Big Media Liberal TAKES DOWN Hollywood On Guns [Video]


It’s common knowledge that Hollywood, like most of the mainstream media, is full of people that lean hard to the political left. That means that Hollywood is strongly anti–gun in its political viewpoints. They constantly push for gun control in an unrelenting stream of propaganda about the issue.

And because of this obnoxious tantrum that so many Hollywood anti–gunners throw regularly, it can be a pleasant surprise to see someone take them down a notch by calling them out.

But I have to admit to feeling a special sense of glee when the person taking down Hollywood for their stance on guns is one of their own: a big name political liberal in the mainstream media.


And he calls them out for being hypocrites on guns, at that. It’s a fun thing to watch, and you can see Bill Maher take Hollywood down several notches in the video below (hat tip to here for the lead).

Did you watch that? It was a beautiful thing to behold.

And Maher is exactly right: Hollywood complains about guns and gun owners, but Hollywood is who is pushing that casual violence and hyper gun use narrative through their movies.

You’re not seeing anyone from the the pro–2A and pro–gun side of the issue pushing those narratives.

No, the people on our side of the gun control issue (that is, people who oppose gun control) aren’t romanticizing gun ownership or romanticizing killing people in some kind of revenge fantasy. No, we’re giving people a realistic viewpoint on gun ownership, including that with that right goes a heavy responsibility to care for our firearms, maintain control of our firearms, and know exactly where our shots are going. Because we’re responsible for every bullet that comes out of the barrel of our gun.

Because of this, it’s nice to see someone on their side of the aisle call them out and tell the truth about Hollywood’s hypocrisy. And it’s our duty to keep educating others about the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership.



  1. I believe that Bill Maher has come up with biggest part of gun violence, Hollywood is the most out spoken anti gun yet they keep putting out violent gun movies …

  2. Bill is 1000% correct with this take on gun violence, Rap Music also has the same issues, all they talk about is getting even with someone, going to shoot them up, going to rape someone, going to get HI. Yes Hollywood is good at do as I say not as I do, just like all good DemonRats tell us how to live even tho they don’t follow their rules they lay down for the rest of us.

  3. Bill Maher Is mostly correct on this issue. What he is missing is what our school systems are also doing to these kids. The push for CRT and that everyone is a victim and they are not responsible for anything and have never had to face any kind of real failure in life. A perfect plan for a perfect disaster.

  4. My guns are fun to shoot and will protect my family and friends from a tyrannical government if ever needed.

  5. Teach gun safety in school. Teach the laws and punishments for laws to our children in school. Teach them integrity, honor, peace. Teach them how to be gentlemen and ladies. Teach them the difference between good and evil along with consequences. We do not have a gun issue we have a teaching issue. People will not learn this at home because the parents do not know themselves.

  6. Teaching begins AT HOME. I’m 62, and the last time I remember hearing about a troubled kid getting their mouth slapped or backside paddled was back in the late 70’s early 80’s. If you try to take control of your kid like that, in the past 40 yrs, when they really need it, they call the cops on you, claiming child abuse ! When I was 6,7,8 years old my father had shot guns and rifles around, if I had even looked at them like I wanted to touch one, I got a good talking to. If I touched one I got hand smacked and not lightly either. If I would have picked one up without asking, my backside would have been bloody ! We didn’t have gun video games, westerns did not show bloody gun shot wounds, and when we did or said something we shouldn’t have we got a real good whacking, Kids and young adults now days have no parental punishments for doing wrong, because it has basically been outlawed. They have also become soft like melted butter, they can’t take picking on in school, like us older people learned to take. They don’t like to be told they are wrong, lazy or spend too much time in front of a video game or TV or they shouldn’t smoke dope, They need toughened up and taught to think things through, before doing something stupid, with some good old fashion ass beatings and punishments from their parents, like the good old days.. A good ass whooping didn’t kill us old guys as kids and we didn’t end up doing stupid stuff like kill other people either. The movies and games may have a lot to do with it, But Teaching begins AT HOME!

  7. I agree Follywood is a major cause of the problem and that’s both Follywood AND TV with so many punks shows like BMF, biker gangs, and drug pushers and on and on. We don’t watch any of them but another big cause of the problem is failed parenting which is wide spread AND failed public education systems thanks to liberals. Growing up where and when I did gave me a sound respect for proper behavior because I would’ve caught hell if I didn’t. My parents were parents first and friends second. We also need to get rid of the liberal psychobabble which has infested this country since the early 60s.

  8. If you look at the movie HERO’s with firearms, they don’t just snap and start killing for no good reason. They have been confronted by evil criminals or a mental wackjob, some person or group that, touches the hero’s life close to home. They kill a family member, friend or an innocent, that sets them on a path of vengeance and to wipe the evil out. and to protect others. I have never seen a movie where a hero, killed his neighbors for having a loud birthday party for their 16 yo kid, or for someone calling him mean things or shooting their lawn clipping from cutting grass onto his property, Heck I never seen them even turn in someone shoplifting food. The good guys have common sense, a caring heart and only go after pure evil. The Hero steps into action, when the system failed / fails to do its job or can’t do it fast enough ! The hero has training, control and thinks things through. They are willing to stand between the evil and the innocent, putting their life on the line to protect the good. Just like a good person carrying CCW does in a pinch, today in the USA, they step up to the plate, they put their safety aside and stop the evil. They are not the reason kids, young adults or anyone else is killing with firearms. Parents can’t properly punish their kids, schools can’t give swats, police can arrest them, but the system / DA’s let them go with a slap on the wrist. There’s no threat of death penalty for young or old killers anymore. We don’t lock up rabid dogs in the hope they will change, we don’t sleep with rattle snakes and we don’t step out into moving traffic. We learned to get rid of and not to be stupid around dangerous things. But the weak whiners from the 70’s and 80’s got soft laws passed, no swats, no parental punishments, no nothing, to teach and control the young. The young grow into adults that think the same way, we can do what we want and nothing will happen. It’s time to put boot to ass and take care of business !

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