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Thugs in Chicago have been robbing freight cars loaded with guns. These robberies aren’t exactly the high drama horseback robberies of western folk lore. Basically, thugs get a tip on which railroad cars have weapons in them, then they sneak in at night and steal them.

As law abiding gun owners have been saying for decades; we need to enforce existing laws not create new ones. The perverse political situation in Chicago leads every conversation about crime prevention to gun control, but banning guns from decent people in rural areas does nothing to stem city violence.

Here’s the low-down on the train robberies:

The guns – boxes and boxes of them – are part of shipments that are destined for gun companies or gun shops across the country. But as gangsters have caught on to the practice, they are ransacking these trains and stealing weapons that eventually make their way to the city’s blood-soaked streets.

“Any time you have individuals who can go in and steal guns from a train, that makes the environment very toxic,” said Pastor Cory Brooks, who leads a church around the corner from the freight yard.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said that since 2013, more than 150 firearms have been reported stolen from freight trains. An Associated Press investigation revealed that some were traced to violent crimes and only 16 were recovered.

The City of Chicago is living proof that gun control does nothing to reduce crime, only crime control can do that. Banning cosmetic features on grandpa’s rifle doesn’t put bad guys in jail.

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It’s foam made of molten metal! Ultra light-weight, it breaks bullets up into fragments the size of dust. The foam will most likely be placed in the center of two plates or wrapped in a thin layer of Kevlar. The foam is completely capable of stopping and destroying bullets on it’s own, but from the sound of things, it benefits from having support for multiple hits.

Looking at the photos this stuff might be a little bulky, but it’s weight and strength is totally unmatched.

Here’s what happened when the foam met Armour Piercing bullets: (From The N.Y. Post)

The foam worked so well that an armor-piercing round could only penetrate less than an inch on the weapon-facing side of the shield.

On the side facing the warfighter’s body, the bullet was only able to cause an 8 mm indentation on the back .

Body armor innovation is important because it can save lives.

The National Institute of Justice standard allows up to 44 mm indentation from a bullet on the side facing the user — so the foam performs 80 percent better than the maximum standard.

That’s just insane! It’s not the first bullet proof foam on the block, but it does have some of the best test results. Check out the video below:

It’s going to take some time to see real world applications of this substance. Also, what will it cost to manufacturer a vest out of the stuff? There are still plenty of questions about how it’ll all play out, but bullet proof foam is something to keep an eye on.


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Tucker Carlson asked a gun grabber a simple question about so-called “assault weapons.” A simple question that gun control advocates can never answer. The result is a lot of deflection, but no straight-forward answer. After all, answering this question honestly pretty much destroys this guys narrative.

Watch he squirm below:


The reality is that the vast majority of homicides are not committed with so-called “assault weapons.” Even blunt objects like bats and hammers kill more people each year. Chicago banned ALL HANDGUNS, not just so-called “assault weapons”, and they still have record high crime. The federal government banned so-called “assault weapons” from 1994-2004 and crime is lower today (in most places) than it was during the ban.

A ban on so-called “assault weapons” can’t lower the crime rate by any measurable degree, the reason is simple: very few crimes are being committed with such weapons in the first place. That’s “common sense” liberal gun control in a nutshell. The key to lower crime is to ban guns that law abiding citizens aren’t using to commit crimes, while completely ignoring the enforcement of existing laws designed to take guns that actually are used in crimes from the criminals who possess them.

Should we stop and frisk suspected gang members acting suspiciously on the street corner and confiscate their illegal guns? NO THAT’S RACIST! How about following up on an insane person, like the Sandy Hook shooter, who is on record trying to buy a gun illegally, should we do anything about crazy people failing NICS checks? NO, WE DON’T HAVE THE RESOURCES FOR THAT, INSTEAD LETS GO AFTER 80 MILLION LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. The struggle continues…


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In what appears to be yet another radical Islamic terror attack, a knife wielding nutcase was slashing victims with a knife. Apparently, he didn’t care that it’s against the rules at Ohio State to slash people with a knife after you tried to run them over with your car. It turns out that rules in the student handbook about attacking people are just as effective as gun free zones at preventing violence.

Fortunately, the gun free zone around the university doesn’t apply to cops. A 28 year old officer saved the day when he shot the suspect dead at the scene of the crime.


The Right Scoop has more:


The brutal and nasty attack at Ohio State University today might have been a lot worse had it not been for the hero cop now being identified as Alan Horujko:

From Fox News:

Ohio State University’s public safety director praised the quick and responsible actions of the police officer who killed the suspect in Monday’s attack on campus.

“We all owe [him] a debt of gratitude,” Monica Moll said of OSU Police Officer Alan Horujko.

Horujko, 28, is a nearly two-year veteran of the campus police department, and Moll said he took action immediately after seeing Abdul Razak Ali Artan allegedly drive a vehicle into a number of pedestrians.

At 9:52 a.m. local time, Horujko radioed to his dispatcher that a car had hit “seven or eight” people.

A short time later, he radioed that the man had a knife, as Artan got out of the vehicle and began slashing bystanders with a butcher knife.

Moll praised Horujko for a “fabulous job” in “using deadly force to stop the threat”.

The Right Scoop also exposes people on the left who just had to find some dumb criticism of the shooting.

This is just pathetic:

But don’t applaud too much, or dumbass liberals will call you a racist:


I’m not sure what this idiot’s point is – the cop shot and killed the attacker because he was black, and not because he was hacking away at innocent people with a butcher knife? Thank God He didn’t make me with the brain disease known as liberalism.

Bravo to officer Horujko for answering the call of duty!

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Pro-gun Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb recently gave his theory on why poor and blue collar white people voted for Trump. While Webb did acknowledge guns as one of many reasons, the biggest reason he cited is a little more obvious.

Jim Webb may not be “politically correct”, but he is correct about politics. Watch this great response by Webb below:

Jim Webb makes the case that Democrats sure as heck haven’t been showing any dignity to Trump voters. Poor white voters have a tough time believing that they have all this “white privilege” that makes life so “easy” for them. Democrats doubled down on identity politics to the point where poor white voters, as Jim Webb says, “don’t think Democrats like them.”

Threatening to throw people in jail for possessing purely cosmetic feature on firearms is another way that Democrats make it clear that they don’t like gun owners (of any race). Democrats convinced themselves that they didn’t need the votes of working class whites, gun owners, or fiscal moderates since the “future” doesn’t include those voters.

Not only did 2016 made it clear that Democrats jumped the gun. Much to their own shock, they are losing traction with Hispanic voters AND getting crushed by blue collar white voters at the same time.


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