How to stop terrorist attacks on American military bases (lessons from Chattanooga, TN)


July 16, 2015 – a 24 year old lone killer attacked first a military recruiting center and then a Naval Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee in what officials have called a “brazen, brutal act of domestic terrorism.”

Info is still coming in as I write this, but it’s clear the suspect identified as Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez — a naturalized citizen born in Kuwait — has embraced Islamic extremist views …

He killed 5 military personnel and wounded at least 3 others before he was pursued by Police and killed in a shootout. The best source I found says


“… officers “actively and enthusiastically” engaged with Abdulazeez on Amnicola Highway, where he died. Police have not said he was shot by officers or killed himself.”

Once again, this killer was not on any FBI “watch lists” before the shooting. (This would seem to indicate that the Government spying on every American is not a winnning strategy). What is interesting to note is that, as I understand it, his parents were investigated by the FBI at one point.

So what can we learn from this? How can we protect all of our military on our bases?

The answer is simple as always …

ISIS wants to kill American soldiers …


ISIS is in a war with the US Military. This is a guerilla war (an important point.)

They therefore want to kill American soldiers. They made this quite clear with many threats posted online, releasing statements on social media like this “‘Kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking that they are safe.'”

Just hours after the attack an ISIS related twitter account posted praise for the attack:

turn on images to see ISIS threat

Why are these killers able to attack American Military bases?

Take a guess?

American Military bases are gun-free zones. As an aside, one thing I did not know, was that this gun-free law was actually passed by George H.W. Bush (not Clinton as I mistakenly believed before).

In any event, 5 military personnel were killed in this attack. Why in the world are soldiers EVER required to be unarmed by protocol?

Hell, it takes exactly ONE day (a couple hours really) to learn how to safely carry and proficiently use a firearm to defend your life or the life of a loved one … and … American soldiers spend weeks in boot camp.

To think that we can’t trust American soldiers to carry on bases is absolutely retarded. I’ve not been following the Presidential races too closely, but I’m glad that Donald Trump said he would end the gun-free zones on Military bases if he was elected (let’s hope that all the presidential candidates follow his lead).

And it almost really is that simple.

Take the site of the first shooting, the recruiter office, it was a gun free zone. Look at this picture from the news and you can see I’ve marked the big “No Guns Allowed” sign on the front door (right next to the bullet holes from the terrorist attack!)

turn on images to see the gun free zone sign

End Gun Free Zones and You End “Mass” Killings. Period.

President Obama had a press announcement shortly after the attack and said this:

“We take all shootings very seriously,” Obama said. “Obviously when you have an attack on a U.S. military facility then we have to make sure that we have all the information necessary to make an assessment as to how this attack took place and what precautions we should take in the future.”

It’s VERY simple President Obama …

The “precautions we should take in the future” are to end the gun-free zones on military bases.

In fact, end them all over the United States so that more good people can use guns to kill bad people instead of the other way around. It’s that simple.

The truth is: criminals intent on killing people are already planning to commit the most heinous of all crimes — premeditated murder — so they have no problems breaking minor crimes such as “gun control” laws. That measn the only people following “gun control” laws are good, decent, law abiding citizens … and … it turns them into helpless, unarmed victims who are easily slaughtered by madmen.

Will this prevent all murders, all killing? No. But it will certainly end “mass” killings to a significant degree …

The bottom line is you should get a gun, learn how to use it, and start carrying it with you everywhere you go.

NOTE: as this article goes to press, a 9mm Glock was recovered near one of the dead Marines on the military base. The Washington Post reports “Investigators are trying to determine, based on forensics, whether the pistol, a 9mm Glock, was used in an exchange with the shooter, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, and possibly wounded him, officials said.” I for one, hope a marine DID ignore the “rules” on his base and was carrying a 9mm Glock and I hope he did at least wound the attacker. 


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Caleb Lee is the #1 best-selling author of "Concealed Carry 101" and founder of He is a civilian (no law enforcement or military experience) who shares information about self-defense and becoming more self-reliant. He's a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo, NRA Certified Basic Pistol & Personal Protection Inside The Home Instructor, Concealed Carry Academy Instructor certified & also a graduate of the Rangermaster firearms instructor course. He's also the author of numerous online courses including the course.


    • You are so correct, they are to stronger then any US military force, that is why Obama wants all American unarmed so his muslim murdering pig will not be SHOT.

  1. Ending “gun free ” zones would be a smart thing, but the idiots will not allow that, so more innicents sill get hurt or killed in the future.

  2. all a
    military spend at least a week learning fire arms and are wellmqualified to carry firearms. the should be
    ordered to carry a fire arm. gun free zones is an open invitation to the isis simply slaughter the military.
    let us ppray that our leaders wake up.

  3. Gun free zones are,and always will be a perfect target for violence. This country was founded by people who took care of themselves. The government has slowly chiseled away our ability to defend ourselves, solely for the purpose of placing themselves in position to implement marshall law. There is no way military personnel can have any more accidental discharges than the police department. At least the military are trained to armed defense. The entire world knows our military is defenseless except on the battlefield. The battlefield is here, arm yourself.

  4. I live in Chattanooga and wanted to let you know that on the day of the shootings, it was reported that one of the marines got his personal weapon to engage the shooter. Local police claim though that they are the ones who killed this terrorist. I don’t know who killed him but am thankful that they did. Another sickening fact, from what I have heard, is that the deaths all occurred at the second location. What if the marines at the first location had had the ability to kill this terrorist??? Could those 5 lives have been saved? Unfortunately, we will never know. What the military personnel had to do was “go into active shooter” mode. As described by one of the recruiters at the first location, this means get down low to the floor, move to safe location, wait until it is over. Read hide in the corner and cower. What would have happened if this shooter had actually come into the first facility? Many more lives would have been lost. The further we get from the day of the shooting, the further we get from the truth. The media, politicians, and many others have twisted the facts to fit their narrative. Constitutional carry promised by TN Governor Haslam has not occurred! Other states are taking action to allow our military to protect themselves but Governor Haslam is “going to review”. Continue bringing this tragedy to light. Don’t stop until our Constitutional rights are recognized and unrestricted!

    • Melissa,

      Thank you for chiming in. As I said at the end of the article, I’ve read one report that a 9mm Glock was found near one of the dead marines … hopefully that info will come out. I really hope that the Marine was the one to engage the shooter (and at least injure him) before the police finished him off.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a main stream media censoring that story because it would obviously prove that soldiers should be carrying on base.

  5. The military personnel are hobbled by their CIC.The battlefield is here. Be prepared to engage the enemy. Since when has the military had to dial 911?

  6. When I was in the US Army and basic training I learned many things that pertained to self preservation besides the use of weapons. Following whenever I was walking guard duty I carried a rifle that was loaded ready for action if the need arose. I also was instructed to challenge anyone I met including my duty officer. By identifying a friend or foe I was carful also to protect myself by cover first if possible.

    While in Fort Lewis Washington the 1st div. was getting ready to deploy to Korea. Those assigned to guard duty never carried live ammo up until then. But now ready to deploy ammo was issued to guards. One cook coming on duty one early morning was shot hit in the upper leg by one of his company buddies. I think that was when a re-evaluation was started.

    However you are right that the military should always be trusted trained and educated and carry live weapons on post. But only government issue. Fort Hood is an example of private arms. That officer still lives in Leavenworth Military Prison.

    • You were lucky, I was in the British Army, They follow the practice which Obama wants for America.
      If I had need to use my 303 Enfield rifle, I had two choices, use it as a club, or run back to the
      guard house to get some bullets to use. I assure you, in times of trouble, you do not feel comfortable.
      We must not let the Kenyan imposter ruin America. As the liberals did to England, long ago.

  7. It would be nice if the Military bought side Arms for our Soldiers , We may all have to carry as we have allowed way to many Muslims to enter our Nation , Starting with those in Our White mosque , We even have them in Congress , They started out as Pirates and we had to go get them in about 1800 AD, now with Obama wanting Votes , How many do we have, Over 30,000 in Columbus and there are Places with More of these IlLegals!, Wake up , Freedom is not Free!

  8. I absolutely agree that U S military bases should Not be gun free zones. I believe that anyone who knows he, or she will be attacking ARMED U S soldiers will probably go elsewhere to attack a soft target

  9. If you can’t trust a person who has had several weeks of weapons training, with the requirement to qualify semi-annually, to carry a weapon, you can’t trust anyone. That includes all federal, state, and local law enforcement.

  10. End gun fee zones everywhere and you end most if not all mass murders. By both nut jobs and terrorists. Furthermore, it is well known the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. This is true if the good guy is law enforcement, military or just a law abiding civilian so why not utilize this asset that is available. No one can ever protect someone better then they can protect themselves. No one else has any skin in the situation so to speak. If a civilian gets killed the law enforcement person does not suffer he (or she) just investigates the killing. Then goes out that night, has a beer with his or her buddy and says to their buddy “I sure investigated a terrible murder today.”

    Someday, maybe someday, America will wake up and discover all these restrictive gun laws only pertain to those people who are prone to obey laws. They do not pertain to crooks, thefts and murderers. Write all the laws you like it will have absolutely no effect on these shooters. None! Why can’t the progressives understand that FACT! Look it is already illegal to murder people so how will passing a restrictive gun law stop them?

  11. Not only is it time to arm our military personel,it is time to arm every man woman and child so we can
    protect our country from the Muslim scourge that means to MURDER EVERY AMERICAN!

  12. The results of, “Gun Free,” zones are evident. However, the slow learners in Wash. D.C. have not yet figured it out. Long ago I read that: “A conservative was once a democrat who has been mugged.” Funny how those incidents can change a person… Anyway, while I pride myself on being a law abiding, responsible citizen, when the safety of my family and/or I is at risk I exercise my right to refuse to comply. I am will accept the consequences so that my loved ones will be safe.

    • “A conservative was once a democrat who has been mugged.”

      I think of Juan Williams’ wife, car jacked at gunpoint, when she asked to get a CCW in NYC!!!

      That could cost $50 G’s, in BRIBES to the Mayor, Staff, Police hierarchy, and et cetera!

  13. As a Sea Going Marine during & after WWII my M1 was always in full view. No one was ever murdered.
    These gun grabbing PC Liberal-TARD nincompoop types of useful idiots were around even then ranting that the USA need not arm because the War in Europe was across the vast Atlantic Ocean……since there were no long range rockets, jet bombers, nuclear subs back then and their pea size brains could not comprehend the possibility. OR they could have been part of the Fifth Column working to destroy America?
    Liberalism is indeed a MENTAL DISORDER. America needs another Joe McCarthy.

  14. Obama is in a frenzy to disarm the American people because he is way behind time. He has promised that America will be an Islamic nation by 2016 when he leaves office. To do this he has to disarm Americans, round them up in prison camps as Hitler did the Jews and then murder them, again as Hitler did the Jews. Then he would have room to move millions of militant Muslims into America to fulfill both his promise to Islam, made in, among other places, Egypt several years ago and also to the anti-gun group in Washington.

  15. the solution is fairly simple…allow officers to carry side arms…possibly some non-coms as well..recruiters should be accorded the same rights as civilians..(concealed carry)…

  16. If we cannot depend on our own military to be armed, whether it be in recruitment offices or on base, private citizens must help. Here in Texas we have private citizens doing just that in several locations and now it has prompted the Army to warn soldiers to treat the civilians as if they were a THREAT — and neither interact nor acknowledge them. If these dedicated Americans who give their time freely to help protect the recruitment centers are a threat to our military then what do they think about all American citizens? Are we a threat too?
    There is something terribly wrong with all this; first of all, George H.W. Bush was wrong in his decision to make military installations gun free. If we cannot trust our own military with a gun that they have been trained to use, then we cannot trust anyone, especially politicians! GO DONALD TRUMP AND TED CRUZ. They seem to be the only politicians fighting for the REAL AMERICANS.

  17. The US should listen to Iserial. Even there teachers are armed. The US has become a nation of wimps, whores and homosexuals. It might take a radical like TRUMP to wake up this nation!

  18. I for one would trust a SOLDIER with carrying a fire arm more than I trust most Law Enforcement Officers. The Soldier has more fire arm safety training, and can and will defend himself and others with out having to ask a supervisor if he can return fire. Also 911 is always at least 5 minutes late in arriving on scene because of having to stage in a safe place then getting the go ahead from a supervisor who has to get the go ahead from his supervisor etc.If Soldiers were armed on Base and at Recruiting Centers ISIS would be in an extreme world of hurt as any ISLAMIC TERRORIST would be.!!

    • “A conservative was once a democrat who has been mugged.”

      Juan Williams, the Dumbocrat on FOX NEWS, had his wife and car “Jacked”, and Juan’s wife asked for a concealed carry permit, in NYC!

      That can cost about $40,000 in BRIBES to the Mayor, elected Council, and, to the Police, & Commissioner!

  19. Mr.president,if YOU don’t end gun free zones,we the people will.Those service people that risked there lives
    for us but are NOT able to protect themselves here at home,need the protection.So if they can’t protect
    themselves,we the ARMED civilians of the United States will protect them.The only people that are going to
    die now are the RADICAL MUSLIM PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I feel al American soldiers who are potential targets at any military site should carry firearms . The risk to the public

    is virtually nonexistent and the chances of ISIS inspired attacks will go down when the attacker knows he or she

    will face an armed soldier rather than a defenseless one!

  21. Agree with most of above comments. I also wonder why after the first attack in Chatanooga, an alert wasn’t sent to all military installations in the area, and why weren’t roadblocks set up in a radius of 50 miles, having a description of the vehicle and the shootet?

  22. Agree with most all of above comments. I also wonder why after the attack on the first recruiting station, an alert was not sent to nearby military facilities within a reasonable radius, since a description of the vehicle and the shooter was available?

  23. Eliminating “gun free zones” is such a no brainer it severely aggravates me that it even needs to be discussed.

  24. Eliminating “gun free zones” is such a no brainer that it severely aggravates me that we even need to discuss it.

  25. It was Clinton. I had to move my weapons off post and then left the Army after my enlistment was up. Obama is afraid if armed soldiers – their next coup attempt might be successful!

  26. Simple solution is as follows: All foreigners leave America or be shot as a terrorist. Tired of the BS coming from the ball-less/gutless federal government that is scared and willing to follow the order of an illegal posing as president who is 100% against Christians, the law (he fails to follow) the Constitution (obama claims is to far out dated and he need to rewrite without the bill of rights) prefers the company of Illegals and murdering muslim over the TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Obama was not born American but a Kenyan native according to his own paternal Grandmother. USMC

  27. Want the Krap to Stop?? Kick ALL the Damned Moslem Goat Lovers the Fook Out of the U.S.A. !! American Religious Beliefs are the EXACT Antithesis of Islam! Islam cannot co-exist with ANY other Faiths, and needs to be Expunged!

  28. Gun free zones are just an open door. Like advertising (I left the doors open and I don’t have any protection_)) Congress CAN,but will NOT take action to make the changes needed for American lives to be secure.Obama and Congress MUST take the blame for WHATEVER ,whenever a tragedy occurs.Of course Congress IS not going to do anything.If Obama does not like/want something,Congress ,like the lackies they are ,FALL in line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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