Mainstream Media Snubs Trump For Chicago Gun Deaths

Mainstream Media Snubs Trump For Chicago Gun Deaths

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The mainstream media is overwhelming anti-2nd Amendment. These people (who overwhelmingly live in urban areas and have likely never actually handled a firearm) keep trying to shove their anti-gun rhetoric down our collective throats even though it’s based on nothing but nonsense.

A perfect example is the recent coverage of Chicago. Of course, shooting deaths in Chicago are still ridiculously high even though they have some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation. The mainstream media, in this case, Aidan Quigley writing for Newsweek, goes out of the way to snub President Trump about their gun problems. Quigley quoted Chicago mayor (and former Obama White House Chief of Staff) Rahm Emanuel’s spokesman, Adam Collins, who said,

“Anytime the president wants to drop his political rhetoric and actually partner with our police officers to build on the 14 percent reduction in shootings they’ve achieved this year, we’ll be ready.”

Collins couldn’t be saying that Trump hasn’t been helpful with the Chicago gun problem, could he? Of course, when last year saw the most gun homicides in 19 years (according to CNN), it’s not hard to bring the number down some, is it?

And, yet, even with this decrease, the Chicago Tribune noted that, in the first half of 2017, over 90% of homicides in Chicago were gun related while in New York City, that number was 49%.

Could the reality simply be that all those years of corrupt politicians in Chicago, who (coincidentally?) have been anti-gunners, are really the source of the problem. Maybe it’s people like Rahm Emanuel who arrogantly think that they are the only ones who should be able to protect themselves with guns. Certainly, Chicago Guns Matter founder Rhonda Ezell thinks this is the case. She said,

The mayor walks around every day with armed security paid for by the taxpayers of Chicago, yet he doesn’t want you to go to a gun range and be efficient with the firearm you choose to have in your home for the safety of you or your loved ones.”

 She nailed that one on the head.


  1. Aidan Quigley

    Stick your comment(s) ’bout Trump & Gun Control where the sun can’t shine. Obviously you’re ‘nother pro N.Korea. and Killery & Monkey Man supporter. You want those illegals here, then you and your Assholes support them, but not with our taxes and and free medical.

  2. Rahm Emmanuel and Dumbo sure don’t want Americans protecting themselves, but it’s fine when the State of Illinois is broke and yet Emmanuel walks around with Security Guards. I wish someone would run one if those guns up his as-. Dumbo and him are the most gutless little boys I have ever seen. At least Dumbo has broad shoulder line backer Michelle to protect him.

  3. In Chicago anyone can get an unregistered gun.
    Even all the kids get them. Any kids you talk
    to have the feeling do what you want, enjoy
    life doing what youwant too, do unto others first..
    They feel they will not make it till adult hood.
    So have fun!

  4. 14% reduction in gun violence in Chicago? It must be something in the water. Last I heard Chicago was going to break all the old records in this year. On top of last years record breaking homicides…So who do I believe? Rohmbo and his Communist Commandos? Or more reliable National Law Enforcement statistics? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

  5. The MSM folks are so stupid, they never stop and think what would happen if the guns from the good folks were collected. Within one year America would be in total Chaos, and the MSM people would be complaining the loudest. Then I guess knives would be the next to be banned.

  6. Chicago’s mayor had his name mis-spelled in this article. It is NOT Rahm Emanuel.
    It is in fact RAMM Emanuel. He is Obozo’s Chicago Bath House buddy.
    R A M M Emanuel.

  7. If it is not lies, it is spin, twist or disinformation.
    That spokesman showed his arrogance and it was easy to prove that HE and Rahm have done NOTHING to improve safety. But he will continue to try to turn it back and blame Trump.
    Just like Obama spent EIGHT YEARS blaming Bush.

  8. It’s amazing how stupid people have become .They go from raving maniacs to the absolutely absurd crazy remarks .Our President gets blamed for everything on the planet . No one in their right mind could possibly believe anything ever in the medias and so called newspapers .Chicago is corrupt and has always been . Rohm Emanuel is Obamas lover and he is still doing his wicked plan to disarm Americans .They are allowing all this criminal activity upon citizens to provoke a war. But first they want to take our guns so we can be like the Swedish or Brits fighting for our lives with spatulas !

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