Weird little “plastic thingy” absolute MUST for any shooter (gear review)

Speed Loader
Mag Lula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

Recently I found myself in the middle of some intense multi-day firearms training.

While there we were doing handgun training all day and the instructor had us shooting hundreds of rounds over the all-day class …

That meant LOTS of running back and forth to your gear to “load up” your magazines.


The lady next to me was having the same problems I’ve seen practically every female I’ve ever taken shooting have. No, she was not a bad shot — she was shooting great (like almost every female I’ve ever seen at the shooting range) — she was having trouble loading her mags.

What’s more: while I can load mags with pure muscle memory at this point … after 8 hours on the range … firing hundreds of rounds … my thumbs and fingers were getting rubbed raw.

Simply put, loading 1000’s of rounds in your shooting career can be a PAIN (literally!)

That’s why if you shoot, you absolutely MUST get this “weird” little plastic device that will make all your range trips more enjoyable (and once the lady in your life learns how to use this — she will love you for it!)

The Mag Lula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

Speed Loader
Mag Lula Universal Pistol Magazine Loader

The downsides of loading mags have been known for some time. That’s why modern handguns like Glock usually throw a simple plastic “loading” device in the new gun box to at least take some of the wear and tear off your thumbs.

The Mag Lula is the absolute pinnacle of magazine loading devices though!


*** Universal (works with all pistol magazines)
*** Speeds up and saves your skin/hands/thumbs/fingers
*** Makes filling magazines easier because you just squeeze
*** Compatible with 9mm, 10mm, .357, .40-, and .45-caliber mags
*** Works with single and double stack pistols-Again-universal
*** Only about $30 bucks!


*** Only ONE: learning how to use it and the rhythm takes a couple tries. After that you’ll LOVE it!

The Bottom Line?

You have to get one of these!

Look, here’s how awesome this thing is:

Click here to see the 4,980 reviews on Amazon (at time of this writing, by the time you read this, there will probably be more) — it has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating!That’s so close to perfect as to not even matter …

And these things are flying off the shelves because everyone loves them.

Look at these reviews ALL published within just 24 hours:

“A Must Buy”
“First thing I bought after my handgun purchase. Best money I’ve spent. Most magazines are notoriously difficult to load. This makes the range more fun.”
— Posted just 8 hours ago by lj

“The only loader to own!”
“Fast loader and easy to use. There is a very short learning curve to this loader and then it will become indispensable. I bought one for my wife and daughter.”
— Posted 11 hours ago by cpwutah

“Save Time and Avoid Pain”
“This tool actually works exactly as advertised. I guess I am getting old. I could barely load a six round clip without wrecking my thumb”
— posted 16 hours ago by william wetherell, II

Seriously, ALL those reviews were FIVE STARS and came in during the last 24 hours — if you don’t have one of these magazine loaders you are MISSING OUT!

Click here to see for yourself on Amazon and get you one. There’s really not much else to say. (best price I’ve found, as almost always is right there on Amazon).


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