California Wants To Ban Guns But Wants More Hunters?


Sometimes you wonder how governments are able to get anything done when there are so many backward ideas and complete disconnection from reality in Congress and other places. And that’s not to even mention when governments are working directly against themselves.

Take a recent situation which has come up in California (no surprise, there). It seems that the state of California, in all its wisdom, wants to ban guns. You already knew about that part. What you may not know, however, is that California also wants more hunters.

Yes, really. Michelle Robertson writes,

Shine up your rifle and break out the camo: The state of California is encouraging its eco-minded residents to get outside and start shooting.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Thursday a new effort to recruit hunters and anglers throughout the state. Fish and Wildlife said in a¬†statement¬†it is partnering with other state and federal agencies as well as recreational communities to “address barriers and opportunities to hunting and fishing in the state.”

“The fishing and hunting opportunities in this state are unparalleled, they belong to all Californians and should be utilized by all of us. This effort is to make sure Californians know that,” Fish and Wildlife Director Charlton H. Bonham said in the statement.

The agency formed a task force, hired a full-time coordinator and research scientist, and created an action plan to address “barriers” to fishing and hunting, including access and opportunity challenges, public perception, and license structure and pricing.

Now, maybe someone will argue that California wants more bow hunters or crossbow hunters. And that’s fine, but, let’s be realistic: most hunting is done by people with firearms. Thus, if you want more hunters, you are going to have more people with firearms. It’s an obvious outcome to anyone who doesn’t deny reality.

Still, it’s nice to see that someone in California understands how important hunters are to conservation efforts. If only the rest of that state’s government got a clue about guns.


  1. California is lost to the socialists I grew up here and I’m watching it go down the toilet everyday, the insanity of the idiots who run it is amazing they care more about illegals then they do the citizens who live here. As they impose there restrictions and open boarders on everyone homelessness is out of control and drugs and drug addiction is everywere , and good people are fleeing like crazy together out of what was once a great state to live in over priced over taxes and laws that are not followed as they create and jam new ones on everyone as they vote in what they want with there super majority and it’s own citizens have no say , I think the liberals have stole elections everywere and they kno wa they can do it and get away with it so this once great state called California is lost and gone as it will and has and is the next Venezuela… a socialist run cesspool headed for the toilet… were only criminals will own guns and it’s people will not be free .

  2. I would love to see the sportsmen in CA all get together and declare a moratorium on fishing and hunting. Which, of course, means that NO ONE is buying CA hunting and fishing licenses. Hit the politicians where it hurts them the most – In their tax wallets ! It would put the CA fish and wildlife OUT OF BUSINESS ! Let the politicians know that the states sportsmen are willingly traveling to neighbor states, paying for OUT OF STATE permits to do their hunting and fishing, and will continue to do so until the CA law makers rescind each and every 2nd Amendment infringement, AKA unconstitutional law on the CA books whether state county or city.


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