Is This ‘Smallest, Thinnest, And Lightest 1911 Pistol’ For You?

Image courtesy Ed Brown Products, Inc.

One of the great things about being involved in the firearms market is that you have so many options when buying a weapon. You have choices of type of firearm, caliber, color, and that’s apart from all of the aftermarket options which are available for many weapons.

Having said that, when it comes to concealed carry weapons and other weapons where a small design is desired, size, design, and weight are huge considerations, along with stopping power. With that in mind, Ed Brown has made available a new 1911. A writer going by the name of Hrachya H gives us the details:

Ed Brown has announced that their new EVO-CCO9 Lightweight 1911 pistol is now available. As the company states, this pistol is their “smallest, thinnest and lightest 1911 to date!“. Particularly, it is 7.5″ long 5″ high, has a slide width of .860” and weighs 27 oz with an inserted empty magazine. According to Ed Brown: “The slide is shortened to 4″ and thinned substantially for weight reduction“. The standard, GI 1911 slide width is about .91″ – .92”.

The EVO-CCO9 Lightweight is a 9mm handgun built on the company’s aluminum single stack compact (Officer’s) frame. The gun is designed for the concealed carry market and it’s described by the company as “the ultimate carry gun“. The pistol features a round butt mainspring housing, concealed carry grip safety, and slimline grips which make it easier to conceal.

The EVO-CCO9 Lightweight pistol also features an external extractor, removable front sight (orange Trijicon HDXR sight), ledge style U-notch rear sight, fluted 4″ bull barrel, and a flat wire recoil spring. The slide serrations have quite a simple yet unique design. The minimalistic front serrations make the gun look even better by adding a touch of a modern look to the classic 1911 lines. The front strap and mainspring housing feature scale style pattern that Ed Brown calls Snakeskin treatment. All of the controls are typical standard 1911 controls. All the parts of these pistols are machined and the guns are hand built.

The Ed Brown EVO-CCO9 lightweight pistol is listed on the company’s website with a price tag of $2,295. It is covered by Ed Brown’s lifetime warranty.

If you’re in the market for a 1911 for concealed carry purposes, the CC09 may be one to to put on your list of firearms to check out.



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