Guns Cause More Children’s Deaths Than Car Accidents? Here’s The TRUTH


One of the favorite narratives that gun control advocates push is that they’re “doing it for the children.” To support that narrative, they like to make all kinds of comparisons between gun violence statistics in which “children” are the victims and other statistics.

A favorite that you may have heard from anti–2A advocates is to bring up the statement that more children are killed by guns than in car accidents. But is that really true?

Fortunately, you don’t have to wonder because there are people who have the time and the access to real data in context to give you that answer. The NRA–ILA (National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action) is one group that likes to dig into those statistics, and an article from them has those details. From that article:


This is how it works: Step one, acquire statistics on firearm-related deaths among children ages 1-14. Step two, combine that relatively low number with the far greater number of firearm-related deaths involving juveniles and young adults ages 15-19, or even ages 15-24. Step three, present the resulting data as the shocking number of “children” (ages 1-19 or 1-24) who are subjected to “gun violence” each day/week/month/year. Step four, use the disingenuous statistic to advocate for pre-determined gun control policies.

The article continues:

[The statistics that show that car accident deaths for children 0–16 are higher than firearms deaths] shift when examining those ages 15-19 [exclusively]. Over 80 percent of the firearm-related deaths that occur in the 0-19 age group happen among juveniles and young adults ages 15-19. This disparity shouldn’t be surprising. The 15-19 cohort is far more often engaged in the type of street crime that can give rise to firearm-related violence and that many jurisdictions have decided to address in a more lenient manner in recent years. The conflation of this age group with young children is even more absurd when one considers that in the vast majority of jurisdictions, those 15 and older can be prosecuted as adults.

And there you have it. Again, as we’ve said over and over and over, when you look at gun violence statistics in context, it’s not hard to see that the problem isn’t guns. The problem is criminals (in this case, gangs) driving gun violence, and since those groups don’t obey the law anyway (how many states allow children that age to own handguns?), gun control doesn’t do anything at all to lower gun violence against children.

In fact, gun control likely increases it because parents who would otherwise be able to defend their children from an attack aren’t able to be armed with a firearm in strict gun control states.

The facts don’t change: Gun control leads to higher gun violence and gun deaths. Therefore, gun control is evil.



  1. Twist the facts the anti-gunners are real good at expanding data to fit their agenda …

  2. Here’s a fact. Planned Parenthood and the other murder mills kill more kids then guns and cars combined. And the hypocrites gleefully back them and celebrate the death of said children.

    • The real culprit of child death is Democrats using abortion!

      73% of felons in prisons identify as Democrat. So logically, if we got rid of democrats, we would eliminate 73% of felonious crimes!!

  3. The only gun controls that should be in affect are those that control those who wrongly use them.!! All else is Socialist propaganda used to try and take our rights away.!! I have never seen a gun or any other inanimate object that on it’s own committed a crime, have you.???? If the ATF, spent as much time trying to pass or mandate laws on lawful gun owners, which is unconstitutional to begin with, and spent that time arresting and imprisoning the gangs and others who have the illegal guns, the crime waves of the present would subside quickly.!
    But unfortunately the socialist plan is to disarm everyone, except for those needed to protect the anti-American socialist themselves.!! we don’t have a gun problem, we have a corrupt government problem..!!!! Socialist be damned.!!

  4. People kill people with guns, cars, hammers, knives or anything they can turn into a tool to use. The people are the problem not to tool!

  5. I really don’t give a dam what the Liberals do or say, I own a LOT of guns, always have and ALWAYS WILL, and I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t !!! I will NEVER ask for ANYBODIES permission to protect myself and my family and NOBODY WILL EVER CHANGE THAT !!!! To HELL with this Liberal Communist Government !!!!!!

  6. We have a “GOVERNMENT” Problem in OUR Country This Liberal Communist Government is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE !!!!!

  7. i guess Our comments really don’t count !!!! This is just another Liberal censor run site !!!!

  8. The DEFINITATION of GUN CONTROL is the ability to hit your target !! I live in Arizona which is a RIGHT TO CARRY SATE. I NEVER leave my house without my BLACKHAWK HOLSTER and my GLOCK 9mm on my side. I have perfect gun control seeing that I can empty a 15 round clip inside a 2″ circle from 25 yards. As J. R. Justice said, “OUR COUNTRY IS BEING RUN BY TOTAL RETARDS !!!” I will make one change to that quote… “OUR COUNTRY IS BEING RUN BY TOTAL… D E M O C R A P… RETARDS!”

    • Well, sad to say brothers and sisters, that each and every one of us pro gun (self-defense) advocates, are viewed as terrorists and are entered on the Gov’ts terrorist watch list that it has secretly compiled over the years. This comment thread along with all article ones, are being monitored by Big Tech (forget Big Brother), and even using screen aliases does not help. Anyone who advocates the right to privacy (which is freedom) concerning anything be it firearms, etc., are the new terrorists in this Gov’ts view. We are the new terrorists: not the street gangs, the mafia, the drug cartels, the occult. We are. Makes one wonder why even Trump (who I supported) stalled on declaring the cartels terrorists. Hmmmm. And why are we the new terrorists under this Gov’t Socialist regime? Because the plan has been all along to overthrow the American people, not the American Gov’t or its military. The American people. And soon, they will accomplish this overthrow of the American people through a false flag they are going to blame on N. Korea, an EMP or something. Kim Jung Un said as much himself some years ago, staring into the camera stating, “and I am not targeting the US Gov’t or its military, but its people!” But that’s after or during the economic collapse that is right now, in the makes. We thought the 2008 recession was bad, wait until this one unfolds!

      • All who have registered firearms with the Gov’t, has been entered unto the Gov’t terrorist watch list and will be rounded up when this country goes to hell. FEMA, which is the contingent Gov’t, has been preparing over all these years for the inevitable social unrest that will result in the overthrow of the American people. They have purchased billions of rounds of hollow-point bullets and other military grade weaponry/ammunition while having legislature passed to prevent civilians from accessing such military grade weaponry/ammunition. They even prepped the police forces with military arms and equipment. Why? So that when it is time, the populace would not have a fighting chance against their military grade onslaught. They will move in to quell and disarm all and those who resist, will be annhilated. And what about our men and women that’s serving in the military that, in sypathizing with us, would try to defend us? Knowing this and to solve that issue, the military, as over-deployed, has shipped most soldiers overseas, away from the possibility of protecting us here back at home where all the rounding up goes on. Haven’t we noticed that the military has greatly decreased? Our military is overdeployed and shipped overseas by design. None of this is to scare you. The simple solution is to abandon this country as it has all too readily abandoned you. The “American Dream” is over and has long been. Face facts and get your passport and skidaddle!

    • And very nice post Craig. The only thing is that unfortunately, our Gov’t is not run by either retards or Democrap tards. We do not have a Gov’t, just the illusion of one just like we have the illusion of choice through politics with no real choice, as all outcomes are predetermined. I wish it were retards that were running our country as then, we would stand a chance of retaking it from them. Quite to the contrary, there is very dark genius that’s running whatever you want to call this (Gov’t?). These people, as knowing exactly what they’re doing and in doing so, hopes to play the American populace as a whole as retards, are purposefully driving this country to its destruction in order to bring in a new order. What we thought we had in a country was not really what we thought it was as we never had a country but rather, a corporation, and like a corporation, it has served the purpose of harnessing labor and now is to be liquidated. That explains the systemic scrapping of America specifically, since 911 with things like the NAFTA Agreement, etc. This country has been purposefully outsourcing to its end. Then one day, Americans are going to wake up to no economy at all, as it will have been purposefully overturned but blamed on the debt ceiling, etc. And when that happens, people will see the likes of which they never imagined seeing in mayhem, and then the “Gov’t,” in the form of FEMA, will step in as the “savior” to quell the unrest and put down dissent. Care to know how tgey wull do this?

  9. I will also add that children are taught that guns are bad and not taught how it really works and about gun safety.i taught my kids to respect guns that they were not toys to play be used for shooting at paper like targets or hunt for meat for the table not to take a life of a person no matter show me the education that the kids need to know.outside of gun groups of course.that is where true gun controll begins.

  10. the gun is a tool and it is used for good or bad but now it is a leftwing use it to no end and if they have gunnies to protect them then the same applies to me I can use one to protect me and mine

  11. Yup, people kill people, they may use guns, but there is no such thing as “gun violence”. Guns aren’t violent people are.

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