You Will Want To PUNCH Something When You See What The Media Said About The Buffalo Shooter


The legacy mainstream media has a serious credibility problem. It’s bad enough that the legacy “news” media leaves out relevant facts and context in a story to twist the conclusion that readers come to. We’ve come to expect that kind of dishonesty from the national legacy media especially when the story involves guns.

But even with that kind of twisting of information to shape a narrative, the legacy mainstream media still actually gave accurate, if incomplete, information.

What’s different this time? It’s that a new story about the horrible mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, has at least one media outlet outright lying about the shooter and about many (probably most) of the people who are reading this article.


The headline on an article by Joel Abbott gives us the lie all in one quick punch:

The media is branding the Buffalo mass shooter as a “mainstream Republican” when he literally called himself an authoritarian leftist who was “deep into communist ideology” from a young age

That’s right, an article from Rolling Stone magazine said that the Buffalo mass shooter, who selected his targets because they were African-American, was a “mainstream Republican.” Never mind the fact that the shooter, in his manifesto, described himself as “mild-moderate authoritarian left[ist]” and also said of himself, “[Y]ou can call me an ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist if you want, I wouldn’t disagree with you.”

And in case anyone wasn’t aware of it, “national socialist” is the name of Hitler’s Nazi party. To put it together, this guy wasn’t mainstream. He was a leftist, and (unlike leftists these days), he acknowledges that Nazis were on the left along with other anti-gun political ideologies. This guy was anything but a mainstream Republican who, in my experience, aren’t racists but do support gun rights.

So, as is typical, the mainstream legacy media calls pro-gun people racists when it’s actually anti-gun people who are the racist crazies in the world.

Sadly, this is a new low for even the media.



  1. Recent comment in this dissertation commented that the problem is due to the belittling of Classed of people Is a likely cause of some people attempting to get rid of their hecklers using what ever is handy. Back in the 80’s I was listening to the rhetoric on radio I heard leftist comment we needed to ban guns. The news followed with a report that one individual had killed another with a hammer. In my head I thought, Ok carpenters they will come for your hammers next. And then butchers your knives.
    But the real question is the GUN did nothing, it was the one with the Gun. Nor was it the car that ran over several people, or the hammer, nor the knife, or the Tylenol poison of several years ago. It was an individual who was pushed until they could no longer constrain the hurt of the people around them!
    I know people will disagree, but the rhetoric of the idiotic democrat in highlighting the so called inferior nature of people and how they will tame care of the issue, as example binary Sexual preference only points out who they are. And then there are those who will denigrate them and create the animosity that leads to payback for how ever they are treated.
    When talk show Beck made this point, I looked back on my teen years and realized my parents and teachers castigated us when we became unkind! They made us realize that our actions and critical criticism was not acceptable. And made us act as bad as the one we criticized. The Democrats effort to try and normalize sexual preference has shut up the people who try to normalize issues critiques the normalization and ignores the real problems facing people. Then again when the only reason it is done appears to be to gather more votes instead of normalizing the problem??????

  2. Well thanks to the public mis-education over the decades, a large majority of said public do not realize the the Nazis were National Socialists. The far right wackos waving Swastika flags probably don’t realize they are being mislabeled as conservatives when they are socialists. National Socialism is principally the same as Communism.

  3. It is sad that the main stream media can print something like this, and we, as conservative Americans, have no way to share this article with the public, fearing that we will be condemned by the social media sites.

    • I agree with you! I’m a Christian and am very conservative, but I can’t stand racist of any kind. All these people are mislabeling others, and I get thrown in with them. It’s ridiculous.

  4. You are EXACTLY RIGHT! I’ve been saying for years Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People. A gun is an inanimate object, and by itself it does nothing. It takes a person to pick it up, load it, aim it and then fire it. At that point, it becomes an assault weapon because that is when it will hurt someone and not a moment before.

    • You sure got that right Loretta ! I posted a similar comment the other day ! Take away the guns because they kill people ? hmmm. They may as well take away our golf clubs, our base ball bats, even our cooking utensils. Because they can all kill people ( should an enraged person decide to do bodily harm to some one ! Cars kill people too ! Oh wait, that’s still the action of another human being ! John Kennedy ( senator of Louisiana ) said the other day… “”When your government says hand over your guns, BUY TWO ! I Love that !

    • Loretta – pretty much spot on, one ‘minor’ correction – ‘assault’ is a behavior, not a tool. Ergo – there is No Such Thing As An ‘Assault Weapon’ no matter how many times the antis spew out that term.
      Art Agnos is ‘credited’ with inventing the term back in the ’70s and Josh Sugarmann adopted it with the specific intent of misleading people who knew little or nothing about guns.

  5. “mild-moderate authoritarian left” – or mild-moderate Fascist, or mild moderate Progressive, take your pick, to the current Democrat Leftist is scarcely distinguishable from the Radical Right. Where the GOP lacks the cohesion or strength to stop them, the hated “mild-moderate” leftists are what stands in the way of the Leftist Controllers achieving the centralized totalitarian control, the Rule by Presidential Mandate, for which they strive. Save for a very few rational Democrats the Progressives, by now, would have taken over national vote control. Their coup, thwarted in 2016 by the failure to create enough Hillary votes, would have succeeded.


  7. You have the right to keep and bear arms OR NOT TOO.YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL ME I CANNOT? When you have only seconds to live the cops are only minutes away Actually you’re dead BEFORE?? the cops arrive FACT. IT’S BETTER TO HAVE A GUN AND NOT NEED IT, THAN TO NEED ONE AND NOT HAVE IT>however if you do choose to purchase a fire arm learn how and when to use it. Always keep in mind that it must be safely stored at all times>FACT

  8. Guys the only reason to want the weapons confiscated is to control the people without fear of violent retaliation. They know the gun is only inanimate without control from a human source (so far). The constant argument they put up quite frankly is just bullshit. It’s the best they have. Nothing about our youth being (brainwashed) simple terms, nothing about the killing games, on computers, nothing about the child’s response to killings they see, it means nothing to them they can kill in their games hour after hour. Simply put they are desensitized. Breeding killers, you betcha.

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