Water survival secrets you should know …


It should be obvious how important water is to you and your family’s survival …

Every ten year old learns that you can go about 3 months without food but only 3 days without water.

Most experts recommend half your bodyweight in ounces per day for optimal hydration, plus more if you’re exercising, working hard, or in a hot environment where you sweat a lot.


That means in a survival situation, having enough water is vitally important.

Since each gallon of water requires approximately 1/7th cubic foot of storage space, it is often impossible to find appropriate storage area for adequate storage of extra drinking water.

It might be easier to find it in a survival situation.

But in that case, you’d have to purify it …

Contaminated water can disable you in as little as a few hours and make you deathly sick in a matter of days.

Thankfully, there are many ways to purify water …

Option #1: Use Purification Tablets:

You can purchase these drops or tablets at sporting goods and adventure stores. Keep in mind this is not the best tasting method, but protection from bacteria is worth a bitter taste in your mouth.

Iodine tablets are the most commonly sold, but you can also use chlorine tablets with the same result. These chemical tablets will kill bacteria living in your water. These tablets are most often used by campers in the wilderness and you can find them at amazon or camping stores. (Follow the particular tablet instructions for “dosing” recommendations for your water amounts).

Pregnant women, women over 50, and people with thyroid problems or taking Lithium should consult with a doctor before using iodine tablets.

Option #2: You can boil water:

Boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes should kill 99.9% of any organisms in the water. It also removes most chemicals by vaporizing them.

However, be aware that boiling water will not remove solids, metals, or minerals (you can “strain” the water before hand to get rid of most big particles)

Option #3: New Invention:

It’s a personal filter and some are calling it “The Ultimate In Water Purification”.

==> Click here to check out this somewhat unusual device

WARNING: This video is one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t believe this guy actually pulled it off. (Seriously, he’s drinking water that looks like it came from the toilet).

And before you judge this guy, think about this…

In a desperate situation you might be forced to do the same thing.

The only good part is, the way he’s drinking this gross water is 100% safe.

Pay close attention when he transfers the water into the cup (happens in the first 30-seconds.)

Even with that highly contaminated H2O you can make it come out crystal clear if you use the little device he’s got in the video.

But before you see this, promise me one thing… if you ever have to drink disgusting water like this man does, PLEASE be safe about it.

The tiny device he uses makes all the difference…

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