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While I was out at SHOT Show 2017, I took a great interest in products that can help you be more prepared.

There’s always been a big gap in the market in my mind with no companies producing good “fast-access” gun safes for AR-15’s or other home defense carbines. Sure, I and many people own a fast-access safe for our handguns, but not rifles.

That’s why I’m excited about these cool new fast-access gun safes for AR-15’s because they look promising:

1. Gunvault Wall Mount “ARVAULT” Fast-Access Gun Safe

And open …

Gunvault is a known producer of fast-access gun safes.

In fact, the fast-access gun safes that I my handguns are sitting in are all Gunvault brand if I remember correctly.

That’s why I was excited to stop by their SHOT Show 2017 booth and see their new ARVAULT for the AR-15 available.

The design is VERY much like their proven handgun safes. It’s a clam-shell. They are going to offer a digital code and also the Biometric-digital versions both with backup override keys. I still don’t trust those darn robots so I prefer the finger code version.

You can wall mount it so a thief just doesn’t grab it and walk away. The locking box covers the trigger and magazine section. In the picture I took a Trijicon MRO red dot sight was on the AR-15, you’ll notice that it takes up most of the available room so you wouldn’t be able to run a full size or low power variable optic with this setup, but a red dot for home defense use is just right here. I do NOT think it fits a 30-round magazine though … my only concern.

Really neat product, and I’m actually looking forward to getting one myself. Check it out at

2. Gunvault Tacsafe

I thought I would mention the Gunvault Tacsafe here because I haven’t seen much about it online. Although, according to my research it’s not “new” just not widely stocked anywhere (that I can find).

It also is offered with a fast-access key code lock. It DOES fit a 30-round magazine because it basically resembles a “1 rifle” gun safe that you can stick in a closet or a corner in your bedroom. This is definitely more traditional and more expensive than the ARVault, but I wanted to mention it here becuase it’s from Gunvault — the same company — and was high on my list before the ARVAULT came out. Again, more on the website.

3. The Boomdock fast-access gun safe.

This is another wall-mounted fast-access design and it has a lot of neat features from what the rep was showing me …

1. It can fit not just AR-15’s but shotguns and other home defense long guns.

2. Allows rapid access to your home defense long gun in under 3 seconds with the included RFID card (Also opens with a programmable 4 digit PIN)

3. Will hold long guns with a variety of accessories (because of the adjustable rail inside)

4. Has a motion activated LED light to illuminate your keypad

5. Includes several safety features such as a steel pin that blocks the trigger from being pulled while your long gun is in the BoomDock® (it goes BEHIND the trigger in the trigger guard)

6. It has an adjustable “mount” on the inside that allows you to fit different size guns in there — no matter what mods you’ve made to your AR or other long gun

In the video below you can see some of the features demonstrated:

Check them out at

What do you think?

Do you think these fast-access AR-15 style safes will catch on?

Planning on picking any of these up?

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It’s no secret I’m a fan of low power variable scopes for the AR-15.

After all, they let you turn your humble AR-15 carbine into a “do it all” rifle you can then use for everything from CQB to long-range “sniping”!

And technology just keeps getting better. Whereas 1-4x power used to be the standard, now it’s really 1-6x and many new 1-8x scopes are hitting the scene. Here’s two of my favorite new low power variable scopes I just saw revealed at SHOW Show 2017:

1. NEW! Burris RT-6 1-6×24

I have been running a Burris MTAC 1.5-6x42mm scope on one of my primary AR-15 rifles for quite a while now. It’s definitely one of the 3 Absolute BEST 1-6x Low Power Variable AR-15 Scopes For Under $400 as I’ve written before.

It appears that much like Vortex did with their 1-6x power scope, Burris is stepping up in a big way and releasing a new 1-6x power scope that looks to be a solid performer (given how well their MTAC products have done) at a low price point.

I got to spend a little hands on time with the Burris RT-6 1-6×24 and it is one sweet tactical AR-15 scope!

From a Burris press release, the scope features:

“Shorter than most 1-4x scopes, 3-Gun shooters will find the RT-6 is easy to handle and quick to point. The 6x zoom with true 1x setting allows eyes open engagement at close range, and the Ballistic AR™ mil reticle with trajectory compensation puts you on target out to 600 yards.

Features of the RT-6 1-6x24mm include:

* Illuminated reticle with 11 levels of illumination
* Integrated throw lever
* 30mm tube size
* Waterproof, shockproof and fog proof
* Nitrogen filled
* Matte finish”

One other cool thing I don’t want to forget to mention is that it comes with a built-in “throw lever” making it much easier to adjust from 1x to 6x power quickly when you need to change ranges fast (this is a nice touch!)

Now, let’s talk about the price. As you can see, from the picture I took the MSRP at shot show was listed at $549. In the video below, the only video I can find (taken at the same booth I was at during SHOT Show 2017), the Burris rep says it’s $419 MSRP. Add to that the only press release I could find that this new product was coming this year said MSRP was $419 as well. My guess (and hope!) is that this is Burris’s new scope to challenge the Vortex Strike Eagle as a sub-$400 scope for the AR-15 market.

Lastly, the reticle is the Ballistic AR™ that I was talking about before which I think is an improvement on their MTAC line of scopes:

And explained …

I was able to find the video below where a rep described some of his favorite features of the new scope at the Burris booth:

2. Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28

Trijicon is known for their military-proven, bomb-proof line of scopes like the Trijicon ACOG. They also have a reputation for producing really nice low-power variable optics like the Accupower series.

What I didn’t realize about this scope — even after handling it a lot and talking to the rep at the Trijicon booth — until I studied the brochure — is that this is a 1-8×28 power scope. It has a larger 38mm tube diameter (as opposed to 30mm) and a larger 28mm objective lens (as opposed to a 24mm).

What I DO know because I picked it up multiple times is that while it looked big and robust and it’s a 1-8x power scope, it was lightweight for its size. According to the Trijicon website, it’s only 25oz which is heavier than I would have guessed actually.

This is also a 1st focal plane scope. Trijicon is a pricier scope brand, but like they say, you get what you pay for and you’re investing in a military proven brand. MSRP looks to be at $1,699 from their website and check out the reticle below:

And here’s how it looks when you zoom in because it’s FFP:

The effect you get with this scope is at 1x the big red circles look easy to acquire like a holographic site, but then when you zoom in they’re “out of the way” enough that you can be very precise with the crosshairs. I really like it!

Somehow IraqVeteran8888 got their hands on this thing for a review already 5 days ago, check it out:

Those were the two new AR-15 low power variable scopes — NEW for 2017 — that I saw at SHOT Show. Are you excited about either of these?

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It’s official, the US ARMY has finally ended it’s search for a new handgun — the Army’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) — by choosing SIG SAUER.

Specifically, the gun that will replace the M9 and M11 pistols over the next 10 years is going to be built by Sig Sauer, Inc out of Newington, New Hampshire.

For all the details (and to see the pics!), keep reading …

Press Release Breaks The Story During SHOT Show 2017 … was the first to break the story on January 19, 2017 …

Sig Sauer Inc., Newington, New Hampshire, was awarded a $580,217,000 firm-fixed-price contract for the Modular Handgun System including handgun, accessories and ammunition to replace the current M9 handgun. Bids were solicited via the Internet with nine received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of Jan. 19, 2027. Army Contracting Command, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, is the contracting activity (W15QKN-17-D-0016).

SIG quickly followed up with their own official Press Release:

“SIG SAUER, Inc. announced today that the U.S. Army has selected the SIG SAUER Model P320 to replace the M9 service pistol currently in use since the mid-1980’s. Released in 2014, the P320 is a polymer striker-fired pistol that has proven itself in both the United States and worldwide markets. The P320 is the first modular pistol with interchangeable grip modules that can also be adjusted in frame size and caliber by the operator. All pistols will be produced at the SIG SAUER facilities in New Hampshire.

The MHS Program provides for the delivery of both full size and compact P320’s, over a period of ten (10) years. All pistols will be configurable to receive silencers and will also include both standard and extended capacity magazines.

“I am tremendously proud of the Modular Handgun System Team,” said Army Acquisition Executive, Steffanie Easter in the release. “By maximizing full and open competition across our industry partners, we truly have optimized the private sector advancements in handguns, ammunition and magazines and the end result will ensure a decidedly superior weapon system for our warfighters.””

I Walked Right By The SIG Booth At SHOT Show and Had No Idea!

It appears as if the actual pistol is a P320 chambered in either .40 S&W or 9mm (most likely a 9mm. In fact, it better be or this is a stupid move on Big ARMY’s part …) still a striker fired pistol but with a manual safety (a somewhat “rare” model).

The TAN/FDE colored handguns on this page are from SIG official, so that’s what it looks like.

Until we can get some hands on this new pistol (or anyone else does), that’s the only pictures I can share!

These two pics are from TheFirearmBlog of the closest current P320 model SIG with the manual safety:

And because I’ve never seen a P320 with a manual safety (though I have fired and seen a lot of P320 at gun training classes without a safety) — I thought this post from WeaponsMan was pretty cool showing diagrams about how the manual safety actually works:

4.2 Manual Safety Equipped Pistols

The SIG P320 is offered with an optional ambidextrous manual safety. The manual safety mechanically blocks the movement of the trigger bar so the trigger cannot be pressed to the rear.

To engage the manual safety, rotate the safety lever upward with the thumb of the firing hand. The manual safety is ambidextrous. Pressing up on the lever from either side will rotate the opposite lever upward, engaging the manual safety. The slide can still be manipulated with the manual safety engaged.

If you would rather watch a video about this story than read, here’s a good one from TFB:

What Do You Think?

Should they have given the contract to Glock like all the Special Operations Forces are already using?

Or do you think the P320 is a smart move?

Do you think it’s a little pre-mature to give it to SIG when the P320 is only a few years old and not yet … proven?

I will say I was fondling all the different (modular) grips of the SIG P320 while I was at SHOT show and I did actually like the “small” frame model as it fit my hand better than any other handgun I’ve picked up in a long time (in Double Stack format at least)…

Sound off in the comments!

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After walking — literally — over 10 miles worth of trade show floors at SHOT Show 2017, I was lucky enough to find some neat products.

What I’m really interested in, and have been for some time now, is the idea of conceal carry backpacks. Packs you can stick not just a handgun in, but also a short-barreled-rifle (SBR) or AR-15 pistol sized Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

Check out these awesome new packs:

1. Backpacks from Elite Survival Systems

I thought I knew all the people that made conceal carry backpacks like this, but I had not heard of Elite Survival Systems until I went to SHOT Show.

I’m glad I did, their backpacks look really nice. They actually LOOK like regular backpacks with nothing “Tactical” to give them away.

The Stealth backpack was pretty impressive (pictured above) and as you can see they offer a few others that are just as “low profile” but can conceal carry perfectly.

See more at and check out the video review I found on Youtube of the Stealth Covert Operations Backpack

2. Sneaky Bags

Sneaky Bags has been in the game for a while and they didn’t disappoint. This was actually my first time going hands on and checking out their SPYDER line of bags and seeing how quickly you could deploy a PDW type weapon out of one. They also had a new backpack out, that I really liked because it had multiple compartments. That way you could carry a gun in one compartment but also a laptop or other regular carry stuff in the other, so you can still use it like a regular backpack and nobody would know. It’s pictured to the far right in tan in this picture. Check out the SPYDER bag below:

3. Tuff Products Sentinel Backpack

I was looking forward to seeing this backpack that was designed by Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts. It looks almost completely like a regular hiking backpack on the outside … but you can fit a LAW tactical folded AR-15 PDW inside.

This thing is really slick and the guys at TUFF are good people.
See more at And here’s the backpack walkthrough by Yeti and Jeff from YouTube:

Bonus 4: 5.11 Covrt M4 Bags

The 5.11 COVRT M4 Bags have been out a while, but this was the first time I got to handle them together. I could definitely see using the small size. Check them out at 5.11.  Dave Biggers gives you a good review in the Youtube vid below:

I’ll keep my eyes out for more Covert Conceal Carry AR-15 bags!

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I’m sitting in a hotel room in Las Vegas writing you today because I’m at SHOT Show 2017.

The SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show is the biggest annual trade show of this type in the WORLD.

Attendance is RESTRICTED to the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade and commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement and tactical products and services ONLY.

That means it’s not like a gun show where you can walk in off the street to check stuff out and buy it, you have to be in the “business” so to speak.

Yesterday I was at the the SHOT Show Industry day tat the range, which means I got to shoot a ton of guns from all the manufacturers there. Check out what I saw …

What Is SHOT Show Industry Range Day?

For a quick primer on what goes on during the Industry Day at the range, check out this promo video from SHOT show:

Helping Setup Shooting Tables …

Early in the day, I helped my friends over at Dixie Gun Worx setup their shooting tables — which are the official shooting tables provided by the SHOT show for the exhibitors. Some brough their own, but these bad boys were setup for many of the booths.

They’re pretty darn cool actually, because they’re completely mobile. The table top disconnects from the base. The base is a tripod design that folds up and so does the shooting seat. The shooting seat is completely and totally adjustable — meaning you can easily (within seconds) have it setup for right or left handed shooters and accommodate various heights of shooters.

I’ll be doing a full review on these shooting tables in the future, because I think they’re a big jump forward compared to what most people are using and they fit a really unique spot in the market place.

Geissele Triggers And New Rail

I don’t have any aftermarket triggers in any of my AR-15’s. But that MAY change in the future because of Geissele. I got to shoot their single-stage and 2-stage triggers – the SSA and SD-SSP specifically – and they were really, really nice. This was actually my first time shooting a single-stage and I can see how it’d make long range accurate shots much easier.

Of note was the new rail from Geissele too. I’m a big fan of their rails, I really liked this one too the new MK13 rail, this one was 13″:

Vortex Shows Off New Holograph Weapon Sight — It’s Nice!

You already know that I’m a big fan of Vortex scopes for the AR-15. With their durable construction, great glass, and all for an even better price and lifetime warranty they’re great scopes. This new holographic site — if it is anything like their scopes — will be a serious contender.

It’s the Razor AMG UH-1 and it’s sweet. I’ve barely ever used a holographic site, but this was so easy to use I was able to hit a “hostage” steel target (similar to the image below) in 1.80 from low ready at (I’m guessing?) 15-25yds with it. They had a little contest going on and they wrote my score down on a brochure — you can see how it can allow you to make precise shots really quickly:

New Polymer-Copper Ammo Looks Promising

This new polymer copper ammo from Ruger and Inceptor looks promising. The rest of the cartridge is the same except the bullet projectile is made from a copper polymer blend and it comes in both self defense projectiles and “training” ammo similar to ball ammo like the pic below:


Jerry Miculek broke – ANOTHER – world record

And because it was a Monday (and I’m guessing because he was bored?), Jerry Miculek broke yet another world shooting record with official time keeping by the NRA there. Here he is praising the M&P-15 that he used in typical Jerry — humble — fashion instead of himself after smoking the three targets with over 7 rounds in 1.50 seconds I believe it was? I’ll have to track down the actual record he broke. Of note, I THINK he was using the new Vortex holographic site I talked about for this?

Silencers are BIG and going to keep getting bigger

Because of Trump being in the White House it seems like everyone is expecting the legislation for safe hearing — making silencers finally legal without all the hassles of paper work — to pass. I stopped by the SilencerCo booth and got to finally shoot the shotgun silencer and a really, really cool 45-70 lever gun that was silenced. Of note is that the silencer REALLY reduces the felt recoil of normally hard-kicking guns like the shotgun and 45-70 and turns the impulse into more of a “push” feel then a sharp jab into your shoulder. Silencers are going to be an excellent way to introduce new people to shooting in the future — I can’t wait till they’re 100% legal like they should be.

UTM Paint Marking Training Rounds For Civilians

Lastly, because this is getting long and I have to get ready for the 2nd day of SHOT show here, another cool new thing is that UTM is really expanding their training rounds for the civilian market.

Now you can buy these kits relatively affordably and either do target shooting in your backyard (even in the suburbs! As long as your neighbors are cool …) with your normal guns you shoot (but shooting these paint rounds) or force-on-force training with the “man marker” rounds using your concealed carry or home defense guns. Really valuable training is going to happen in the future because these guys are selling to civilians when many aren’t.

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I’m very excited about the future of 3D printing for homemade guns.

Actually, the future of homemade/DIY 3D-printed EVERYTHING is very exciting, but for now we’ll talk about guns.

Today I’d like to show you the first 3D-printed M1911 that I’m aware of.

Check it out:

3D Printed M1911 With 3D-printed Parts Too!

The complete IMGUR album is here, but what I find really interesting is that this 1911 handgun not only has a 3D-printed frame, but parts too!

The author says: “Parts were printed in Taulman 910 nylon. Grip safety, manual safety, mainspring housing, mag release, and slide stop are all printed. That saved like $100 in parts (at least for testing purposes).”

For anyone that has built a 1911 pistol (or detail assembled one), you know there’s a lot of “hand fitting” to get things right. I wonder if it being made out of nylon/plastic makes it easier to file/fit?

Here’s a bunch of the test frames that were printed first …

The upper on the 1911 is a standard Kimber .22LR conversion kit. Very cool!

Explanation video here of the entire build with some test-firing:

Honestly, in the updated video below where he does additional test-firing — stuff like “stiff trigger” and “light primer strikes” doesn’t sound like that big of a problem. At least for the 1911 platform, where if you mess with a lot of stuff (like spring strength, etc) you run into these problems anyways.

In other words, I don’t think a lot of his problems are directly because of the 3d-printed frame. They sound like regular 1911 problems.

Pretty cool stuff, what do you think?

If you’re a 1911 guy, do you think — in 10-20 yrs — you would be 3d-printing your own “custom” 1911 at home like this?



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I’m not one for conspiracy theories …

But, there is something weird going on.

As you’re about to see, there are some very suspicious things going on with the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting incident.


Ft. Lauderdale Gunman Told FBI “the government controlled his mind and forced him to watch ISIS videos”

Estaban Santiago, the 26-year-old airline passenger accused of shooting up a baggage claim area at the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood airport visited the FBI Anchorage field office and told officers

… the government controlled his mind and forced him to watch ISIS videos“.

Keep in mind, this is not just being reported on so-called “fake news” websites (according to the mainstream media, any media/news source that is not influenced by the political regime in Washington is a “fake news” site). This is all over mainstream media news too.

In fact, I took a screenshot of the CNN story that I first read this on, just in case it later gets removed (obviously emphasis of red box and arrow are mine):

In other words, this gunman — the father of a baby in September — is claiming a US Intelligence agency was controlling his mind and forcing him to watch Islamic State videos.

Although nobody is claiming this is Islamic Terrorism yet, the following picture shows him doing what appears to be the Islamic State salute:

This is important. From Foreign Affairs (emphasis mine):

When ISIS militants hold up a single index finger on their right hands, they are alluding to the tawhid, the belief in the oneness of God and a key component of the Muslim religion. The tawhid comprises the first half of the shahada, which is an affirmation of faith, one of the five pillars of Islam, and a component of daily prayers: “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

It is no surprise, then, that the shahada features prominently in ISIS’ public image. The group’s black flag bears the vow’s words in white Arabic script (as does Hamas’ and even Saudi Arabia’s). And Muslims have long associated a single index finger with the shahada in a variety of contexts, ranging from daily prayers to conversions.

But for ISIS, the symbol is more sinister than a mere declaration of monotheistic beliefs. As Salafi jihadists, members of the group adhere to a fundamentalist interpretation of tawhid that rejects non-fundamentalist regimes as idolatrous. In other words, the concept of tawhid is central to ISIS’ violent and uncompromising posture toward its opponents, both in the Middle East and in the West.

When ISIS militants display the sign, to one another or to a photographer, they are actively reaffirming their dedication to that ideology, whose underlying principle demands the destruction of the West. If rank-and-file soldiers are aware of the precise theological implications of their sign — and it would be no surprise if they are — that would be a sobering comment on their deep-seated opposition to pluralism.

The gesture is equally important for what it means to Westerners, most of whom cannot read Arabic. By raising their index fingers, militants send an easy-to-understand message of the group’s goals of theological supremacy and military hegemony. When potential ISIS recruits in London, New York, or Sydney see the symbol on Twitter, they can grasp the scale of ISIS’ ambitions and its underlying aims. At some visceral level, less-radicalized viewers understand that it means dominance.”

He certainly seems to be embracing Islam.

It’s a Fact That The FBI Has Been Funding, Provoking, And Helping “Create” Terror Plots Since 9/11

Again, I’m not one for conspiracies.

That’s why the truth is so interesting here.

It’s a well-documented fact that the FBI uses a portion of its budget to hire informants. They also reach out to people and — posing as terrorists — offer help, assistance, guidance, and even weapons & money for terrorist plots.

Then they “bust” those guys that they basically “setup”.

Again, this is not conspiracy theory or even conjecture here, this is documented. The TED Talk below explains the situation rather effectively:

In 2012, Petra Bartosiewicz in The Nation reviewed the post-9/11 body of terrorism cases and concluded:

Nearly every major post-9/11 terrorism-related prosecution has involved a sting operation, at the center of which is a government informant. In these cases, the informants — who work for money or are seeking leniency on criminal charges of their own — have crossed the line from merely observing potential criminal behavior to encouraging and assisting people to participate in plots that are largely scripted by the FBI itself. Under the FBI’s guiding hand, the informants provide the weapons, suggest the targets and even initiate the inflammatory political rhetoric that later elevates the charges to the level of terrorism.

It appears to be easier to manufacture terrorist plots than to find ones in actual progress. To quote FBI assistant director Thomas Fuentes:

“If you’re submitting budget proposals for a law enforcement agency, for an intelligence agency, you’re not going to submit the proposal that “We won the war on terror and everything’s great,” cuz the first thing that’s gonna happen is your budget’s gonna be cut in half. You know, it’s my opposite of Jesse Jackson’s ‘Keep Hope Alive’—it’s ‘Keep Fear Alive.’ Keep it alive.”

Omar Matteen, the Orlando Nightclub shooter was also approached by FBI informants and they tried to get him to do some terrorist attacks. The FBI said he did not take the “bait”. They closed their investigation on him. He later shot up the Orlando Gay Nightclub – murdering 49 people.

It Makes You Wonder … How Many of These Terror Attacks Are the Ones The FBI Instigated But Failed To Stop?

I’m not saying there is some vast “illuminati” conspiracy here.

Not at all.

I am saying that, it is actual fact the FBI uses provokes and attempts to “help” suspected domestic terrorists to commit terrorist attacks … so they can later stop the attack and arrest them.

(Whether this works or not, I don’t have the knowledge or experience to judge. But we do know it’s happening.)

What I’m wondering is …

How many of these terrorist attacks were inspired, planned, and encouraged by the FBI at some point. The — often mentally unstable — suspect backed out. Then later — after he was no longer a subject of the FBI’s interest — thought to himself, “you know, that wasn’t that bad of an idea …” and then goes on to commit a horrific act of mass murder/terrorism.

Further, how many of these terrorist plots are created by the FBI to achieve political goals? Like say, committing a mass shooting with a firearm carried in checked baggage to inspire popular outrage in the hopes of further gun control?

What are your thoughts? Think this is some vast Government conspiracy? Or maybe just some rather reckless “counter terrorism” strategy that has backfired?



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The clip you’re about to see is somewhat disturbing …

It might be taken down from the internet (multiple other copies of it already have). It is also NSFW because not only are they torturing them, but there’s a lot of cussing/cursing.

That’s why you should watch it now, while it’s still live:

4 Black Chicago Teens Torture White Special Needs Kid On Facebook Live (Make Him Say ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ & ‘F*ck White People’)

WARNING: you are welcome to comment on this post, please do in fact, however any racist comments will be deleted. I hold my readers to a higher standard.

The Importance Of ‘Escape & Evasion’ Skills

I post this video not just for shock effect, but so that we can all learn from it.

This is not the full video, which was taken down as I understand it, but I have read that the full video is 30 minutes long.

It starts with the mentally disabled teen being cornered by the 4 assailants and taunted and threatened …

My first takeaway is that if you find yourself facing multiple assailants that are intending to do your harm — flee.


Fight first if you must but then get out/away as quick as possible.

It seems like a good a plan as any to drill the closest guy in front of you as hard and fast as possible and then sprint away, shoving your way through the others if necessary. Don’t put your fists up and try to continue the fight. Don’t wait to see “how bad your punch hurt him”. You want a vicious, surprising, “ambush” type attack just to startle them all and distract them — giving you enough time to start running.

You do not want to get tied up or otherwise restrained like the man in this video.

(Oh yeah, that also brings up the point — can YOU outrun 4 young, physically fit teens? Oh you can’t? Because you’re fat and lazy and you don’t take your physical training seriously? You need to fix that then. And your age is not an excuse!)

If you do get tied up, then you should learn some basic escape & evasion skills.

That’s because this happens more often than you think.

Especially during home invasions, people are often restrained.

The criminals favor zip ties, rope and duct tape.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 1 out of every 5 homes will be the victim of a break-in or home invasion. And get this: 38% of violent assaults and 60% of rapes occur during a home invasion.

it would be good if you learned how to escape common restraints such as rope, zip ties and duct tape that home invaders like to use. It’s not that hard and will go a long way towards keeping you calm in a situation like this.

My good friend and former CIA officer Jason Hanson teaches this in his Spy Escape & Evasion Course. This method #1 works well with zip ties and duct tape:

When you are getting ziptied, make sure you keep your elbows together and bend forward.

Next, you need to have the lock in the middle of your hands. This allows you to pop the lock, later. If the lock is not in the middle of your hands, you need to maneuver it, or use your teeth to reposition the lock.

zip-tie-restraint-escape-jason-hansons-evasion-methods6Put your hands over the head, come down past your hips out to the side. The lock will pop right off.




Those images are from Jason’s full course called “Spy Escape & Evasion” which you can learn more about here. He also offers this course work in a live class format.

Greg Ellifritz also has a good article called “Your Tactical Training Scenario- Tied Up During a Home Invasion” where he give some great tips on surviving a hostage situation like this.

Keep your head up and stay safe out there. Can you think of any ways to escape a situation like this? If so, post them in the comments!

WARNING: I really want you to comment on this post, however any racist comments will be deleted. I hold my readers to a higher standard.

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This …

Is one of the coolest Do-It-Yourself and/or Home-made things I’ve seen all year.

I’m THAT excited about it.

This “punk” kid (sorry, I have no idea how old he is) just made his own body armor for $30 and it stops 9mm and EVERYTHING shot out of a 12 gauge shotgun (including buckshot and a slug!).

You do NOT want tomiss this. Click the link below to see it now!

How To Make AMAZING Bullet Resistant Armor For $30!

Not only is this kid a genius, but he’s also SUPER entertaining to watch. Check this out for sure:

From what I gather from this video, this kid achieved this amazing DIY body-armor for $30 with the following:

1. A 5×5′ sheet of fiberglass welding blanket. This blanket on Amazon looks perfect for this.

2. Fiberglass Resin from Bondo. Click here to get it on Amazon.

And quite simply, I’m amazed!

This kid made home-made armor for $30 that’s probably as light as most dyneema body armor and almost works as well. The ONLY thing it didn’t stop was the 5.56 rounds and I’m guessing that’s because they’re so high velocity … and this is just fiberglass.

Wonder what other fiber-based materials you could source to make this type of body armor cheaply that would stop the higher velocity rifle rounds like 5.56/7.62×39?

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