Pence Takes SHOCKING Position On Shooters


Mike Pence, Vice President under Donald Trump, isn’t known for having the bombastic commentary and fiery social media feeds that Trump had both in office and before and after office. In fact, Pence is known for being a stable, calm, unruffled guy.

Because of that reputation, Pence’s recent comments about what he thinks should happen to school shooters may surprise you.

It’s certainly not something that I expected for him to say. Michael Clements writes,


Former Vice President Mike Pence told the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) Leadership Forum that the solution to school shootings and increased violent crime isn’t the plan pushed by Democrats.

“We don’t need gun control; we need crime control,” Pence told the group. “We need solutions to protect our kids.”

Pence is right on point with these comments. Pence also called for armed guards in all public and private schools in America which may not be a bad idea.

The surprising part of Pence’s comments came after this, though. Clements continue:

A second element of his plan to deal with school shooters is to ensure they are dealt with quickly in the legal system.

Pence said it is an affront to society that the confessed murderers of American schoolchildren sit in prison for years.

He called for a federal death penalty statute for those who commit mass murder in a school.

The law would call for an accelerated appeals process resulting in “execution in months, not years.”

That one took me by surprise. Mainly because Pence hasn’t been known for being one advocating for harsh policies.

Having said that, it seems likely that most political conservatives in America, including most legal gun owners, will agree with Pence that implementing a quick death penalty for school shooters is a good idea.

Many legal gun owners, though, would rather see that school shooter’s death happen (as a likely side effect of stopping the shooter) before they have the chance to kill any kids as soon as they pull a gun on school grounds to initiate violence.

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  1. Pence is a worthless clown. He is 100 times better than ANY Demo-Rat but I WILL vote for Trump, if I have to write it in!!!!!!!

    • Turn coat him and his wife got indictments at the old George bushes funeral. It’s on you tube President Trump and Flotus was there to see it was carried out. Just go up and put in indictment’s served at Herbert Bushes funeral. So my question is why are these ppl running around free? It’s bull shit if we did this our asses would be gone.

    • He is NOT 100xs better than a Demoncrat! He’s just a evil, maybe more! He’s murdered so many little boys by choking them with his bare hands! I think you can figure when he’s doing that to them… what other thing he’s doing to them while murdering them!

  2. There are a lot of times that I don’t agree with professional politicians, but Mike Pence hit this nail on the head, and certainly not what the “new woke” genus politicus likes to hear and espouse as though it were the thoughts of all. The actual solution is actually what Mike Pence has just articulated and it would work because when a person is subject to capital punishment, it may not solve the issue for all, but it sure will for that individual.

  3. We should spend the money and put people with guns in the schools. This will prevent these areas from being “soft targets” anymore. That is the real solution!

    There are a few ways that this can happen –
    1. Trained Security personnel from Contractors that are hired specifically for this task.
    2. Trained Teachers or Admin’s that don’t mind carrying a weapon. More than one would be better and would help alleviate response times in case of a Mass Shooting situation. Communications with local police via cell phone would need to be a priority so that Admin’s are not shot by Police in the process of rescue or the “taking down” of the suspect.
    3. Some Students should be allowed to carry. For instance, ROTC or military candidates or police academy candidates.
    4. Locks and more cameras and security protocols that prevent entry in the first place or make it more time consuming to do so would help.
    5. Mental Health professionals that can diagnose a “problem student” before retaliation. More activities for kids that might be “loners” or in need of adult supervision for fun and interesting activities.

    • .I totally agree with this statement the state of Ohio has addressed this, as described above, why in the world you have a soft target unprotected yes allow the teacher or whoever want to become a good carrier and be able to return fire the please cannot get there in time for the murder of bunch of teachers and kids. The only way Ohio State’s work has done this and advertise the fact. Also, Texas is working on it, and Colorado the same thing goes for hospitals, doctors office. I can’t go to the hospital without then searched her checked down and look was happen there thank you

  4. I feel having them publicly show them being marched to the death chamber and showing the ambulance picking them up afterwards would also have a Impact on those that decide to be a copycat.

  5. I think armed guards in schools is a fantastic idea.
    Retired police or military personnel would fit the bill.

  6. The only way to have enough time to see the shooter coming before the action starts is to have a constantly monitored 100 yard clear perimeter all around the school ….. I am not sure how to accomplish that, except for a new school built far away from neighborhoods. Even then, one person monitoring a bunch of surveillance cameras probably cannot respond quickly enough to have an intervention before a determined criminal could cover the 100 yards. It’s a real quandary.
    A perimeter boundary wall (not a chain link fence which a shooter can just shoot thru), with armed personnel at checkin points with metal detectors would be the billion dollar solution.

  7. We need to stop them when there only crime is bringing a gun onto school grounds. If that leads to their death sentence, so be it.

  8. Why limit it to Mass School Shootings? Any shooting (other than Self-defense), whether in Public or Private locations, if considering wounding and/or killing anyone should be charged, tried, and dealt with swiftly.

  9. For School/Mass Shooters we need to end the Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Plea. End the endless Appeals, allow one Appeal and only one Appeal. And after the sentence is executed, your physical remains ate cremated and your ashes go to a Waste Disposal Facility.

  10. If all of the school districts allowed the staff of the schools to get the proper training, and get concealed carry permits, and allowed them to carry in schools by rescinding the gun free zones,(AKA) live shooting galleries, there would be far fewer mass shootings.

  11. A person who goes into a school or any public place, but especially schools with the intent to take innocent lives, should never be afforded the privilege of sitting in a cell, being cared for and feed for years at the tax payers (families of the victims) expense. Justice should be quick and severe.

  12. Pence’s ideas are not practical. So what is Pence’s formula for “crime control?” — after-the-fact shortened periods for executions? — more guns and assault rifles and especially in states that don’t require background checks and permits? — the ridiculous mental health argument? — the Governor of South Dakota stated how proud she was of her two-year old granddaughter who has a shotgun and a rifle! Unbelievable! How do we know how many people in the US practice responsible gun ownership? If there is to be some sort of gun control, the law should be federal, not governed by state law. Why? Because a weapon purchased legally in one state gets transported across state lines to a locality where it’s illegal. The Jim Jordans of the world travel to NY in order to complain about crime in NY. First, over 80% of the gun crimes in NY were committed by people with guns from other states, e.g. Virginia. Second, in Jim Jordan’s Ohio, the murder rate committed by people with guns is much higher per capita in Columbus than it is in NYC. The statistics are crystal clear: when there are fewer guns, there are fewer deaths by gunshots. I have nothing against a responsible person owning a gun who has been properly trained, as well as periodic subsequent training. The present-day view among the radical right is what I refer to as the “Archie Bunker” mentality: how he’d stop the airplane hijackings by requiring everyone who boards the plane to be given a gun. I guess there are people today who’d think that would not be such a bad idea … such a shame! It’s not about the 2nd Amendment — too many don’t even know what it states, or even care — the right to own an assault rifle. Ok, how about an Abrams Tank then, ahh, but it’s the price we pay for freedom — and the price is innocent lives lost.

    • I understand your concern. It is the same as many Americans. Although your thoughts are a little on the side of paranoid. I don’t know the numbers, but most Gun owners were raised and taught by generations of gun owners. Ever so often people do the wrong thing because of mental imbalance. My Grandfather and my father were police officers proper education and good morals is all it takes to make a responsible gun owner. I myself carry a pistol. I also have a ccw permit. Educate yourself and go shoot after being properly trained and you may change to having a less radical opinion. Best to you and yours. Pray to God you won’t become a victim. God bless.

      • Thanks for your kind note. But I don’t believe my opinion is paranoid, nor is it a radical one. You mentioned “most” gun owners, and I agree with you, but it’s obviously the minority of gun owners that is the problem. Thanks again and be safe.

        • You’re totally paranoid, Bud! Criminals must be appriopriately and justly penalized. America now would rather feed the killer for the rest of his or her life than to protect our citizens by executing them!

          • Hey “Bud!” No, I’m anything but paranoid “Bud.” Did I state anything about criminals not being appropriately and justly penalized? No, of course I didn’t. Learn how to read “Bud!”

  13. If only our government would return to Justice for Victims and society!! DO THE CRIME PAY THE PRICE!!!

  14. Trust Pence as far as you could throw him. The man is a RINO traitor. His statements sound like the prevailing wind blowing out of his pie hole.

  15. Start with private schools and make it well known that private schools have armed guards and won’t tolerate mass shootings and will shoot to kill anyone attempting. Then wait until a few more school shootings happen to public schools and point out that no private schools have school shootings and let the politicians explain what they are going to do in light of the evidence. That will turn the tide to a more reasonable solution.

  16. Finally implement some of the above sensible solutions. Anyone over 12 who engages in mass shootings in school will be tried as an adult with adult penalties. Insanity please will not be allowed. Let’s face it, anyone crazy enough to shoot kids isn’t going to be a productive member of society at any point in their life and shouldn’t be allowed to be in society. Appeals will be quickly heard and final justice will be swiftly administered.

  17. I agree with what Pence has said but he might be saying that because he plans on running for President in 2024, so he is saying this to get the Conservative Republicans to vote for him. I think Pence is a Rino and can`t be trusted to keep his word. He is about the same as Chris Christie, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and all the other Rino`s in the Republican Party who have attacked Trump & even Ron Desantis. Pence has repeatedly attacked Trump with the same lies the Democrats have used including blaming Trump for the January 6th protest in 2021. Therefore I really don`t care about what Pence has to say about anything.

  18. I’m with Mr. Pence 100 percent. Our current administration is far too soft on criminals and should be jailed for not prosecuting criminals. Tell it like it is Mr. Pence!!

  19. I think Pence is spot on. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Deal with the source of the problem, people. Personally, I am 100% in favor of exactly where Pence stand on this subject.

  20. Since the 1970’s children in American schools have been taught that selfishness is virtue. Anyone remember when self esteem replaced self respect. I recall exactly. Before this, shootings in schools by children and young adults were extremely rare. Entitled children taught to spurn any constraint of natural and unnatural compulsions and urges grow up to be unconstrained and entitled adults. Generations of these children later, they now lead every government institution and hold a majority of seats on our Supreme Court. Not one American in 100 can describe the difference between the filthy inhuman license that continues to destroy children’s lives through to old age and the genuine virtue that establishes in them true liberty. Instead of more police patrolling schools, why not eliminate the need for them that deceived parents, and those who teach our children, school administrators, and school boards have made necessary. When the promotion of selfishness has destroyed normal childhood innocence while having contorted and destroyed so many of our children’s lives, only fools would double down on the same unhealthy and deadly corruptions generation after generation, unless as I believe, this endangerment of our children and society is actually the intended result.

  21. I agree with armed teachers, retired police and/or military etc. But all Mike Pence did, was voice what almost everyone has said, or been thinking, for the past 3 or 4 years at the very least. There was a shooting about a mile from my home a couple months ago, NOT a school thank God, but in a parking lot next to a McDonald’s. The McDonald’s workers locked the doors, why I have no idea, ALL the doors were total glass with a frame. Hit it anywhere with 1 or 2 rounds and it was open, same for the huge dining area windows. One way to stop or slow down school shootings is to get rid of those all glass doors, just look at the Tennessee school shooting video. The front GLASS doors were locked and the shooter shot the windows out and walked in. Make the doors with only top 1/4 glass or heavy framed glass squares in the door too small to crawl through, same with windows on either side or the doors. The classrooms doesn’t need windows starting 3 feet above the floors either, since almost every or most schools have AC. Upgrading the door locks / latches with latching alarms would help also. So if a slow thinking student or teacher leaves a door unlatched, ajar or open, an alarm sounds through the whole school, until it is latched properly. It’s really sad that we have to make schools like prisons, our kids to sit in all day for school. When it should be the other way around, criminals in prison and school shooter / killers ashes in a cardboard box 6 feet under the dumps garbage piles.

  22. President Trump’s still my President. President Trump should pay attention to what RINO Pence said. President Trump should implement all of it when he regains the People’s House.

  23. All these ideas expressed about quick execution of school shooters fail to take into account that most if not all of these murderers are also suicidal.

    Nearly all of them desire and expect to be killed on the spot if not by police but by their own hand.

    Schools should be a home away from home . The teachers and school officials are there “ in loco parentis”.

    In their own home how does a responsible parent react if an intruder breaks through a window or door ? Immediate infliction of disabling violence.

    Too much attention is being placed upon firearms. Firearms have a wonderful history in the hands of a well armed militia as stated in our constitution but this involves training, drilling leadership Too many rules and regulations have been associated with the ownership and use of firearms.

    The response to a household invasion needs to be immediate, effective and able to be utilized by a small child or an elderly invalid. The first pthought which comes to my mind is a children’s play toy a “squirt gun” “water pistol “ filled with concentrated sulfuric acid (“ vitriol “ ) or on the other end of the pH spectrum Drano (lye, concentrated sodium hydroxide)

    Either of these corrosive substances will if squirted in the invaders eyes ,result in terrible pain and blindness.

    The Constitution forbids “cruel and unusual punishment “ as part of our court driven
    Justice system but when it comes to home (or home’s extension the school “ a man’s house is his castle “

    A growth industry should and will emerge and hopefully will do so quickly , manufacturing distributing and selling weapons and substances whereby conscientious and responsible people can inflict cruel and unusual punishment on thugs who dare trespass home and school or who show intent to harm women and children.

  24. Kohn must have fallen asleep again. You know the clown that refers to the greatest POTUS that America has ever had as a carnival barking, knuckle dragging neanderthal.

  25. That’s quite a word salad. Not sure what the point of the perp expecting to be killed has to do with protecting school children. When a responsible individual at the school determines there is someone planning on killing school children, said person (the perp) should be stopped with lethal force. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more responses to the asinine idea of using a squirt gun filled with acid to stop the threat to a life, ANYWHERE!

  26. That’s quite a word salad. Not sure what the point of the perpetrator expecting to be killed has to do with protecting school children. When a responsible individual at the school determines there is someone planning on killing school children, said person (the perp) should be stopped with lethal force. I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more responses to the asinine idea of using a squirt gun filled with acid to stop the threat to a life, ANYWHERE! Why are you blocking my responses DML??

  27. Word salad. WTF are you trying to say? Children’s lives at stake. A squirt gun filled with acid??

  28. I think I’m going to take it as a compliment that DML is blocking my responses. It’s certainly not because of vulgar words.

  29. Mike Pence is a huge RINO. Everything he is saying is a lie. He is trying to look like a conservative but a true conservative would not have thrown President under the bus. He will not do any of the actions he pretends to support. He in my mind is a traitor. His actions on January 6th, 2021 threw America into communism. His children and grand children
    will piss on his grave.

  30. Yes, Mr. VP Pence, we do need “crime control”, but we also need
    gun control, school control and community control with the main purpose of protecting our children, teachers and staff.

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