Anti-Gunner Politician Nailed On National TV For Hypocrisy About Guns


One thing that you can count on with anti-gunners, especially anti-gunner politicians, is that they are hypocrites when it comes to the issue of guns and self-protection. They tell you that only crazy people want firearms and that we can and should trust and depend on the police to protect us.

But their actions say that they don’t believe that.

Case in point is Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-California) who proposed ridiculous gun buyback and confiscation in a piece that he wrote for USA Today (hat tip to here for the lead). In the piece, Swalwell proposed:


We should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons. We should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law and we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons.

Now, when confronted by Fox’s Tucker Carlson about his positions, Swalwell couldn’t seem to get his head around his hypocrisy. Nicholas Fondacaro gives us the details:

“So, your bodyguards should have any kind of guns they want,” Carlson declared. And after spending some time asserting the Capitol Hill police weren’t there to protect members of Congress, Swalwell demanded to know “Why do you need an AR-15 to protect your house?

“Why shouldn’t my wife have the same firearm at home that your bodyguards use to protect you,” Carlson shot back at one point. Swalwell couldn’t wrap his mind around the question:

SWALWELL: That is a ridiculous argument, Tucker.

CARLSON: But, why?

SWALWELL: It’s absolutely ridiculous!

CARLSON: Why is it ridiculous? Cause you’re more important than me?

SWALWELL: No—I—You are trying to confuse the issue here.

CARLSON: I’m asking a sincere question. Why should you get to protect yourself with certain guns—

“I’m merely saying that you have better protection than I do. And you are saying that my family doesn’t deserve to have a certain species of weapon,” Carlson clarified. “You get to decide what we can protect ourselves with but you are not going to in any way take the ability to protect you away from the Capitol Hill police” Swalwell never had a real legitimate answer to Carlson’s expert questions.

Of course, this kind of exchange with an anti-gunner is typical. They don’t think about the ramifications of what they want to do, and they are oblivious to their hypocrisy. Either way, law abiding Americans shouldn’t have to put up with this nonsense, and we should insist that Congress have to abide by exactly the same laws that we do.

That means no guns for them and no armed bodyguards either unless everyday citizens like you and me are free to do the same.



  1. Anyone who says the Police can protect the population in a catastrophic event, natural or otherwise is way out of touch. As a retired Police Officer I’ve worked nights where jobs were backed up for hours because of lack of manpower. A shooting on one street could tie up police officers and detectives for hours. Even with National Guard help a 72 hour power outage only a small percentage of the population could “possibly” be protected. If the proverbial stuff hits the fan American citizens, who have a right to protect themselves, had better wake up defend the 2nd Amendment.

    • The courts have ruled more than once that police have no duty to protect anyone.
      See Bowers v. DeVito, 686 F.2d 616 (7th Cir., 1982) for one such ruling.

      • Isn’t it strange that none of the retarded liberals have ever mentioned the fact that the Nazis of Germany stripped the guns from their people and they now have the highest murder rate in the western countries. All being committed by knifes. MERKEL is the equivalent of HITLER.

  2. Like most anti-gunners Swalwell have shit for brains. Nobody is going to give up their AR-15 no matter how much you pay them for it. That’s just stupid. An AR-15 is no different than a 1911 semiautomatic pistol. You have to pull the trigger each time that you fire it. To think that people will give up their guns is crazy. And any law that makes possession of a gun illegal will cause a civil war.

    • Correct, They are stupid and ignorant about guns, as long as they have protection they don’t care about citizens rights.

      • There’s an old saying about intellects. ” The more intelligent they are. The stupider they become.

    • According to the Bible God has sent these people a STRONG DELUSION that they should believe a lie and be damned because they did not love or receive the truth.

      • These people have addled brains from drinking too much “mysticated wine”. It is becoming very well known that the “elite” are addicted to AdrenoChrome. I’ll let you google that stuff up because I don’t want to have to explain it to you here. But it has to do with what the “Veterans on Patrol” (VOP) have found around Tucson Ariz., and it ain’t pretty.

        • A new speed record was set for how fast that Tucson child trafficking and abuse story was made to disappear; even faster than the Comet Pizza briefly lifted rock.

    • It has nothing to do with intelligence. Some of the smartest people do the stupidest things, not because they’re dumb, but because they have been indoctrinated to think a certain way. (given an error to believe as truth). The ability to remember a lot of things, and to reason from A through B, and C, and get to F, is nice, but if you were given the wrong A, you’ll get to the wrong F, every time. Their heads work all right, but they;’re screwed on wrong….. It’s like navigating on a planned course of due East, and starting off with a 2-degree error. When you’re 100 miles down track, you’re WAY, way off course, and very far from your destination.

      • That is xactly right!!! You dont have to be dumb to be stupid!! But demon possession sure does help on the LEFT!! Noticed I did NOT mention either political partys?!?!

  3. Very true , I would iike all of Hollywood protectionism from armed Bodyguards, be halted. Also armed protection for all R. Athletes stopped. Also every Politician that is against second Amendment no armed protection

    • You and me both, when they stop having armed protection then let them express their ignorant opinions.

      • Hey are these guards paid for by our taxes ? How about all law abiding Americans petition our President to take that funding away and use those millions to help the poor or create jobs for the unemployed !!!

    • Excellent proposal., The police in the small town in Northern (Orland) California are worthless. It stays. between 100-118 *f for days. last summer my air conditioner went poof. I am a 72, yo female with breast cancer. I do not tolerate the heat well. No money to replace the a.c. $6,000.00, and I checked into a motel. 2nd. night I woke about midnight someone was trying to get into my room. I called 911. No police showed up. I called the office, No one showed up. I again called 911 I put my phone near the door s 911, could hear the commotion at the door. AGAIN NO ONE SHOWED UP. The police in Orland are pompous self entitled e-books not worth 2,cents. Won’t change until Jerry Brown and Gavin are run out of the state.

  4. What a idiot. I can’t protect my family? But he has body guards to protect him?????

    • Sounds exactly like the same stunt Barbara Boxer pulled in the early 1990’s. Get t the sf, la,hw,Sam’s keep electing her.

  5. That is like ALL of the liberals. Whatever they do, whatever they say, whatever the utilize is fine as long as the conservative population does not do the same. Conservative battle cry, DOUBLE STANDARD, DOUBLE STANDARD!

    • Yes to state the obvious they all have different laws , if one of our citizens did as they do they’d in jail faster that you could shake a stick, DOUBLE STANDARDS is right.

  6. I watched that exchange — swalwell acted like one of Jeff Dunham’s dummies. He was completely clueless that he was being made a fool and even less aware that he was making a total fool out of himself. He was a total blubbering idiot without an ounce of reason or justification for what he was trying to put forward. He is worse than a total hypocrite — he got eaten alive by one of us normal people.

  7. Swalwell, and others within his Communistic Party would be better served, if they supported our Constitution and”Bill of Rights”, instead of trying to destroy our rights! The Democratic Progressive Party is just another party with ties to East Germany, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the other hoards of Dictatorial Regimes that, Killed their own people, after seizing weapons. Let me tell you Mr. Swalwell, as a Retired military Member, and a member of Hundreds of Thousands of Vets across this country, we do not give a damn what law you pass, the gun Confiscation is dead upon arrival with us. We will not obey that Law. The Second Amendment is written in stone, not to be changed, rescinded, or terminated, period. So, if you and your party desire to take our “God given Rights”, I suggest you leave the country, as you will not be afforded any quarter within the US.

    You seem to forget about one small detail. How long do you think the American public that treasure our rights, will put with you and your parties continued destruction of the Constitution. Not much longer, you moron.

    • Thats hitting the nail on the head Rich!! Heres thx for ur service,from a former member of the 9th Infintry Division,Mekong Delta from Dec 67/Dec 68..A surviver of the 68 Tet offensive..May the Good Lord Yeshua continue to guide you in His precepts,and protect you from the evil one!!

  8. Tell that ass to try to get them. Its a rifle always was and always will be. How about we start bannig cars they kill 10 times more than rifles. How about that you stupid ass politician. You probably never did serve you were a pussy!!


  10. Liberals are so retarded it’s funny so in educated,so delusional,how do they even function in life,good greif,

  11. Since any semi-automatic rifle is called an “assault rifle”, why isn’t any semi-automatic pistol referred to as an “assault pistol”. The function is the same and, in some cases, like a Thompson (semi-auto version) of the “Tommy Gun” and a military 1911, the ammo is the same (45ACP). So, when are we going to fight semantics with semantics. The Tommy Gun was used by military and police just as the AR platform of weapons is used by them today.

  12. Couple of points re the above and comments thereon.

    1. Various courts have repeatedly ruled that the police owe the individual no particular service, especially protection, that the police are there “to protect society”, whatever that might mean.

    2. Did a major media outlet actually cover the discussion, the “given and take” between a citizen and one of the myriad elected things?

    3. Re this “buy back” by the state, given that the state was not the seller, what kind of hog wash is this elected thing trying to peddle, seems a more than reasonable question.

    4. Finally, re the usual line about “military style semiautomatic assault weapons”, the term “assault weapon” is political/media hogwash, for “Assault Weapon” is ANYTHING one person assaults another with. Assault Rifle, on the other hand, is a quite specific military term, that references a Selective Fire Capable Rifle. Such arms are, courtesy of long existing federal law, National Firearms Act of 1934, not generally available to the private citizen, though with a great deal of paper work, and the purchase of a $200 tax stamp, the private citizen might obtain one. Some states disallow the ownership of such arms by the private citizen, others don’t. In any event, what is known as The Hughes Amendment, tacked onto the Firearms Owners Protection Act created a serious distortion to the limited market that existed for such arms.

    The foregoing, I submit, raises the following question. Exactly what the hell are media types, and hack politicians talking about, and why don’t they do just a bit of research BEFORE starting their mouths.

  13. Well when 911 is called response time typically is 30-45 minutes during which time the home invader is free to do as he wishes. If home owner is armed and can defend family and self said home owner is more likely to survive. REMEMBER THE JOB OF POLICE IS TO REPORT ON CRIME NOT PREVENT CRIME. The police can not be in each and every home 24/7 to provide protection.!!

  14. Elitist pukes like California Congress person Eric Swalwell (D) California, should not be allowed to handle firearms! He is obviously incapable of a logical thought process. He wants to disarm decent, honest citizens while the criminals and crazies still their guns!

  15. I’m completely comfortable with people against guns being under no obligation to have them, and I don’t see how they could legally be saddled with that obligation now that the Supreme Court has decided against mandated insurance purchase. Under Obama’s law, given that possession of a gun is a form of life insurance, Congress could have mandated ownership and maintenance of a personal firearm. Reciprocally, now that the anti-gun cabal is assured they won’t be obligated to buy a gun (thanks to Republican efforts), it should be incumbent upon them to leave the rest of us, the ones who deem personal protection a rational obligation to ourselves and our families and freedom among our most valuable possessions, the right to possess anything at all that we want so long as we do not intrude upon the freedom and well being of our fellow citizens – except the one breaking into our house. We already have laws against shooting people unnecessarily.

  16. The Supreme Court has ruled, at least 3 times, that “the police have no obligation to protect the individual”
    You would think a lawmaker would know about these rulings.

    • These azzwipes need to be questioned as to who is giving them their marching orders. Who is telling them what to say about gun control, and who pays them to vote in a certain way. They certainly are not reflective of American values, and they do not vote in accordance to what their constituents want. In short, they are puppets for someone else. They are selling us out. They are TRAITORS who should be charged, given a fair trial, and if convicted be given a tar and feathering and then a rail ride down to the hanging tree. These pukes are azzwipes of the highest degree. Where is law enforcement when the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land, is being shredded ? Are they all compromised because of the AdrenoChrome thing also ?

      • They are the demon-possessed Left minnions of the 1 individual who controls the WHOLE world..and its not the George Soros’ of the world.They are the puppets of the Black Pope,aka the Jesuit General of the Society of Jesus..possessed/controlled by Satan himself..

  17. We made one big mistake up here in Oregon by not getting involved into our political matters but that’s one thing we are determined to fix and now we have one of those proposals later this month and by God we are not going to let that happen again. Come election time, we’re planning to fix the political crap too. I know we have a rating of being a liberal state when in reality we are not by majority so we got our work cut out for us now. Should’ve done this when they first started showing up here, we were just too damn naive thinking what can they hurt? They’re just a bunch of homos, but we found out. From Kate Brown and Ron Widen and any others that don’t like the way Oregonians do things. We worked too hard for too long to just sit by anymore, they gotta go!!


  19. Two things the truth is has been and always will be if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Number two how stupid is it to have gun free zones it is one notch down from posting it with signs dau. With that said I read a posting on here cal wants all electric cars by 2025. That instantly told me how to solve the lib problem there once they have all there cars electric we pull the plug on them. All electricity flowing into California we stop supplying boom they can’t go anywhere problem solved is my thinking sick hummm?

  20. Discontinue the Capitol Hill Police. Let the unarmed anti gun politicians fend for themselves without any firearms!

  21. One must remember that ANTI GUNNERS and ANTI GUN POLITICIANS are not MENTALY CAPABLE OF GRASPING RATIONAL THOUGHT. They are only capable of grasping their own twisted reality and thoughts no matter how said reality and thoughts affect others.

  22. Here it is in a nut shell the NRA is about (2) two things;your right’s to keep and bear arms, and fire arms
    As for the soros and bloomberg paid for anti gun ignoramuses you are never going to change there opinion,so don’t even try. EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT FIRE ARMS AND THE CONSTITUTION????

  23. Remember that semi-auto rifles with certain accessories are called “assault weapons”, semi-auto handguns are called automatic pistols. We need to correct this, many non gun people I know think that assault weapons are fully automatic and that 1911 handguns are also fully automatic.

  24. Gun hater, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, has seventeen armed body guards! He wants the rest of us to be defenseless!

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