Gun Control Group Busted For Lying To Promote Gun Control Again


How many times will anti-gun organizations lie about guns and gun control before the mainstream media and and other anti-gunners begin to see the truth. It’s almost as if the truth isn’t what is important to them (there’s something to thing about…).

Here is another example to elevate your blood pressure. Everytown for Gun Safety is another inappropriately named anti-gun organization (because we know that gun-free zones are the places where the worst shootings occur. Chicago, anyone?). Being funded by anti-gun former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg should be enough evidence for anyone. But let’s look deeper, shall we?

One Facebook post from Everytown said, “‘Concealed carry reciprocity’ would force states with strong gun laws to let people from states with weak gun laws carry hidden, loaded handguns in public without meeting the strong states’ standards.” The post then shows a picture of Maryland with the caption “Stops convicted stalkers from carrying loaded, hidden handguns in public” along with a picture of neighboring West Virginia with the caption “Does not.”


A writer going by “J. KB” has a very nice succinct analysis of Everytown’s deceptive post:

First of all, Maryland’s permits are may issue and has a “good and substantial reason” to carry a gun and honors no out of state permits.  West Virginia has constitutional carry, but still has to abide by federal law.  So any person convicted of domestic violence or under a restraining order is a prohibited person and can’t poses a gun, let alone carry one in public.  You wound’t know that from Everytown’s post.

Everytown’s silly post about Maryland and West Virginia is only the beginning. They’ve also posted deceptive (and inaccurate) comparisons of Georgia and South Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and Minnesota and Iowa. All of these posts either lied or deliberately left out information which slanted the comparison towards anti-gunners in the choice of language.

But honesty, like anti-gun organizations everywhere, is not what Everytown wants. What they want is you defenseless because they either want government to control you or because they don’t have the courage to face the reality that the world is a dangerous place and it takes good people willing to do the ugly thing sometimes to prevent bad people from doing even more horrible things. And that is one of the fundamental reasons why we carry.



  1. It’s high time if the goverment requires you to have a driver license to drive in public and insurance to drive and all the states follow this, then it should pass the right to carry ! If you read the 2nd amendment yout will see that we the people have the right to. Our states, our federal, and even our city goverment can’t protect us, so we must be able to protect ourselves.

  2. The true of the matter it isn’t about gun control, it is about getting the guns out of the hands of the people who are willing to fight for this country in order for us to remain a free country. The battle going on right now is between people fighting for communism and the people fighting for freedom. The democrat party is fighting for communism along with the rhinos. The government is scare of the people who own guns and are willing to fight against government control. Government can not over take a population of people without first removing the guns from the people.
    Democrat party thas created a lawless society on purpose so then the people will cry for the government to fix it, which tacked has been use throughout history. The same way the democrat party is using psychology knowing that they can convince the weak minded to believe what they want you to believe. Throughout history is has been used along with the media in order to condition a large mass of the people to believe something. If you look around and remember what has been said and done the end game for the democrat party is to bring America into a communist country and to have the democrat party in control. Obama started bring on the heaviest tactics of communism and why do you think the media was pushing Hillary so hard as to be the next president it was about her becoming the next president so America would finally be a communist country by the end of the year. Yes Hillary has lost her marbles, but that was the reason for Hillary so then Obama could step back in and be the ruler of the new communist society of America.

  3. Anti-gun groups caught lieing about gun right to carry from state to state!! SHAME ON THEM!! ANY TREASONOUS LEFTISTS SNOWFLAKE CORRUPTED LIE WILL DO IN THEIR EYES AND TREASONOUS BRAIN!!!!

  4. Sorry, I can’t send this to any of my friends with the amount of spelling issues, etc that this article has. I can’t get past it enough to comprehend what the writer is “trying” to say. Who wrote this? Obviously there is not an editor because there is not a name. Too bad.

  5. Everytown is well known for making up lies and have been caught several times for it! Just part of the far left and their lust for socialism! Bloomberg is well known for his control, what you drink and eat says it all!!

  6. “Gun control” advocates have to lie because the truth supports gun rights and the Second Amendment.

  7. As to the numbers games played by the anti civil rights/anti gun types that fairly well known 19th century British politician Benjamin Disraeli once offered the following. While figures might not lie, liars figure.

  8. I agree. Unfortunately, the leftists want to reinterpret the 2nd Amendment to take away that right for the general public, yet allow the elitists from the left to still have access to firearms or to be protected by firearms.

    The problem with this is that the 2nd was ratified by the individual states during the Constitution’s ratification. Thereafter, the states incorporated the words of the 2nd into the state constitutions. This whole process was based on the testimony of the authors James Madison and George Mason. The words they spoke to explain the 2nd Amendment remain today to be read, therefore there is no need for interpretation by anyone today.

    This leaves two ways to change the 2nd Amendment. The Constitutional Congress and the amendment process. The Founders made both means intentionally onerous. Thomas Jefferson said that the Constitution could be changed but before doing so, he prayed the people would reflect upon the times and the context of it’s writing else it be changed in a way it could not be easily corrected if the change was found to be a mistake.

    This means is born out by the institution of Prohibition under the 18th Amendment in 1920 which exposed unintended consequences ( The promoters of prohibition believed that crime levels would fall, taxes which could be used for social programs would increase. The opposite proved true. So much so that in 1933 Prohibition was repealed by the 26th Amendment. Thirteen years a failed social experiment ruled the land creating more problems than it solved.

    Prohibition required two separate amendments to start it and end it… and alcohol is not listed as a right of the people. That the left should seek to backdoor a change to a right of the people when they used the amendment process for something not a right is incongruous and deceitful.

    Thomas Jefferson and others said that where the rights of the people are concerned, no change may be left solely in the hands of politicians. To do so would pave the way to tyranny, for if the government were free to pass legislation changing one right, they may do so for any right. Such was the process used in European nations where rights emanated from the ruler to the people and could be granted or denied on a whim. In the minds of the Founders, only the populace themselves possess the power to alter a guaranteed right.

    While society is changing, it is seriously in doubt that the people would pass an amendment repealing the 2nd Amendment due o the numbers of firearms owners, sportsmen, and hunters, coupled with a long history of firearms associations and freedoms. Hence the reason the left seeks to use legislation, as was used with the passage of the National Firearms Act 1934, which violated the people’s right to protect their 2nd Amendment right by participation in the process. The infringement on the 2nd Amendment has continued since then.

    The far left has been emboldened by eight years of Obama’s “fundamentally transforming America” during which he supported lawlessness while dissing law enforcement and conservatives. This has reached a level where the 1st Amendment is considered for the left but shut down for people on the right.

    • Maybe Prohibition failed because too many drunks were in a position to make sure that they did not work to stop the problems.
      I wish for you, a season of mourning after a loved one is harmed by a drunk driver. Nothing else will impact you so much.

  9. EVERYTHING associated with Bloomberg, just as with his fellow (((tribesman))) Soros, is a cesspool of lies, deceit, and subversive Traitors-Within-The-Gates Communism.
    The sooner a heavy lid is slammed down on those Hellspawn rats, the better.

  10. The left has lied and cheated for so long now that it is ingrained to a dangerous level. Some how they have decided that they are a supreme group of people, that knows all even the future and they alone must control everything or all is lost. If they dont agree with something then it must be evil and therefore it must not be allowed. And now they have decided that the Constitution is evil, because it is in the way of their agenda. Amendments like the 1st, the 2nd, 4th, and 14th and under attack like never before, all because they are doing exactly what they were ment to do. In short they are working, and not allowing any one side of Government take control of the other and that everyone is equal under the laws of the land. We The People must stand tall and strong to confront and enforce our rights. And our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of law or we stand stand to loose our freedoms and are very way of life that makes us special in this world. The most important right is the 2nd Amendment which is what gives us the tools to needed to stop the NWO from gaining power and protects all the other rights we are entitaled to.

  11. The opinion is often voiced that the government wants a disarmed citizenry to insure their own safety, but they are safe from law abiding citizens (as long as the are a law abiding government) even with no gun laws – and not safe from anarchists even with them. The desire to disarm the citizenry, however, does fit into the Progressive ideology of making the peasants dependent upon the government – for everything. The lack of an adequate means of self defense makes them wholly dependent upon government for their personal security, too.

    • it also is necessary when a group is planning to take total control and become dictators. Note the name of ONE WORLD ORDER. Does that not say DICTATOR?

  12. At some point in time, it should become obvious to an intelligent person that some groups MUST be ignored. And if we could find a way to STOP putting their junk out for them, it might help.

  13. Unfortunately, socialists invaded academia decades ago and have taught lies so thoroughly that children exit from school believing what that were taught and not what occurred in history. If the truth is ever mentioned in a post from “Everytown“, it will be so twisted as to render it incomprehensible. With heroes like Pelosi, Feinstein and Schumer, how can “Everytown” be reasonable? The problem lies with the fact that our children are being brainwashed into believing their (Everytown) madness.

    From “Gun” laws to the slavery issue during the War-Between-The-States, “Everytown” has broken all the rules and posted their version of the truth. I’ve been “calling them out” all this year (on lies and misinformation they posted) but have yet to receive an answered.

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