Teen Grabs Gun And Sets Possible World Record


Many people are fascinated with the idea of world records. It seems to be part of human nature to be able to have some kind of notoriety for being able to do (or having done) something extraordinary.

To do that, some people will attempt to become the very best at the strangest things (or, at least, the only one who is willing to admit to doing it). And believe me, some of those records are really bizarre.

Sadly, some of those records are terrible, too, and a teen from Chicago (of course) recently appears to have been trying to set a terrible world record. The staff at Fox 32 writes,


A 17-year-old boy is accused of carjacking 11 victims at gunpoint over the last two weeks.

Nine of the carjackings occurred on the same day.

The teen faces 11 felony counts of aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm and two felony counts of criminal damage.

The teen was arrested Tuesday after he was identified by Chicago police as one of the offenders who carjacked multiple victims while armed with a gun.

Nine car jackings in one day. Wow.

And don’t try to tell me that he just couldn’t afford to pay for an Uber ride to try to justify this crime spree.


Of course, considering it happened in Chicago, I’m not too surprised (which is sad, too). What would anyone expect from a city run by anti-2A zealots who have no concept of what would really decrease the rampant violence there (or they don’t care about actually decreasing it)?

You know that this wouldn’t have happened in a rural area where so many more people concealed carry than in urban areas. Sure, this carjacker might have been able to carjack a couple of cars, but by the third car, he would have been running from a legal gun owner who pulled out his firearm to defend himself, or he would have been shot.

It’s tragic both that this kid did this and also that where he lives is so detached from the reality of how to actually prevent violence that he was able to get away with it on such a massive level.

If anti-2A people get their way, this would be the type of rampant crime that the entire U.S. would have to deal with, and that is one of several reasons why we have to continue to fight to keep our gun rights.



    • HE will get a spanking by these fools in Chicago and be back on the streets again, and why because he’s black.

  1. It seems he gets his kicks out of ruining other people’s lives ! Incarcerate him for 25 years for each count ! Let him miss out on the prime of his life and maybe , JUST MAYBE, he will learn that it’s NOT OK what he was doing ? OR, terminate the deviate ! The world would be a better place without him in it !

  2. It’s thugs like this that make me think that the EVIL Bill Gates plan to depopulate thru deadly vaccines may not be such a bad idea!

  3. Let’s see. He’s 17 ! It’s Chicago so by now he’s already out on bail! I’m sure his mother said My son is a good boy he’s just misunderstood and the system is corrupt. This is Why abortion should still be legal so more if these thugs don’t ever get born!

  4. Better sterilize him than allow him to reproduce. His dad should have had that done…
    Maybe every kid in Chicago needs a vasectomy…

  5. The only thing different from all these comments is I would also hold his parents (if you could find them) accountable. These people let their kids run wild on the streets, so it’s hard to blame their stupidity.

  6. Abortion is legal! The court decided the feds had no right to say it! That does not mean they took something away from women. The the state my try to say you can or can’t! But this should only undermine any state rulling the right to kill your baby is between you god and the babys daddy! This is the effect of overturning roe v. Wad. Killing your unborn child is no eppisode of judge judy. And in some instances i know god may forgive you, but in the end his court is the one that has juridiction over that one. But thats not him in the black robe, the state may step on his toes with any yah or nay on that one. Dont fund it dont promote it make sure its done safe and maybe throw an evaluation and education class for anyone trying to get oneand all the gaurdians gotta sign! God did not grant anyman dominion over freewill. But he did make rules and consequences!

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