New York To Try To Make People Prove That They Aren’t Insane To Buy Guns


New York is an interesting state, politically speaking. Their government claims to want to help people, yet they continue to do things to make it harder to survive and to be safe.

Among the crazy things that New York politicians have enacted, gun control is one of their personal favorites. And, guess what! Those same politicians are proposing to make it even harder to buy guns in that state.

How? Well, this time, anti-gun politicians want people to prove that they are sane before they can buy a gun (hat tip to here for the lead). No, I’m not kidding. Holly Matkin writes,


New York lawmakers are considering a bill that would require anyone seeking to purchase a firearm to complete a mental health evaluation first.

SB 7065, which was introduced by State Senator James Sanders, a Democrat, would require prospective gun buyers to prove their mental fitness prior to a background check being conducted.

Such “proof” would need to be presented “before any sale, exchange, or disposal of a firearm, rifle or shotgun at a gun show, by a federally licensed dealer or private sale, including when such sale, exchange or disposal is between immediate family members,” according to the bill.

Purchasers would be required to “provide the seller with proof of his or her approval to purchase” such weapons after submitting to an evaluation through a process that would be established by the New York State Office of Mental Health.

The Commissioner of Mental Health would be tasked with establishing regulations “relating to mental health professionals approved to perform the evaluation, the process for evaluation, and the development of a standardized form to be used by mental health professionals” performing the evaluations, according to the bill.

Failure to abide by the proposed law would result in a felony charge of criminal purchase or disposal of a weapon, which is punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Now, I know that you won’t be surprised that Sanders blames President Trump for mass shootings. No, really, he does.

So, Sanders proposed a bill which, if passed, would make you provide proof that you aren’t insane before even a background check is performed on you.

Now, tell me who pays for the “mental health evaluation.” My bet is that you do. And what if the local enforcer of gun control legislation only accepts mental health evaluations from certain people? Of course, that’s not ripe for abuse and favoritism towards their friends, right? And what if the people who can provide “acceptable” mental health evaluations will only allow people of a certain political persuasion to be able to buy a gun (as in, if you’re a Republican, they will say that you’re insane). That’s certainly not a way to rig the system, is it?

Let’s be frank: Sanders’s proposed legislation as an attempt to punish gun owners for supporting a candidate who supports their gun rights, and Sanders wants to set up a situation which is ripe for abuse, both for personal profit and for political reasons.

This bill is completely unacceptable, and the people of New York need to kill that bill before it gets passed. They’d also be smart to vote an anti-gun lunatic like Sanders out of office at the very first chance that they get.



  1. Maybe we should make all our politicians take a mental health check up before we let the run for office. Who will evaluate the doctors giving the evaluations to see if the view guns as intimate objects and the person as having a problem and not an object that causes a person to have a problem.

    • I unfortunately live in this idiot run state and really am not surprised by the moronic new reguireme they are proposing that now to buy a gun I have to see a pychiatrist. They have been literally locking and destroying the Second Amendment. Demonrats want the Second Amendment removed from the constitution because they can’t read it

    • Anthony Manzo
      Why not add a TEST to see if they are INTELLIGENT enough to run for PUBLIC OFFICE. The last election proved some imbecils got elected to Congress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And what are the 2-A champions in that state goin to do about it???
    Being as their people voted these jerks in office, I would say, probably NOTHING…!

  3. A NY conservative constitutionalist Republican or Libertarian should submit a bill requiring that those running for public office undergo mental health evaluation before being allowed to take office or forfeit the race to their opponent.

    In addition, those running for office should be given a comprehensive test on the Constitution emphasizing the Bill of Rights and Article 1, Section, and SCOTUS rulings pertaining to it.

    Both tests should be given every 2 years or earlier if deemed necessary.

  4. How can you prove that you are NOT insane? I thought they had to prove that you WERE! So much for due process.

    • strongly suspect that they worded it that way on purpose. You cannot disprove a zero. Find an instructor in logic to challenge this.

      or maybe Colion Noir, the attorney/2A advocate.

  5. Let’s see . . . After this bill passes and sets a precedent, what’s next? A mental health evaluation before being allowed to practice your religion? Speak in public? Disagree with the government? Publish a news article? Vote in a election? Own property? Be searched or have your property seized without a warrant or probable cause? Pick any of the rights in the Constitution and start legislatin’. This doesn’t surprise me coming from the People’s Democratic Republic of New York, nor would similar proposals from the People’s Democratic Republics of California, Massachusetts, or (this year, anyway) Virginia.

  6. Let them,,, with the USA, Supreme Court you can make money by legal action enforcing a unconstitutional Law, denying your constitutional Right to bear arms,
    A law must have evidence before it is enacted,, have a fair and impartial trial, Even in a Administrative,or 14, amendment court which are no part of the Bill of Rights,, Which I woulx demand a court under Artical 3, USA, constitution, not Corporate US, if you do not know the different research it,

  7. “New York To Try To Make People Prove That They Aren’t Insane To Buy Guns” People who willingly live that state are going to have a hard time making the argument that they aren’t insane.

  8. What will they use? Rorschach tests or have you stopped beating your mother?
    The NY mental health department is automatically disqualified for believing that transgender is perfectly sane.

  9. What we need is a Mental Health evaluation, Logic, Reasoning, and Cognitive testing to have someone’s name put on a ballot.. maybe then we’d get more decent politicians, rather than the idiots we have now (especially on the Left and RINOs).

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