This Woman Absolutely OWNS Anti-Gun Politicians In Ghost Gun Hearing


I love it when anti-gunners’ arguments get destroyed. It’s just so much fun watching it all crumble in front of them.

But it’s especially nice to see it when that comes from a completely unexpected place.

In this case, the unexpected place is a young lady (no, I don’t know how young, but she appears to be young in the pictures that I’ve seen), and young women are not stereotypically either gun owners or pro-gun. But this lady is pro-gun, you better believe it. Larry Keane writes,


If U.S. senators were hoping to give a lift to the Department of Justice’s proposed rule to redefine a firearm, they underestimated Ashley Hlebinsky.

She’s a historical powerhouse when it comes to guns. Hlebinsky testified before the Senate Judiciary’s Subcommittee on The Constitution, in a hearing titled: Stop Gun Violence: Ghost Guns. Hlebinsky started by shredding any pretenses of false authority by those using loaded terms and ended her opening statement reminding senators whom they represent.

“Firstly, I will not be using the term ghost gun and that’s because as a historian I try to be as precise as possible and the term is used more as a rhetorical tool, a marketing tool and because of that, it can create a false sense of authority on the subject,” Hlebinsky told the senators.

Hlebinsky knows a thing or two about firearms. She’s the president of the consulting group The Gun Code and was formerly the Robert W. Woodruff Curator of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West’s Cody Firearms Museum, and is now Curator Emerita and Senior Firearms Scholar. Before that, she researched at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Firearms Collection.

Keane continues:

“But the big takeaway about the history is that these privately made firearms have been around for centuries, basically since the first system was developed over 500 years ago,” she said.

Hlebinsky reminded senators that it was private gun makers that played a vital role in the American Revolution, using locks and barrels the same way parts kits are sold today. Private innovation fueled development.

“I know a lot of people here don’t necessarily like some of the technology that exists today, but I really want to make the point that innovation also means making firearms safer,” she explained.

Hlebinsky went on to take apart the ATF’s arguments and statements about striker-fire and split-receiver weapons as historically inaccurate and, therefore, the ATF’s reasoning for wanting to change certain regulations simply doesn’t hold up.

This is obviously a lady not to be trifled with when it comes to firearms history. She knows her stuff.

Unfortunately, as we know, leftists don’t tend to be interested in reality. They want gun control for either completely irrational reasons or for control reasons, and they’re likely to keep pushing to make the world a more dangerous place by banning firearms. And that is exactly why we must keep educating people and working to keep our Second Amendment rights.



  1. Erudtion is not a staple of those on the LEFT. Reasoning , Morality , Freedom , and critical thinking are four letter words to those on the LEFT.

    • Also, the Latin word for “left” is “SINISTER”l How appropriate this! In fact, priscriptions for eyeglasses will read “OD” Oculus Dexter (right Eye) and “OD” “Oculus Sinister” (left eye).

  2. My feeling is that the present administration is working toward a totalitarian system since they have already shown they don’t care what the people think or need only what the despots want. They want the guns first then the hammer will fall on the rest of our freedoms since they, the Left, know as long as most of America is armed they will be in fear of their lives as well. This is why Pelosi has kept the fences and National Guard in Washington DC. She fears the people because she knows what the Left is doing is wrong!

    • A-man!
      To bad the schools don’t teach this kind of logic.. its all about coddling, propagandizing and selling the new big lie: democrats good, constitution limiting the good that democrats (socialists) can do.
      Just remember the difference between socialism and communism is Socialism is a cancer that has to be grown and nurtured over years of infectious teaching and Communism come at the end of one of those nasty guns.

      • That is because the public schools are “Government Indoctrination Centers” teaching kids to accept slavery and NOT teaching them subjects to help them get a job.

  3. Enjoyed the article. Looking forward to hearing her full argument in order to flesh out my own defense of all things Second Amendment. Are you able to get that? Thanks!

    • I too would like to see a transcript of that session! I love it when the Left gets hoist on their own petard by someone who genuinely knows their subject!

  4. Anyone that voted for biden/harris must be anti american. And the Republicans need to grow some balls.

  5. GUNS ARE BAD ? You mean those tools that can SAVE YOU & YOUR FAMILIE’S LIVES ! How about puttting murderers in prison without parole ? There’s an old saying …. DON’T DO THE CRIME , IF YOU CAN’T DO THE TIME ! ! ! Guns can be a game changer when one says …. GIVE ME YOUR WALLET or CAR ! Will stop a burglar in his tracks when he realizes his life is in jeapardy !!! What else stops a Government from criminal activity ??? Guns are a good thing to have when a person with COMMON SENSE uses it !!!

  6. I no longer own guns. Under the new “Woke Rules” they all collectively decided to self identify as “Cordless High Speed Hole Punches”. If you call them anything else, you are now “Racist”.
    Being all inclusive, One of them decided to wear gay pride flag colored grips and several of them are black, so they have applied for “Reparation Payments”..
    Since many of them came from countries across the world, their diverse ethnic origins now qualify us as a “multi cultural family” .
    Because of all the “Hate Speech” directed toward them, they felt unsafe and we had to build a “safe room” for them to go to any time they felt threatened.

    • I’m so sorry to hear your family had to build a safe room! We have a couple of brown and black members of our extended family ourselves. With today’s “cancel culture” mentality, one has to do what’s necessary to protect oneself from those who would do harm to self! Here’s hoping We, The People, can take our Nation back from the usurpers before the safe room becomes necessary!

  7. The DEMONRATS HATE erudition. Woodrow Wilson declared that “no masses should receive the best education”. Which is the reason the textbooks were all decided on content by demonrats.
    I love this young lady, but you know very well, her knowledge will not change anything in the minds of the TYRANTS.

  8. A lot of people using guns in crimes were never fully prosecuted under FEDERAL law, (i.e. Chicago), given a “slap on the hand” and ended back up in the community. The Feds did not want them or did not have room or whatever, the rules are on the books but never enforced. The NEW Left America.

    • The same is true regarding gun laws that Dems keep howling for and ignoring existing ones. Consider: a creep who is not allowed to own or buy one buys five for his mangy friends; that is five years in the slammer for each gun or 25 years in prison. Then he transfers them to his friends who are just as ineligible
      And that means ten years per count or 50 years in the slammer. Adds up to 75 years! But the DemonRats don’t want to hear about that and ignore it. Dem politicians don’t intend to punish those creeps; they simply turn them back out on the streets without even a “Wrist Slap.”

  9. The left want’s to take guns away so then they can take any or all other rites away. Then they do what they please to like take your house, money,car get the message please people get head out your a$$.

    • i’m certain it is awesome. you say you bought this. with your hard earned money. and I believe you. i have only one question. Who told the person they have the right to tell you they want what you bought with that money you worked so hard to get. Are they gonna go out and cultivate deer, turkey, rabbit, wild boar, and the rest of our common staple foods which we use them to get. these weapons not only serve to help with food on our table, but to keep those who would do us harm at bay. how do you stop a bullit with a knife? u dont. u r dead. u have no defense, against those who do. No, I cant do that. can you? I am a 15 Year 40% disabled vet, and I dont care to hear or see anymore of this. It’s our constitution, our inalienable right, to keep and bear arms, Yea, kill me and you might get them. im givin nothin up.

  10. A very small percentage of people in the US has had a terrible experience involving a weapon, I am sorry for that and I hope it doesn’t happen again,,, BUT,,,, that very small percentage of people CANNOT make rules for the rest of us that have not been in that predicament, hopefully we won’t either. And for that reason we have been learning and practicing in 3 different areas, food, self defense and just the pleasure of shooting is why I will not give up my firearms. I stand totally with and for the 2nd Amendment. IF they can’t take the firearms away from criminals first, I know it’s going to be hard, then WHY should I give up mine ?

  11. If after 243 years they have decided to control/confiscate our guns, they must be planning on doing something that we would shoot them for.

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