WEIRD: California Compliant AR?


There are just some concepts that don’t go together. Chocolate and fish, for example, or rap and country music (maybe that’s just my personal preference). I think that we can agree that the term “California Compliant” paired with any kind of firearm should be on that list.

Yet, there are manufacturers who, somehow manage to put up with the (literal) insanity of California’s gun law so that people who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights have some way to do that, even if it does have serious limitations. In doing that, some have decided to make California compliant AR-15s. What does that mean, though?

Now, noting that he is not giving legal advice and that you should always check about your local gun laws and comply with them, Alfredo Rico tells us how California described an AR-15 to try to ban it. Rico writes,


In 1999, the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act was amended (Penal Code section 35015), and named specific features that would make a firearm an assault weapon. The amendment states that a semiautomatic, center-fire rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine, and any of the features below, is deemed an assault weapon:

A. A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon.

B. A thumbhole stock.

C. A folding or telescoping stock.

D. A grenade launcher or flare launcher.

E. A flash suppressor.

F. forward pistol grip.

The list clearly shows that the legislation’s target was the AR platform.

And why did they target ARs? Because, of course, they’re “scary looking.”

So, how do you make an AR that gets around those descriptions of a “scary” firearm? You get what’s called a featureless AR. Rico continues:

Today, many manufacturers offer California-compliant models of their AR-15-style firearms. Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms and Radian Weapons have chosen to go the featureless route and have a fixed stock, muzzle brake and finned pistol grip. Daniel Defense went the fixed magazine route with an AR Maglock. In either case, due to a 2016 ban on “large capacity” magazines, all magazine – fixed or not – are restricted to 10 rounds or less. It’s not ideal, nor is it a model of pro-Second Amendment legislation, but through state-compliant renditions, dedicated firearms enthusiasts in California can still enjoy some of the benefits of Gene Stoner’s innovative rifle.

So, yes, apparently, there are California compliant AR-15s from reputable companies.

I still say that it’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone has to jump through those hoops to have an AR in that state.



  1. Just one more in a very long list of reasons not to visit California, spend my tourist dollars there or patronize any company that is headquartered in CA.

  2. It says in this article about being AR 15 ? Then it says to check with state and local laws ?? My questions are… Whatever happened to this country being called : The (( UNITED STATES” of AMERICA )) ??? And then my second question is…DO WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, OR (( DON’T WE )) ???

  3. The real reason the Democrats want to ban guns is not to protect citizens. It’s to protect all of the Communist Democrats and progressives (Themselves). The 2A was put there so citizens can protect themselves from a tyrannical government, which is exactly what we have now! They create a virus and lock us down. They attack our Constitutional rights, freedom of speech, Religion and right to bare arms. They use Climate change as an excuse to destroy our energy independence and jobs. They don’t enforce our laws. They brainwash our children and military with CRT (a Marxist ideology) and LGBQT agenda. They are in the process of releasing Programmable FED Coin so they can control what we say and do and buy. If they don’t like it they press a button and you have no money. Next step is to do away with Cash and institute Equity income. They will have complete control over your money and life. They are destroying Cattle, chickens, and creating food shortages that are coming. They want us to eat bugs, Reason: Cows Fart!! They have let millions of illegals into our and provide them with free food, healthcare, education, housing, lawyers, transportation and other social services all paid for by taxpayers!

  4. RE: California Compliant Rifles & Hand Guns
    This is why here in California We need to do away with Department’s that forget Their Way !! Like many Broken Systems in this State & Many Others !! This Department I Refer To Is California DOJ !!!

  5. Giving in to unconstitutional regulations by firearms manufacturers does not solve the problem! Restrictions imposed on persons should be eliminated by those persons and not catered to by manufacturers.

  6. Illegal criminal aliens fart too! Deport ALL CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS and keep the cows. Cows are our food, aliens are not! There are approximately 40 to 50 MILLION criminal aliens already in this country. Send all of them home now. Send all Democrat politicians out of our country too.

  7. Giving every Black Person in California $5,000,000 Dollars because of slavery should make every Black Person in the United States move to California so they can get their $5,000,000 Dollars. Then California should be so heavy that it will break of at the fault line and fall into the ocean and then we won’t have to worry about an AR-15 Ban.

    • California Democrats actually expect that when that big earthquake comes to California that the rest of the country will collapse into the Atlantic Ocean.

  8. I’m a retired Marine, and although I never admit it out loud, I was born and raised in what is now “Commiefornia”, back when it was a pretty decent place. Now, there’s not enough money or any other incentive to get me to move back there. Long live Texas!!! We’re still the United States of America here, and we believe in and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

  9. I lived in Cali and built 3 AR-15s and an AR-10. As long as you have a setup that requires you to disable the gun to change mags, you are good for most of the scary stuff except forward pistol grip. When I would take them to Oregon and show some gun shops in Medford and Grants Pass, they would laff at how complicated it was, but you do what you gotta, so Cali thought. Oregon is beginning, atleast so the Portland/Salem libtards think, to go the way of Cali or further. Southern Oregon is ready and waiting for them to try. luiv those guys.

  10. The last people that tried to take gun’s from Americans,found themselves running for the border. That was the British! Biden and his 40 thieves will find out just like the “Red Coats did. We have right to Bare Arms,it shall no be infringed.Thats so we can protect our country from the inside from people like Communist Biden and the rest of the “Traitor’s that are selling our country out. Trust the Government, right now they are the biggest enemies of our country.

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