is that really the case? Daniel Payne has a different perspective on this issue. Payne writes,


It’s hard to imagine a more predictable scenario than, “If you choke off your country’s lifeblood and look the other way on violent crime, then homicides are going to skyrocket.”

Unfortunately our country’s leaders couldn’t be bothered to predict it […].

Payne continues:

Maybe—and I’m just kinda taking a wild guess here, don’t quote me—it wasn’t a great idea to (a) burn down businesses and destroy property in urban centers while (b) convincing young black men that they were the targets of police-sponsored genocide, and (c) pushing for a drastically neutered and reduced police presence in high-crime areas.

Now, Payne was referring to quotes from ABC News and from “Debra Houry, acting principal deputy director of CDC and director of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control” in reference to the spike in gun violence in the U.S. in 2020.

So, anti-2A politicians set up situations which increased stress on people (lockdowns, teaching people that they are targeted for persecution), and, then, lessened deterrents to doing evil things like violence (by defunding police). Then, when violence predictably increases, those anti-2A politicians blame guns for what they, themselves, set up.

They’re trying to con the American people with these lies about gun violence, and, sadly, too many people in America are too ignorant to know the truth. That’s why we have to remain vigilant to fight against anti-2A laws and also to educate people about the truth about guns and gun violence. Our liberties and the safety of our families depend on it.



  1. I’m Australian. We have had gun control in this country for around 20 years. However, prior to that, it was always difficult to obtain any type of gun here so we can’t really compare Australia to the US in that respect.
    I believe there is a hidden agenda (Agenda 21, The Great Reset, etc) that aims to prohibit guns in the US. After all, for this agenda to take effect it would not be advisable for any American citizen to be armed.
    Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like but is it not a coincidence that these school shootings have mostly taken place since the early 1990s at a time when Agenda 21 was being instigated? Is it possible that these shooters were in some way influenced to carry out these horrific attacks and why mostly in the US?
    America, don’t get rid of your guns, you will need them.

    • Thanks Ray! I will never give up my guns! Of course it would be my obligation to unload them before handing them over, one round at a time!

    • These shootings were planned to disarm the legal gun owners of the US. Many of these shooters had ties with the FBI. They use the children as an excuse when they do not care about the children. All The demoncrap liberals who post on F****hoo. are vacuuous Brain dead indoctrinate sheeple and cannot think for themselves. They cannot push their agenda with people armed. Look at NAZI Germany. They had no resistance after they got rid of all of the guns that were owned by the people. As Michael Savage has Stated many times. Liberal ism is a Mental Disorder.

  2. The “quote” is from Mein Kampf, not Goebbels, and Hitler was describing the tactic used by the Jews.

  3. True. The Communist Democrats won’t let a good crises go to waste. They attack our Freedom of speech and Religion along with our 2nd Amendment rights. They do nothing to ANTIFA and BLM, in fact they use them like Hitler used the Brown Shirts. They tear down our statues (history), they burn down and occupy buildings. They assault the Police and citizens.with impunity! For years. They brainwash our children and military with CRT Marxist propaganda. Now that Biden has warned us about food shortages we just had another food distribution plant burned down, that’s the 4th or 5th one! Americans better wake up soon. We have been under attack for years.

    • Try the 100th or so food processing plant brother.
      Here Here on every single other point you made you 100% correct, it’s all just a plan to inflict their evil on the world, the only reason America hasn’t fallen b4 is Armed Patriots, and the 2nd Amend. Control the guns, food , money, media, and religion and you control the people indeed.

    • And Pelosi and the Marxist Democrat Leadership pose for a photo, all going down on one knee, with bowed head in reverance to their Communist-backed and funded America-hating Antifa and BLM. Birds of a feather flock together.

  4. I refuse to be lectured about Common Sense Gun Reform by individuals and a Political Party that displays No Common Sense, believing as so many of them do that Men Can Get Pregnant and Have Menstrual Cycles, and that it’s OK to Mutilate The Genitals of Children. Fthat and Fthem. When they display some Common Sense, then we’ll talk, but until then, they can all STFU and Stuff their Agenda right up their collective arseholes.

  5. didn’t the ex-usurper blacky Manchuria say that during his Thief-In-Liar speech. it was quote word for word on Nazi Joseph Garbage. Americans are ignorance to bother to fact check. go back to the gun issue. this killing incident was prolonged by the Chief of Police ordered stand-down while the 19 precious young souls were rattled with live rounds bullets. even the parents tried to go to their kids into the slaughterhouse and the cops stopped them.WHAT GOOD IS THE COPS with gun when they are not doing their protective duty? these 18 cops and the Chief of police should be lined up in the firing squad for the lives of these young kids and the two teachers. EVEN IF A COP is on the premise, it will not work as this example proved their incompetence. i’m sure there are many ex-veterans would take on the security of their school’s community.

  6. I have ALWAYS insisted that…Guns don’t kill people ! They are just a tool ! It is Soley the human who pulls on that trigger to take a life ! NOTHING WILL CHANGE THAT FACT !!! America has become very SICK ! Ill if you will ? I blame it on the PUKE that is in our government, and the so-called New World Order ! The Founding Father’s were always right ! Our government still fears the people enough to pick & chose their tactics ! Thanks to the RIGHT TO BARE ARMS, MOST Citizens have decent morals, and good enough hearts to know we must respect our other citizens & neighbors ! When the Evil comes knocking on our doors, and choses to enter to threaten our lives, it is time to TAKKE AFFIRMITIVE ACTION to stop the assault on our families !!! With that in my mind, THE GUNS “”MUST STAY”” !!!

  7. Many of these mass shootings have been linked to others grooming these mental midgets. And it will continue because mentally difficient people want to be acknowledge and noticed. You stop gun violence by being aware all the time and keep the ability to act in self defense. If this government made a real effort to go after criminals and lock them away for a long time crime, especially violent crime, would drop quickly. Self defense is common sense and a good given right.

    • “” We will not go quietly into the night “” Independence Day from the poem ” We will not go gently into the good night ” … Taking guns also started our Revolutionary War …
      For the actions of a few mentally disturbed people …

  8. Where Is my comment? Do you censor like Yahoo and the other communist news websites as it will “offend” someone? If that is the case I will unsubscribe from your eMails.

  9. Caleb: Where is my comment? Are you niw scensoring comments like Yahoo as you odo oo want to offend the thin skinned?

  10. Caleb: why are my comments being rejected?If you keep rejecting my comments I will be unsubscribing from all of your eMais.

  11. Try the 100th or so food processing plant brother.
    Here Here on every single other point you made you 100% correct, it’s all just a plan to inflict their evil on the world, the only reason America hasn’t fallen b4 is Armed Patriots, and the 2nd Amend. Control the guns, food , money, media, and religion and you control the people indeed.

  12. I’m sure that all of you that are posting here vote, and also write to your Congresscritters and the President among others, right?

  13. The actual reason for mass killings has nothing to do with guns except that guns are the vehicle of the carnage. Firearms would be replaced with some others means of inflicting these deadly assaults if guns were not readily available. In England where firearms are mostly prohibited, the murder rate in cities is sky high. What needs to be understood is that Leftists intentionally create these self sated monsters in the very schools where they slaughter their fellow students. This is accomplished by enshrining in them from earliest childhood the “virtue” of selfishness. This opens the door to further enshrinement of even the most inhuman of social and sexual corruption in brainwashed and bullied children. One of the first manifestations of this vile effort to rob all children of their genuine humanity was the replacement in the 1960’s by elite Leftists of the genuine result of virtue which is “self respect” in a child’s upbringing and education with the now familiar and consummate enshrinement of selfishness we know as “self esteem”. This apparently harmless corruption feigns some basis in virtue when in fact it is the most diabolical and destructive of evils that can be inflicted upon developing children. The results of these continuing assaults upon the genuine humanity of children have proven to be incredibly destructive into the later lives of those inflicted with it by their childhood assailants posing as instructors and mentors when the endless social, emotional, and mental disorders they foster equally inflict human misery on their victims and require equally endless and mostly ineffective treatment. Parents who send children to these schools are the enablers of their victimization since if you send a child into the clutches of predators to learn, they will always learn what the predators teach and you can be sure that one of the first items of business is that you and your teaching are irrelevant.

  14. it was all a setup and put into play by the democrats.. they called their sleeper and you will see more shootings as they try to push their agenda.
    you will notice there were no shootings in the trump administration
    but biden and the liberal whinny democrats call in their sleepers every time they talk about guns…. pay attention people they are after 1 thing and 1 thing only. if they can get the guns THEY CONTROL YOUR LIFE, as long as there are guns out there THEY CANT DO IT. and as for you cry baby liberal ass wipes if you dont like guns dont get one. and heres one for you read it and read it again.

    cane killed able with a rock, the Lord didnt get rid of all the rocks. He blammed cain, not the rock. we have a sin problem, not a gun problem and that sin is worshiping the tvgod and satan

  15. Just watch the Clint East wood movie “IN THE LINE OF FIRE” and you will see the reason for this.

  16. I am so tired of pro gun sites letting the anti gun nuts set the terms.

    STOP using “gun violence”. That term makes it sound like the gun is the problem, typical leftist tactic.

    We need t be using “criminal violence with a gun”, that terminology points out EXACTLY where the problem is…

  17. Actually they may have been “near” a gun, but didn’t realize the person in front of or behind them in line is a concealed carrier.

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